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The Benefits Of Having A Bank Account When Transferring Money To Pakistan From Overseas

The Benefits Of Having A Bank Account When Transferring Money To Pakistan From Overseas

20 Feb 2023

Is a bank account required in order to send money to Pakistan? It's a well-known query. You are not required to use a bank, but having one can be a safer, simpler, and more affordable way to access and manage money and build savings and credit.

Even if you don't have much money, this is still true. The idea that you don't need a bank account because you don't have enough money is actually a common one. Banks can be advantageous to you regardless of your financial situation or who you are. The many advantages of managing your finances with a bank account mostly remain unknown to several expat workers, like many overseas Pakistanis, so let's go over some of the most popular advantages.

Why Do People Need Bank Accounts?

A bank is a financial institution that creates credit by lending money to a borrower and recording a corresponding deposit on the bank's balance sheet. Banks, which are heavily regulated, undoubtedly play a significant role in every nation's economy. Banks are subject to minimum capital requirement norms based on an international system of capital standards known as the Basel Accords.

Benefits of Having a Bank Account 


Bank Accounts Provide Convenience

You can easily pay by check or use online bill pay if you have a checking account. You can easily withdraw money from an ATM or make purchases at stores if you get a debit card or Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for the account. Most places that accept credit cards also accept debit cards for payment.


When someone needs a ready supply of money for an emergency, it offers high liquidity. In addition to sending remittances through the bank, you can deposit or withdraw your money whenever you need to. Know the easiest way how to send money to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer and start making smooth transactions. 

Your Money Is Secure

You run the risk of losing money or having your property damaged or stolen if you keep cash there. Additionally, because your funds are federally insured, you will still have access to them even if your bank or credit union fails. $100,000 is the maximum amount of money that can be insured. 

Suppose you open an account with ACE Money Transfer. In that case, your money is protected in a disaster or emergency, enabling you to instantly send money from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland to be received in more than 100 countries. Additionally, if you open an account with ACE, your funds are secure in the unlikely scenario of the bank failing. This insurance is automatic, so you don't need to apply.

It's A Simple Way To Save Money

Many banks offer an interest rate when you deposit your money in a savings account. Your money will grow over time with the help of interest. Make sure to compare offers and find out about any fees; you don't want to pay more than the interest you are earning. 

If you have both a checking and a savings account with the same company, you can have money transferred between the two regularly, setting it aside to help your savings grow. If you decide to conduct an online money transfer to Pakistan, be sure to select ACE Money Transfer.

You Have Access To Additional Bank Products

Credit cards, auto loans, and home mortgages are some additional financial products you may want to think about once you have developed a relationship with a bank through a bank account to help you reach your financial objectives.

Bank Accounts Cost Less

Typically, banks and credit unions provide the following services to account holders for no cost or at a minimal cost:

Cashing Checks

Check cashing services are very expensive. The establishment where you have a bank account allows free check deposits and checks to cash.

Payment Of Bills

Your only options for paying your bills if you don't have a bank account are probably money orders, phone bill payments, or check cashing services, all of which come with fees. You can pay for online purchases with a checking account at a low cost or write checks for no charge.

Transferring/Wiring Money

You must pay a fee, typically a percentage of the transfer amount, if you wire money to someone else's account through a money transfer company. This fee might be expensive, depending on how much you want to transfer. 

If you wire money from your bank account to someone else's account, your bank will typically impose a flat fee that is typically less expensive than the money transfer service, but ACE has a unique circumstance.

Send Money To Pakistan Online via ACE 

Sending money to Pakistan requires signing up with ACE Money Transfer. Using the ACE mobile app, you can perform it on the website or on your Android or iOS phone. Transfers can be sent to all of Pakistan's major banks. Sending to personal checking, current, and savings accounts is possible. Usually, money will be credited to Pakistani bank accounts within an hour. 

ACE will send emails to you and your recipient when funds are credited. To meet their regulatory obligations, they might occasionally need more details from you before they can process the transfer.

You can withdraw money from a bank account at any time, and it provides high liquidity. The use of debit cards, check writing, and other helpful services are all provided by banks. Savings account deposits benefit from compounding as well as interest earnings. Additionally, saving money in a bank offers a better option than other risky investments like equities if you are a very risk-averse person.

Bottom Line - What’s the Best Option for Overseas Pakistani Workers?

Making a money transfer to Pakistan can involve several important steps, one of which is opening a bank account. Your finances will be safer, easier to access, less expensive to cash checks, and more secure overall if you keep your money in a bank account. Consider using ACE Money Transfer if you wish to save on transfer costs, get the highest exchange rates, and avail yourself of enticing reward offers.



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