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The Cultural Significance of Football in Europe that Bangladeshi Expats Must Know

01 Aug 2023

Europe has been a big travel destination for the people of developing countries including Bangladeshis who travel there to find employment opportunities and multiple benefits. As a Bangladeshi, you can find a reasonable job opportunities in Europe to earn a living and can send money to Bangladesh to offer financial support to your family back home.

According to a report by the European Commission, about 446.7 million people lived in Europe, as of January 01, 2022. In this huge European population, about 23.8 million, accounting for 5.3% of the EU’s total population, were non-EU citizens; whereas, 38.0 million, or 8.5% of the EU’s total population were born outside of Europe.

A small chunk of the total migrants living in Europe is formed by the expatriates of Bangladesh whose diaspora population of over 7.5 million migrants, is one of the largest worldwide.

As mentioned earlier, Bangladeshis travel to Europe to find jobs, which they find in most cases due to the region’s robust and thriving economy. 

But do you know what is the one thing the European hold dear the most?

And what is the most crucial part of the European culture?

These questions are important to answer because always remember that for your professional and financial success in a foreign land, you have to understand the cultural norms of the country or region you have travelled to.

It helps you understand the culture and connect with the locals better which is the key to progress. Because it cannot happen that you work in a foreign country, stay away from people and still expect to excel professionally.

And let’s face it.

Professional or financial stagnation is the last thing you will ever want and that too when the sole purpose you expatriate abroad for is to offer financial support to your family through a money transfer to Bangladesh

Therefore, knowing what the Europeans hold dear the most is critically important.

So, any guesses about it?

Well, the one thing the Europeans hold dear is a sport – football. In every European country, you will find that people are pretty passionate about football.

If you know about football and its cultural significance in Europe, you will connect better with the locals. Do not worry. Keep reading to understand how!

This blog will guide you about the sport and its cultural significance in Europe. 

Let’s start!


Understanding Football and its Cultural Significance

It will not be an exaggeration if football is considered the world’s most popular sport. Its popularity and immense success as a sport can rightly be attributed to its simplicity.

With some land, a ball, and goal markers, this sport can be played easily.

Since the sport’s inception, it has appeared in different manifestations. It is commonly known as Soccer and its family includes rugby, Australian Rules, Gaelic, and American Football.

The game in its current form is played by an estimated 265 million people worldwide.

One of the most significant developments in the sport is the growth of women’s football game in recent years. FIFA arranged the first Women’s World Cup in 1991. Currently, Japan is the world champion, beating the USA in 2011 in Germany.


A Brief History of Soccer

The first ball games played with feet can trace their origin back to the 3rd century BC in ancient Rome and Greece. 

Modern rules for football were established in 1863. In 1888, however, the first professional football competition known as The Football League was founded. The first FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup took place in 1930 in Uruguay. It was followed by a long pause of 12 years due to WWII, and resumed in 1958, and is on the rise in popularity ever since.


How is Football Significant for Bangladeshi Migrants?

You travel abroad to earn a living so that you can send money to Bangladesh online to offer financial aid to your family. Right? 

Once you have landed in one such country or EU, for that matter, you work hard enough which exacts a heavy toll on your physical as well as psychological health. Increased burden on health reduces productivity and efficiency.

Therefore, you need breaks and entertainment to refresh. And while you are in Europe, your biggest entertainment can be a soccer match.

Let’s now briefly look at football’s cultural significance.


Soccer’s Cultural Significance

  • Soccer instils amongst its followers a sense of connection and solidarity
  • The experience many people share of applauding a common cause brings people closer and together
  • It cultivates a sense of community, unity, and solidarity
  • In many European countries the sport is their identity
  • Football helps generate billions of dollars in revenue
  • Soccer instils in people a sense of devotion, passion, exercise, and physical fitness

If you are more concerned about where to settle abroad, you need to know about the countries that pay the most to expatriate workers both in the EU and outside.

Now let’s look at how you can optimize your experience of watching the game.


Optimizing Your Experience of Watching Football Game

You will have to know and understand several rules to enjoy the game but the following few will help you with the basics of the sport. Take a look below.


Understand the Rules

Football is made up of several rules covering every aspect and area of the sport. So, you need to understand the rules fully about the team, timing, positioning of the members, field parts, and so on.

Appreciate the Game

One of the critically important rules is to enjoy the game and the sport itself instead of counting on the goals. Try to focus on the small manoeuvres every team makes in their positioning, freeing space, and team formations.

Find Great Games

Although the sport itself is considered great in several European countries, certain matches always stand out and are remembered for a long time. Surf the internet in your free time and find such games or you can ask your local colleagues about such games. They will be pleased to know that you are interested in something they are so passionate about.


Wrapping Up the Discussion

Learning more about football in Europe will help you connect with the locals more while you are there to work. And since you have to support your family financially through an online money transfer to Bangladesh from abroad, try to find a service provider that offers you speed, safety, easy service access, live and competitive exchange and much more from one stop in exchange for a low fee. Give ACE Money Transfer a chance to stun you with its unique remittance transfer service this time!


Why is football most popular in Europe?

Football is the most popular sport in several European countries. The most important reason for the sport’s popularity is its simplicity. A small piece of land and goal markers is all you need to play soccer.


Why do Bangladeshis travel to Europe?

Bangladeshis travel to European countries to find job opportunities with better economic prospects because they cannot find such jobs in their native countries. 


What is the cultural significance of football in Europe?

Football unites people, the shared experience of supporting and applauding a common cause pulls people from different backgrounds together. It also instils in people a strong sense of community, unity and solidarity, and is an identity for many European countries.


How does football positively impact Bangladeshi migrants in Europe?

Bangladeshis work in foreign lands against all the odds which necessitates the need to entertain themselves. Football, therefore, is one of the best entertainment options in Europe. Besides, it also helps migrants connect better with the locals because of a shared likeness for a sport. 


How do I optimize my experience of watching football?

The best way to enjoy any sport and optimize your experience of watching one is to understand the rules, enjoy the game, and its technicalities, and watch some of the great matches.



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