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The Melbourne Melody: Australia's Hub of Arts, Coffee, and Cultural Fusion that Nepalese Expats Must Enjoy

The Melbourne Melody: Australia's Hub of Arts, Coffee, and Cultural Fusion that Nepalese Expats Must Enjoy

19 Oct 2023

Imagine stepping off that long-haul flight from Nepal and finding yourself in Melbourne to send money to Nepal from Australia to financially support your loved ones back home. This city goes beyond maps and coordinates; it’s a place where cultures converge, coffee rules the streets, and art breathes through the alleys.

The 129,870-strong Nepalese expat community in Australia love the warmth and embrace of Melbourne. This blog explores the thriving arts scene, coffee culture, and multicultural ambience of exuberant Melbourne.

The Arts Central of Melbourne

Overload of Street Art

Melbourne's narrow paths are akin to a constantly changing storybook—the famous Hosier Lane bristles with loud graffiti art. Every stopover reveals a fresh twist in the narrative, almost as if the city itself implores artists to mark it with their musings.

Institutions of Art and Culture in Melbourne

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) isn't merely a museum; it is akin to a time-travelling vehicle. The exhibits range from indigenous art narrating tales of time gone by to timeless masterpieces that transcend language barriers. A visit to this museum feels more like an engaging conversation with the past.

The NGV, established in 1861, serves not just as a place to admire art but to make connections with history. Here, you will find a diverse array of exhibits that you never would have seen in Nepal, ranging from hypnotic indigenous Australian art to globally renowned masterpieces. Thus, the NGV is more than a mere structure; it's the gateway to different epochs and societies.

The Art of Performance

The artistic allure of Melbourne isn't merely contained within museums; rather, it spills over onto the city's streets. Walking through street art-splashed lanes feels like you are participating in an urban scavenger hunt. Each vivid splash of colour, every minute detail, spins a tale that often leaves me, a Nepalese expatriate, engrossed.

But Melbourne's dedication to art is not merely outdoors. The Regent and Princess Theatres resonate with an ambience of sophistication and anticipation. As the curtain unveils the stage, the theatrical heart of Melbourne thrums into life. The Melbourne Arts Precinct, which is located by the Yarra River, is where art comes alive. This is the stage of grand opera, ballet and theatre performances that skilfully narrate captivating tales.

For those who revel in live performances, Melbourne offers a platform that perpetually shines under the limelight. The Grand Regent and Princess Theatres offer a variety of shows. However, the epicentre of Melbourne's performing arts truly lies in the Melbourne Arts Precinct. Here, under the grandeur of the starlit sky, opera, ballet, and theatre performances present enthralling tales that create a sense of unity amongst people of different backgrounds.

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Coffee on Melbourne's Mind

Home of Flat White

Moving from the world of art to the world of aroma—Melbourne's unique coffee culture, where all your senses come alive. Melbourne is famously known as the birthplace of the flat white, and it is consumed very commonly in the city. When you order a cup here, it feels like kindling a conversation with the city itself.

Bespoke Coffee Roasters

Imagine visiting places like Seven Seeds or Proud Mary. These aren't your average coffee houses; they are sanctuaries of flavour. They bring in coffee beans from around the world, and each sip transports you to varied regions of the coffee universe. With every sip, you will wonder if coffee would never have tasted this good back in Nepal.

Coffeehouse Culture

Melbourne has a very ambient and exuberant coffeehouse culture. Coffeeshops are the places where timeless moments bloom into memories. The narrow lanes and broad roads are peppered with quaint cafes, each embodying a unique persona. While some sport a bustling, urban charm, others are serene escapes nestled in hidden alleys. Despite their differences, they all share a common quest: brewing the ideal cup of coffee.

At the same time, Melbourne's coffee ethos extends beyond its brew. It thrives on making connections. Cafes are gathering places for locals and expatriates alike, a space to savour life's quaintest moments, exchange stories, and cherish the present moment. Whether you're enjoying an unhurried brunch with friends, absorbed in a page-turner, or simply savouring your coffee whilst observing the world around you, Melbourne's cafes usher in a cosy space to revel in solitude or connect with fellows to unwind from work.

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Melbourne's Cultural Melange

Cosmopolitan Neighbourhoods

Let's flip the page to Melbourne's multicultural neighbourhoods, like Footscray and Brunswick. These localities are more than mere suburbs as they're multicultural hotspots booming with life and colour. Here, you'll discover fragments of your homeland, savour the familiar flavours of your culture and experience a genuine sense of inclusion. It's a tangible commendation to Melbourne's celebration of diversity.

Calendar Full of Celebrations

Melbourne's year-end calendar has non-stop festivities from every culture of the world. The Moomba Festival turns the waterfront into a dazzling carnival, uniting all sorts of people in a celebration of life. Diwali, with its brilliant colours and sounds, offers a window to the heart of India. As the Lunar New Year dawns, Melbourne's streets metamorphose into a sea of red and gold. As a Nepalese expatriate, these festivities offer an immersion into a rotating wheel of cultural celebrations.

Wrap Up

Melbourne is a city that welcomes everyone with open arms and allows them to become an integral part of the phenomenal city. Melbourne invites you to leave your mark, tune your notes with its melody, and become a part of the living, pulsating symphony that is Melbourne. While you explore this beautiful city, let ACE be your financial partner in sending remittances. Sign up on ACE to enjoy a free money transfer to Nepal from Australia.


Q: How long does it take for a money transfer to reach Nepal from Australia?

It depends on the method that you choose. With ACE, you can expect funds to reach Nepal within a day.

Q: Is exploring art in Melbourne expensive?

No, there are many art galleries with free entry. At the same time, street art is accessible to everyone.

Q: Which suburb in the city has a Nepalese community?

You can find plenty of fellow Nepalese in Foots Cray and Brunswick.

Q: Where can I find Nepalese food in Melbourne?

You can find plenty of Nepalese eateries in Preston and Dandenong.

Q: What is the cheapest way to send money to Nepal from Australia?

The most affordable remittance method is an online money transfer. ACE offers minimum fees with high exchange rates.


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