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Send Money to Pakistan with Extra Rate & NO Fee

Send Money to Pakistan with Extra Rate & NO Fee

13 Aug 2021

Freedom always comes up with a greater price, but the value remains known to generations. Finally, the most awaited day of the year for patriots has arrived. It's the day when elders relive the memories of the past and kids are filled with joy. The freedom of Pakistan took place on 14th August 1947, also referred to as Independence Day of Pakistan. In the moment of happiness, always remember your friends and families living in different corners of the world. To add some colors to life this independence, send money online to your loved ones. And help them enjoy the Independence Day. 

Exclusive Offer for the Independence Day

ACE Money Transfer always remembers its customers in moments of happiness. To give an extra treat this year, ACE is offering a special package for remittances to Pakistan. Send money to your loved ones with a Flat zero fee and enjoy a high exchange rate of 0.14% on 14th August only. The transactions are valid from all around the active corridors, such as Australia, Europe, the UK to Pakistan. 

Send Remittances with Freedom

ACE Money Transfer is a leading money transfer service provider in the remittance industry. Over the years of dedication and excellence, ACE is rising the ladder of success. Pakistani ex-pats reside in different corners of the world. Yet, the patriotism they have in their heart is unbeatable. When it comes to being a nation, they stand high under the Flag of Pakistan. On this Independence Day, send money to Pakistan with the exclusive independence day offer. ACE endeavors the journey to provide excellence in the services, with continuous enhancements and improvements. 

Beneficial Exchange Rate and Zero Transaction-Fee

This year, ACE is going to make your Independence Day extra special. If you transfer money to Pakistan on 14th August, you can enjoy the flat zero fee on all remittance transactions to Pakistan. The good part is you can get an exclusive exchange rate of an additional 0.14%. What could be better than this? No transactional costs and beneficial exchange rates. ACE Money Transfer exactly knows how to make your day beautiful. So, hurry up and start sending money transfers to Pakistan. The offer is valid only for 14th August 2021 only. 

Ways you can send money to Pakistan

ACE Money Transfer carries an extensive chain of associations and affiliations. Delivering quality services in different countries of the world, ACE provides multiple modes of payment. We are going to share the top-rated methods of money transfer to Pakistan. Keep reading to find out the best ways to send money to Pakistan

  1. Bank Transfer 
  2. Cash Pickup 
  3. Bill Payments
  4. Mobile Wallet

You can send an instant money transfer in the form of a bank transfer transaction. The beneficiary will be able to receive remittance transfer straight into the bank account. Surprise your loved ones on this independence by sending a direct transfer to their bank account in Pakistan. Enjoy the fascinating exchange rates with flat zero on all your transactions. Beneficiaries in Pakistan can also receive remittances from the nearest financial facilitation centers in Pakistan. You can also send a money transfer directly into the debit/credit card of your loved ones in Pakistan. Make this Independence Day a memorable day by sending money home. The offer remains valid for 24hrs only on 14th August. 


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