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The Benefits and Challenges of Working Abroad in 2023 for the Gambian Expats

31 May 2023

Working abroad and making their professional life is every other person's dream. You dream of having a white-collar job from a very young age, but everything comes with a price. Most people from developing countries like the Gambia are inclined towards moving abroad to pursue their dreams and career goals. Working abroad has countless benefits and attractions, but the path to achieving a goal is not smooth. When you decide to move abroad from the Gambia to work, earn, and send money to Gambia to support your family, you must prepare for the expected challenges alongside learning the benefits of working abroad.

Better living standards and high quality of life have attracted many people to move overseas every year. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of working abroad in 2023 so that you can make an informed decision about moving abroad.


Benefits of Working Abroad as a Gambian Expat 

Working and living abroad shows ambition and a desire for adventure. It is already an accomplishment. It takes a lot of confidence to deal with unknown nations and tasks. Feel triumphant if you are thinking of doing it. There are multiple advantages and reasons why people move abroad. 


Opportunities to Learn New Languages

Many people believe that you can never learn a language only by following the grammatical rules if you somehow understand the rules and terms of language. You are only a fluent speaker if you practice it. Living in another country is an excellent opportunity to learn a new language since you can communicate with people from diverse cultures and languages. Learning a new language will add a star to your professional life. Besides improving your overall English language skills, you learn different other languages that improve your professional personality and add value to your skill set.  


Improvement in Communication Skills

When you work in a foreign country, they have employees from different communities and cultural backgrounds. Communicating with people of different backgrounds will improve your communication skills and boost your confidence. You are exposed to new experiences, people and cultures. Multicultural communications will add the element of acceptance to you. 

Better Standard of Living 

Gambia is a developing country, and the standard of living is low compared to developed and world-leading countries. When it comes to working abroad, everyone chooses a rising country because of living standards. You have easy access to healthcare, and living costs are cheaper. You can enjoy a modern lifestyle in a foreign country that not only helps you live a better life but also enables you to support your family back home through each money transfer to Gambia you make from abroad. 


A Sensible Understanding of Travel Privilege

The more you travel, the more experienced you are considered. If you have the privilege to work in different countries, you are preferred more. Being across borders will do value addition to the set of your skills. You get a deeper understanding of the environment. Only some have the resources to work abroad. Some people never get a chance or an acceptance letter. So if you are lucky enough to travel, embrace it. 


More Working Opportunities

If you are starting your professional life, working abroad is ideal. Once you get your feet there, many other doors are open to you. You can travel and look for more opportunities. Never catch yourself in one thing. Remember that you have moved abroad to work and make a successful living. Worl for it unless you are satisfied.

Apart from working opportunities, you also have many travel opportunities. You can move to new places by short train rides on weekends. It is also easy to plan holidays with all the resources available. 

How to Move Abroad from the Gambia?

Moving abroad is the best option when it comes to earning for your homeland and paying back. You have many more opportunities for work in a foreign country than in Gambia. You can work hard and make as much money as you want. If you are facing difficulty finding what job suits you best, you may look at Study and work abroad options for the Gambian people - a quick guide. 


Challenges of Working Abroad as a Gambian Expat


Bearing Cultural Differences is Hard.

When you move abroad for work or whatever purpose, you hear about bearing cultural differences. No matter much you study cultural shocks and their effects, you still have to face them. Sometimes it becomes tough to accept. People with different cultures are not always welcoming. They judge you for being different or performing different cultural practices. 


It will take time, but eventually, you will adjust to the environment. It will not happen overnight. It will require a lot of effort and patience. 


Tax Rates are often High.

Working abroad is not as helpful as it seems because of high taxes and living costs. Every country has tax rules and how much you must pay the government. The tax is automatically deducted from the salaries. 

You might get disappointed when you have to transfer money to the Gambiaand you are limited with the expenses. But don't worry because, in most cases, wages are also higher than in the home country, which balances your finances. Besides, you can send money to Gambia online using ACE’s services that provide you with the highest exchange rates, the lowest transfer costs, and several opportunities to win enticing prizes.


The Cost of Living is Very High.

Moving is costly even if you plan to move within your country. It requires a lot of patience and mental stability apart from financial needs. For moving abroad, you may have to renew your passport, pay for a visa, pay transport expenses etc. Once you have moved overseas, another flood of expenses comes. House renting is also very expensive compared to the Gambia. 

What you can do to save yourself from monetary breakage is spend wisely. Don't get attracted to every other thing you see. Follow the principle of buying what you need and not what you want. If this does not help, you can consult a financial advisor to manage your expenses best. 


Learning a New Language is Difficult. 

Though learning a foreign language is very attractive, it is also challenging. You can not learn a language in a week or two. It requires persistence and patience. One may get annoyed by the failed attempts. In some cases, people can never get used to the local language. Even if they master the language, then comes the difference in accent.

But it is a challenge that can be overcome with time and effort. It requires a lot of dedication and non-stop practice. You can also hire a language tutor for quick learning. Reading street signs and labels at the grocery items and Speaking to your friends in the local language can also help you improve.



One of the disadvantages of moving abroad is feelings of loneliness and instability. The pain and homesickness are real things. Adjusting and building a community will be difficult if you are not good at socialising. You don't feel it initially because of excitement and the attraction to new experiences and adventures. But once the honeymoon period fades, loneliness kills you from the inside, and you become affected by anxiety sometimes.


But this lasts a bit, and eventually, you get used to the new environment. You don't get time to overthink when you follow a routine. Moreover, you have work partners, and you make local buddies that help in living in an unknown country. 


Bottom Line 

Working abroad is a challenging task. It is a very bold decision. You need a lot of self-determination to work overseas. There are many benefits and challenges of working abroad, which are also discussed in the article. 


Don't hold back if the benefits excite you to work abroad! It's time for you to figure out the visa. On the other hand, if you are still hesitant and unsure about the decision, don't force yourself. It is good to have a complete understanding before making a decision, but don't let any of the problems you can overcome with time come between your bright future. Every situation has a solution. 


If you are worried about sending money to Gambia, this hurdle is already solved with the availability of ACE Money Transfer. An online money transfer to Gambia via ACE’s services remains the best option for every Gambian expatriate based on the benefits that the firm offers. 


Always remember that with time, every problem fades, and you are left with a bright future. But to reach that stage, unlimited efforts and persistent nature is required.



What are some of the benefits of working abroad for Gambian expats in 2023?

Working abroad offers numerous benefits for Gambian expats. These include exposure to new cultures and languages, the potential for higher wages compared to home, enhancing professional skills, the chance to form global networks, and broadening one's worldview. These experiences can significantly contribute to personal growth and career advancement.

What are some challenges Gambian expats might face while working abroad in 2023?

Despite the benefits, working abroad comes with its own set of challenges. Gambian expats might face cultural and language barriers, homesickness, difficulties in navigating foreign work environments and local laws, or even discrimination. These challenges can be overwhelming but are often mitigated with time, experience, and support networks.

How can Gambian expats overcome the challenges of working abroad?

Overcoming the challenges of working abroad requires proactive measures such as learning the local language, understanding cultural norms, building a support network, and seeking help when needed. For legal and administrative issues, it might be useful to consult with local expat communities or professional legal advisors.


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