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Step-by-Step Guide for Filipinos to Move to the UK

Step-by-Step Guide for Filipinos to Move to the UK

24 Dec 2022

Are you drained out by the intricate procedure of moving to the UK?

Then you are at the right place! This guide provides valuable information for each step of moving to the UK so you can plan an easy escape from the Philippines. The UK can help you gain the financial freedom you always dreamt of so that you can send money to Philippines for your family’s sustenance.

14.5% of the entire Britain population are expats. More than 200,00 of them are Filipinos. In fact, there has been a major increase in the number of Filipinos working in the UK in recent years. They have a pivotal role to play in the healthcare industry. The second most common foreign workers in the National Healthcare System are Filipinos. So, you can expect to have a warm welcome in the country from fellow Filipinos. 

The Simple Five-Step Model for Moving to the UK

Here are the five complex procedures eased out for you to make your move simple. 

Get on a Job Hunt

Before planning to move, you must have a good idea about the job prospects in your field in the UK. It is also somewhat necessary to apply for a work visa as the UK does not give out job-seeking visas anymore. You can get a sponsored-based visa easily if your employer sponsors you. 

The UK has plenty of employment options in all fields. The employment rate in the UK is 86.5%. You can visit international job fairs or search online for openings. An advisable method is to network on social media sites to gain reach and visibility to help you secure a potential position. 

Find the Suitable Visa Type.

Plenty of different types of visas are allotted to individuals based on their skills and the kind of work they are looking for. You must conduct thorough research and explore all the options to find out which best suits your profile. 

Here are the three most common work visas for expats to get them permanent residence. 

Innovator Visa

The innovator visa or the start-up visa is for everyone with business or start-up ideas. 

Skilled Worker Visa

The skilled worker visa is given to people who want to work for an approved sponsor. It is the major immigration route for anyone planning their future in the UK. To attain this visa, you must meet 70 points. These can be achieved through certain requirements such as language proficiency, job offer, salary, and skills. 

International Sportsperson Visa

This visa is for sportspersons. The duration of this visa is 12 months or less.

Finding a suitable job and ensuring to get hired before you actually move to the UK is recommended. It will help you avoid several hassles after landing on your desired destination. You must also search, compare, and decide the best way to transfer funds back home after getting settled in the UK. One of the most trust methods is to make an online money transfer to Philippines from the UK via ACE Money Transfer, which most other Filipinos already use.

The Procedure for Applying for the Visa

Once you know which visa is your suitable match, it is time to apply. Make a list of all required documents and get them all in one place. Following are the documents that are absolutely necessary for obtaining a work visa in the UK.

  • Sponsorship certificate
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Proof of identity and nationality (mostly passports)
  • Current job position and salary
  • Sponsor’s name and license number 

You can apply through a representative office. It may take a few weeks for the result to arrive. 

Time for the Move

Once you have received the decision and it is positive, it’s time the move. You will get a confirmation email along with the next step from the UK visa office. Your passport will get the “vignette” sticker. It will show your visa type, the validity of the visa, and your immigration status. 

Biometric Residence Permit

You will receive a biometric residence permit or BRP after you arrive in the UK. This is essential to identify and prove your right to work in the UK. 

The Road to Permanent Residency

You will have to live and work in the UK for five years to get permanent residency. After that, you can get your Indefinite Leave to Remain from the government. You will be able to live without any limitations with it and even apply for citizenship. 

Common Queries of People Related to Moving to the UK 

People planning to move to the UK often have the following questions in mind. 

Is it Easy to Get a UK Work Visa?

Getting a visa can be difficult if you do not have a job offer, family members in the UK, and enough funds to sustain yourself while you are in the UK. The most important part is to have the employment offer letter. Otherwise, fulfilling the eligibility should not be a complex process. 

What are the Costs Associated with Moving to the UK?

In total, you must have at least 1270 GBP. This money ensures your sustainability in the new country without a job. Following are other necessary costs

  • 1400 GBP for visa application
  • 624 GBP for annual healthcare
  • 500 GBP for a flight ticket from the Philippines to the UK

Since you have to consider various types of expenses associated with your expat life in the UK, you must be cautious and ensure a reasonable balance in your budget. Where you can save on different necessities, you may also send money to Philippines online via ACE Money Transfer to save on transaction costs.

Can you Get Access to free Healthcare?

The NHS can give you free healthcare only if you are a long-term legal resident. With a work visa, you must pay an amount to get healthcare. 

Can You Move with Your Pets?

A pet cat, dog, and ferret are allowed to travel with you from the Philippines to the UK. However, they should have the following.

  • Valid microchip
  • Valid health certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Vaccination against rabies

Which is a Cheap Way to Send Money to the Philippines from the UK?

A common mistake Filipino expats make is using wire transfers for international transactions. It is expensive with frequent delays. You must switch to Online Money Transfers for swift transactions. 

ACE Money Transfer is the leading remittance-sending service that provides cheap and affordable money transfers. It offers to market competitive exchange rates along with no hidden charges to make this procedure simple and easy on the pocket. The funds are transferred within a day. Millions of users around the globe trust this service due to its reliability.

Moving to the UK can be complicated, but ACE Money Transfer eases out a portion of it by providing a reliable and affordable money transfer to Philippines. Sign up now to enjoy unlimited transactions at the most reasonable rates in the UK.


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