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The Importance of Choosing a Bank with Convenient Locations and Hours as an Overseas Pakistani

The Importance of Choosing a Bank with Convenient Locations and Hours as an Overseas Pakistani

11 Dec 2023

Are you exhausted from chasing time zones while trying to send money to Pakistan? Now you can say farewell to this hassle as this blog explores ways through which your banking needs as an overseas Pakistani can be seamlessly catered to.


The stress of managing your financial affairs as an overseas Pakistani is unmatched, especially when it comes to banking. Choosing a bank with convenient locations and operational hours is an important consideration that many diasporas do not take into account.


Almost 7.6 million Pakistanis live abroad, and many Pakistani banks have several international branches to cater to these diasporas. Choosing an international branch near you will spare you from the troubles of banking for the diasporas.

Banking Difficulties that Overseas Pakistanis Frequently Face

Here is the list of some common difficulties that overseas Pakistanis frequently face: 

Access to the Physical Branch is Restricted

Living overseas means being distant from your bank's physical branches in Pakistan. This can cause issues when performing in-person banking activities. Without easy access to branch locations, opening accounts, checking papers, and addressing complex issues become impossible.

The Difference in Time Zone and Limited Banking Hours

Time zone changes between your current location and Pakistan can be difficult to manage, especially if your family is urgently waiting for funds to arrive. Banking hours are often restricted, making it difficult to complete real-time transactions or obtain customer service when you need it the most.

The Benefits of Choosing a Bank with Convenient Locations

As an overseas Pakistani, you can either choose an international branch near you of a local bank or go for a local branch near your native house in Pakistan. Choosing a bank with a nearby branch provides major benefits, including a seamless money transfer to Pakistan.


Here are some additional benefits that you will get by following this advice.

Access to In-Person Banking Services

Having a bank nearby when visiting Pakistan allows you to easily complete crucial chores such as creating accounts, checking papers, and resolving financial issues. The proximity of a branch saves time and effort, ensuring a smooth banking experience.

Cash Deposits and Withdrawals Made Simple

Overseas Pakistanis need to have easy access to ATMs and cash deposit machines. Choosing a bank with branches near your home or job makes cash deposits and withdrawals easier. This accessibility ensures that you can manage your finances easily, even from overseas.


Customer Service in Person

In-person customer service is more beneficial when resolving any major banking issues. Having a nearby branch allows for face-to-face interactions with dedicated bank employees. They can provide personalized advice, answer your questions, and quickly fix any problems that you may be experiencing.

The Underestimated Value of Extended Banking Hours

Extended hours allow you to manage your finances more conveniently, regardless of time zone differences. Often, the Pakistani diasporas would neglect the hassle that would follow due to restricted banking hours. If you choose a bank that caters to your time zone, you will benefit in the following ways.

Customer Service at Your Convenient Time

Customer service can be life-saving at times. Choosing a bank with longer hours guarantees that you can readily get help when you need it. Having access to customer service outside of usual business hours ensures that all of your concerns are addressed swiftly, whether they are account-related or not.

Transactions and Services in Real Time

Banks with longer hours provide the benefit of executing real-time transactions. Whether you need to make a quick online money transfer to Pakistan or pay regular bills, the ability to complete these chores outside of standard business hours provides much ease and comfort.

Adjustment for Time Zone Differences

Extended banking hours are especially advantageous for Pakistanis living in different time zones. They enable you to conduct transactions outside of the confines of limited banking hours. This adaptability ensures that you can handle your financial concerns regardless of where you are.

ACE Money Transfer: A Convenient Option for Overseas Pakistanis

ACE Money Transfer is a leading digital remittance service provider that caters to the needs of Pakistanis living abroad away from their families. It provides a reliable and convenient alternative for securely handling your financial activities.

Accessibility Everywhere, Anytime

You can easily transfer money at any time and from any location with ACE Money Transfer. ACE overcomes the obstacles of physical branch access and constrained banking hours by providing a 24/7 money transfer service.


All you need is a smartphone and internet connection to transfer funds to hundreds plus countries globally, including Pakistan.


Services for Instant Money Transfer

Your transactions will be quick and secure thanks to ACE Money Transfer's immediate money transfer services. Whenever a transfer is time-sensitive, relaxingly go for ACE’s services. You can learn more about sending funds to Pakistan swiftly here.


Selecting a bank with suitable hours and locations helps in easing the banking difficulties that overseas Pakistanis often experience. They can also benefit from a smooth and effective money transfer experience that meets their specific demands through ACE. 


It is high time to make an informed decision that simplifies your financial journey as an overseas Pakistani. Sign up on ACE for free to send money online to Pakistan at unbelievable rates and lightning-fast speed. 


Is it possible to access my Pakistani bank account from abroad?

Yes. Through online banking services, you can manage your account remotely from anywhere.

How can I transfer a large sum of money to my Pakistani bank account?

You can use secure and fast online money transfer services like ACE that allow cross-border transactions.

Is it possible to link an international bank account to a local Pakistani bank account?

Some Pakistani banks offer this cross-border account linking. You can confirm from your bank if they offer this service.

How long does it take for a money transfer to reach Pakistan?

If you opt for a digital remittance transfer service through ACE, you can expect your funds to reach the recipient on the same day.

Are there any additional fees associated with transactions to Pakistan?

If you transfer funds with ACE, there are no hidden charges associated. The payment system is quite transparent.

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