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The Benefits of Using a Money Transfer App for Your International Transfers to Pakistan

25 May 2023

Are you still stuck in the expensive and traditional ways to send money to Pakistan for your ones? The times are changing, and so should your choices. If you prefer convenience over anything, it is advisable to put your trust in digital remittance providers.

In today’s world, International remittance transfers play an essential role in maintaining global economies and simplifying personal finances in an increasingly interconnected world. As an overseas Pakistani, you might have to frequently use remittance transfer services to support your family back home financially.

It is critical to use secure but efficient money transfer mechanisms that enable financial control. One efficient alternative to outdated wire transfers is using money transfer apps, one of which is ACE Money Transfer. Keep reading this blog to know how this decision can transform your remittance-sending procedure.

Interesting Stats to Know About Remittance Transfers

  • 69% of smartphone users would rather send money to a person via an app than a mobile website.
  • More than 2 Billion people are now using mobile money transfer apps to send and receive money or make payments.
  • The most amount of remittances to Pakistan come from the Gulf Countries. In fact, Pakistan received more than 54% of remittances from the Gulf region in 2022.

Enhancing Financial Control: How Money Transfer Apps Empower Your Remittance Transfer to Pakistan

Fintech mobile apps or simply money transfer mobile applications ease your life manifold. The following are the key areas where you can benefit largely by using a reliable mobile app like ACE Money Transfer.

1 - Improved Financial Management

Receipts and Transaction History

Money transfer apps include a useful feature that gives consumers a detailed transaction history. Individuals can use this function to track previous transfers to Pakistan, allowing for improved financial management.

For example, ACE Money Transfer assures that consumers may see detailed transaction history from within their app interface. The software generates digital receipts for each transaction, giving users well-organized financial records that can be readily referred to or shared as needed.


Expense Tracking and Budgeting

Budgeting for overseas transfers is important for maintaining personal financial control. Users can utilise money transfer apps to set transfer limits and properly manage their remittance charges.

ACE Money Transfer provides features that allow users to create budgets for transfers to Pakistan, allowing them to keep track of their spending and make informed financial decisions. The programme helps users to maintain better control over their finances by giving such budgeting capabilities. Besides, the lowest transfer fees and the highest exchange rates allow you to make an economical online money transfer to Pakistan whenever your family needs financial help.

Calculator for Converting Currencies

When transferring funds to Pakistan, it is important to understand exchange rates and estimate the converted amount. Currency conversion calculators are frequently included in money transfer apps to help with this procedure.

The currency conversion calculator at ACE Money Transfer provides users with real-time exchange rates, allowing them to make educated decisions and providing transparency in the conversion process. This function enables customers to carefully plan their transfers and know exactly how much money will be received by their beneficiaries in Pakistan.

2 - Improved Accessibility and Speed

Notifications in Real Time

Money transfer applications provide customers with the benefit of receiving fast information about the status of their transfers.

ACE guarantees that users receive real-time notifications when a money transfer to Pakistan is completed successfully. These notifications give users peace of mind and enable them to track the progress of their transactions. It gives them a sense of control that wire transfers often do not.

Several Payment Options

Another key advantage of using an app for sending remittances is the flexibility in payment options. ACE accepts a variety of funding methods, including bank transfers, debit cards, and credit cards, allowing users to select the most convenient choice for their Pakistan transactions. This adaptability guarantees accessibility for a wide spectrum of customers while also catering to their individual financial needs.

Beneficiary Management Made Simple

Money transfer apps streamline future transfers by simplifying the process of managing beneficiaries. These apps have a beneficiary management system that allows users to maintain recipient information within the app securely.

This function avoids the need to enter recipient information multiple times for multiple transfers to Pakistan, reducing time and increasing convenience.


Speedy Transfers Increase Efficiency

Money transfer apps have revolutionised the speed with which we can send and receive money globally. Transactions that used to take days now only take minutes to complete with a few clicks on your smartphone. This is extremely helpful during emergencies.

Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to the simplicity of quick transactions via ACE Money Transfer. Learn how you can send money to Pakistan online within 7 seconds here.

3 - Customer Service and Support

24-Hour Customer Service

When it comes to financial transactions, reliable customer service holds immense importance. Money transfer apps such as ACE offer 24-hour customer service, allowing customers to request assistance at any point during the transfer procedure.

Whether users are experiencing technical difficulties or have questions about their transfers, ACE Money Transfer's specialised support team is there to resolve their concerns quickly and effectively.

Support in Multiple Languages

Sending funds to Pakistan requires dealing with a broad user base with varying language preferences. Money transfer apps recognise this by offering multilingual support.

There are plenty of apps meeting users' linguistic preferences and promoting smooth communication. This ensures that consumers can express their issues and receive personalised assistance in the language of their choice, improving their overall experience and happiness.


4 - Safety and Dependability

Strong Security Measures

Money transfer applications prioritise security by putting in place strong safeguards to protect consumer data and transactions. These apps provide security features such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and transaction monitoring.

ACE Money Transfer is dedicated to providing its customers with the best level of security possible, implementing various safeguards to protect sensitive information and ensure the integrity of each transaction.

Transactions are Trackable

The ability to track transactions in real time is one of the most significant benefits of money transfer apps. This real-time tracking provides not only peace of mind but also transparency throughout the transfer procedure. Users may stay up to current and see the status of their transfers, offering a safe and dependable experience.


Final Thoughts - The Best Money Transfer Mobile App

Individuals can experience the simplicity, security, and efficiency of sending remittances to Pakistan while preserving financial control by using a money transfer app like ACE Money Transfer. Take charge of your finances and make international transactions with confidence and convenience via ACE. Sign up on ACE for free to make a money transfer to Pakistan at unbelievable exchange rates whenever you have to transfer funds back home.


How long does it take ACE Money to send funds to Pakistan?

You can transfer funds to Pakistan from overseas within just 7-seconds using ACE’s services. However, the transfer time will vary depending on several factors, including the money source and the recipient's bank processing time. ACE Money Transfer attempts to provide speedy and efficient transactions.

Are there any transaction limits when using ACE Money Transfer to send money to Pakistan?

Certain transaction restrictions are in place at ACE Money Transfer, which may change depending on factors such as user authentication and compliance regulations. It is recommended that you check the specific limits that apply to your account or country.

Can I use a single money transfer app to send money to multiple countries?

Yes, many remittance transfer apps like ACE provide transfers to numerous countries, allowing you to send money abroad to multiple locations quickly.

Can I use a money transfer app without a bank account?

Some money transfer apps, such as mobile wallets or cash pickup services, allow you to send and receive money even if you don't have a regular bank account.

Are there money transfer apps for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the majority of money transfer applications work with both iOS and Android smartphones, enabling users to access and use the services regardless of their preferred mobile operating system.


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