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The Pakistani Cuisine in Canada - All You Need to Know

01 Aug 2023

Many Pakistanis move to Canada for better education or job opportunities with strong career prospects so that they can support their families back home. Every money transfer to Pakistan from Canada not only supports households of the overseas Pakistanis but adds to the country’s overall economic stability. Where overseas Pakistanis miss their loved ones and life in Pakistan while living abroad, the local cuisine is on top. But now, local Pakistani foods are accessible abroad with the expansion of Pakistani food industry, restaurants, and specialised chefs. Canada is not an exception to the worldwide surge in the popularity of Pakistani cuisine. Pakistani cuisine has established a strong presence in the Canadian culinary scene thanks to a sizable diaspora of Pakistanis and a rising interest in international flavours. 

If you are a foreigner in Canada and would like to locate the top Pakistani eateries and taste the best Pakistani food available, then this article is for you. This article gives a general overview of Pakistani food in Canada, emphasizing the rich flavours, well-liked dishes, and the expanding number of Pakistani eateries across the nation.


Exploring the Variety Of Flavours: Pakistani Cuisine in Canada

The rich flavours and varied culinary traditions of Pakistani cuisine are well-known. It is influenced by a fusion of ingredients, spices, and herbs from South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian cuisines. Pakistani cuisine offers a variety of flavours that tempt the palate, from savoury biryanis and tender kebabs to aromatic curries and tender kebabs. What images or flavours do you have in your mind when you think of Pakistani food or regional dishes? For most people, the word "spicy" comes to mind. 

The benefit of including foods and flavours from different regions is a feature of Pakistani cuisine. Before partition, India and Pakistan were one nation. Following its independence, Pakistan sought to incorporate the best elements of Indian cuisine. The Middle East, Central Asia, and Afghanistan influence Pakistani cuisine, making it unique. Look for the top foods for expatriates in Canada.  


Spices, Sizzles, and Savory Delights: Canadian Favourites From Pakistan

There are numerous dishes from Pakistani cuisine that are well-known in Canada and are loved by both locals and Pakistanis. Following are some popular dishes:


Aromatic rice is cooked with various types of meat (such as chicken, beef, or lamb) and occasionally vegetables. The popular dish known as "biryani" is praised for its robust flavours and appealing aroma.


A hearty, tomato-based gravy-based dish made with spicy and tangy meat. When served with naan or rice, Karahi is frequently made with chicken or mutton. A good chicken, mutton or beef Karahi will bring a lot of memories of your homeland and your people. While memorizing them, make some money transfers to Pakistan to make them realize you miss them everywhere. 


A dish is prepared over a long time using a combination of meat (typically beef or chicken), lentils, and different spices. Haleem is a remarkably hearty dish using a blend of barley, regional wheat varieties, and chana (chickpeas). For centuries, people in Pakistan have been enjoying Haleem, a dish that demonstrates the Middle Eastern influence on that country. Haleem gets its warm, home-cooked flavour from a method called slow cooking, which can last for up to a whole day on very low heat.

As a final garnish, generous squeezes of lemon juice are added at the very end. Other ingredients in the mother pot include onions (fried separately), mint leaves, green and dry chillies, some masala spices, and green and dry chillies. This is a fantastic food for breakfast or a light lunch. Its high-fat content and abundance of calories will keep you energized all day.

Seekh Kebab

Spiced ground meat (beef, chicken, or lamb) skewered and cooked to perfection on a grill. As a filling for rolls and wraps, seekh kebabs are popular as appetizers.


Regarding Pakistani food, this dish is completely a game changer. This is, without a doubt, one of the best breakfasts you will ever have anywhere in the world. Traditionally made with beef or lamb, this flavorful stew is slow-cooked, spiced, and served with naan bread. A special weekend treat or hearty breakfast are two frequent uses for nihari.

Nihari is made from a mixture of dry spices fried in vegetable and animal fat. Following the meat ingredients—most frequently beef shank—is a generous helping of Desi Ghee, a locally made clarified butter. The slow-cooking stew is then thoroughly stirred in a gorgeous cauldron-shaped pot. The meat chunks are so incredibly tender and literally float in desi ghee that the consistency is oozing and thick. Because of the spice and ghee infusion, it is a deep red colour.


Top Restaurants Serving Pakistani Food In Canada

Numerous Pakistani restaurants have opened up throughout Canada's major cities as a result of the popularity of Pakistani food. These eateries serve the Pakistani community as well as Canadians who value the flavours and authenticity of Pakistani cuisine. From small eateries to fine dining establishments, Pakistani restaurants offer a varied menu of traditional and contemporary Pakistani dishes, giving patrons a taste of the country's rich culinary heritage. 

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Adaptation And Fusion

Incorporating local Canadian ingredients and influences, Pakistani cuisine in Canada has also embraced fusion and adaptation. This has led to creative inventions that combine Canadian and Pakistani culinary elements. For instance, locals have begun to enjoy Pakistani-style poutine, which combines the traditional Canadian dish of fries and cheese curds with spicy curry or kebab toppings.

Public Holidays And Food Festivals

The Pakistani community in Canada is proud of its culinary heritage and frequently hosts events to celebrate locals and celebrate food to highlight the diversity of Pakistani cuisine. These gatherings give Canadians and members of the Pakistani community a chance to sample a variety of Pakistani foods, from simple street food to lavish feasts.

There is no place like home, as any Pakistani who has lived abroad will attest. Living with strangers who have utterly different backgrounds, you're stuck in a strange country. When you enter a market and come across an item made in Pakistan, it serves as a constant reminder that you are, at your core, a proud Pakistani.



The food of Pakistan in Canada is delicious, showcasing a wide variety of flavours, spices, and traditional dishes. Pakistani cuisine in Canada has firmly established itself as a distinctive culinary tradition, contributing dishes like haleem and seekh kebabs as well as well-known favourites like biryani and Karahi. 

Whether you are a Canadian interested in discovering new culinary horizons or an expatriate Pakistani desire for the flavours of home, Pakistani restaurants in Canada offer a gateway to the rich and flavorful world of Pakistani cuisine. And if, while living in Canada, you want to know how to send money to Pakistan, check ACE's easiest international money transfer app. 



What makes Pakistani cuisine unique from other South Asian cuisines, and how does it compare?

South Asian, Middle Eastern and Central Asian flavours are all combined in the cuisine of Pakistan. It is renowned for its sumptuous and flavorful cuisine, varied use of spices, and original cooking methods. Pakistani food has unique flavours and regional specialities despite some similarities to Indian food.

Do Pakistani Restaurants Exist In Canada In Large Numbers?

Yes, there are plenty of Pakistani restaurants in Canada's major cities, and they are growing in popularity. Pakistani restaurants serving the local population have been established in part due to the expanding Pakistani diaspora and the rising popularity of international cuisines.

Are There Any Fusion Dishes That Combine Canadian And Pakistani Culinary Influences?

Some Pakistani restaurants in Canada serve fusion cuisine, which combines elements of both Pakistani and Canadian cuisine. Examples include Pakistani-style poutine, which fuses traditional Canadian poutine with Pakistani spices, curries, or kebabs.

What are some of the most well-known Pakistani dishes available in Canadian restaurants?

You can find well-known dishes like biryani, Karahi, haleem, seekh kebabs, nihari, and various kinds of kebabs in Canadian restaurants that serve Pakistani food. The flavours and variety of Pakistani cuisine are displayed in these dishes.

Can I eat Pakistani food in Canada that is vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, there are several vegetarian and vegan dishes available in Pakistani cuisine. Daal (lentil curry), chana masala (chickpea curry), vegetable biryani, and various vegetable curries are popular vegetarian dishes. To accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, many Pakistani restaurants in Canada provide vegetarian and vegan options.

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