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Repatriation Reflections: Supporting Your Family in Nepal with an International Study Experience in the UK

Repatriation Reflections: Supporting Your Family in Nepal with an International Study Experience in the UK

25 Oct 2023

As a Nepali wanting to travel to a foreign country for study or a job, what would be your first choice? Which country would you go to? Well, the first and natural choice would be the UK in all likelihood because of the country’s robust economy allowing you to get employed, earn a living and send money to Nepal from UK to offer financial support back home.

The best part is that you can send money to Nepal from the UK fee-free until the end of the year. You can, therefore, enjoy as many fee-free money transfers as possible with ACE Money Transfer from Nepal to the UK until December 31, 2023.

Apart from job opportunities, the UK takes precedence over other developed countries due to its best-quality education in almost every education field.

According to a report published by Runnymede Trust, the Nepalese in the UK, and due to the robust economy of the UK, more and more Nepalese are travelling to the UK.

But have you ever thought that if you wish to go to the UK for education, how will you manage to earn a living and support your family financially? Will you be allowed to work alongside your studies?

This blog will answer these questions and guide you about how you can support your family financially despite being in the UK for studies only.

Top Reasons to Study in the UK

For the people of Nepal or any other developing country, the only way to seek financial independence is through seeking education. That is one of the reasons that people with limited resources give their children a top-notch education that can ensure their employment in foreign countries. So, after you seek an education in a developed country, your chances of getting employed brighten, allowing you to earn a fairly reasonable income and support your family through your every money transfer from UK to Nepal, that too fee-free if done before the year-end.

In this context, a few compelling reasons to choose the UK for study as a Nepali are explained below.

Top Quality Education and Value for Money

The UK has over 160 universities and higher education institutions. Of these, about 84 were featured in the QS World University Rankings 2021. Several master’s degrees in the UK take only one year to complete compared to other countries, lessening the financial burden that comes with an extended stay.

Internationally Recognised Degrees

Your degree in the UK is recognised all over the world, and several multinational companies offer jobs as soon as you have graduated. This paves the way for your international employment, which is essential because the presence of multinational companies in Nepal is relatively less.

Affordable Living Cost

In the UK, the cost of living is fairly lower than in other Western countries for the students. Although, otherwise, the cost of living in the UK is relatively higher. But for the students, it is the other way round due to several discounts you can get as a Nepali student.

Opportunities to Explore Europe

Travelling to a European country from the UK is easier than from Nepal. So, as a Nepalese migrant in the UK, your chances to explore the whole of Europe are more than if you want to explore Europe from elsewhere.

Work Opportunities with Studies

The best part of studying in the UK is that most of the institutions allow you to work and find a part-time job after your study hours. This is an opportunity students elsewhere hardly find and have to find work only after they have graduated.

Helping Your Family Financially Through an International Study Experience

Although you can study in the UK and after you graduate, you can also find work there. But it does not mean that you should essentially stay in the UK post-studies for work and send money from UK to Nepal to offer financial support back home.

Seeking an education in a foreign country and that too in the UK should not limit your options to find work. Right? So, for example, if you can find a good job in the UK after your studies and, on the other hand, find, say, a better work opportunity, which option would you choose?

Well, the answer is clear and simple.

Therefore, you should also consider such options and draw comparisons between the options available. But whatever option you choose, remember that the window to those options is opened by getting a degree in a foreign country.

What do you think is the basic purpose of going to another country for education and a job? Think about it.

Ultimately, it is to earn a living and support your family in Nepal financially. Right?

And nowadays, you can transfer funds across borders online. But it is a tough terrain treading, which requires you to consider a few factors. Let’s take a look.

Factors to Consider for Your Online Money Transfers

Are you looking for the cheapest way to send money to Nepal from UK? Surely, you are. But how do you decide if a certain way is cheap or not? Consider, therefore, the following.

Service Charges

Find a service provider that charges you a low fee on your financial transactions. Doing so will add to the amount being sent, thus increasing the financial support. In this regard, relying on ACE Money Transfer is worth it because the firm is offering fee-free transfers from the UK to Nepal until the end of 2023.

Live and Market-Competitive Exchange Rates

Market-competitive currency exchange rates are another area in which you can make substantial savings on your international money transfers. Look for a service provider that offers you flexible rates instead of fixed rates.

Learn here the tips to save on your international money transfers.

Speed and Security

If you pay more for a speedy delivery of your funds, it may not be worth it, then. You or the recipient may need funds in an emergency and instantly. For which you may have to deliver funds quickly. Several service providers will charge you extra for this, which is again an antithesis to savings.

But you will find some companies like ACE Money Transfer that will offer speedy transfers without extra charges and even fee-free if done before December 31, 2023.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Regardless of the country you work in as a Nepalese migrant, you can enjoy your money transfers back home both in terms of the experience and the costs involved if you send money online to Nepal from UK with ACE Money Transfer. You will get all the features listed above from one window without having to pay a single penny as a fee within the given time.


Why do Nepalese go to the UK for education?

Nepalese go to the UK for education because they cannot find top-quality education in their native country. For the people of Nepal, a good quality education is the recipe for attaining financial soundness in the future. 

Why do Nepalese work abroad?

Nepalese work abroad because, in Nepal, work opportunities are limited. It gives birth to high levels of unemployment, leading to poverty.

What are the major benefits of studying in the UK?

The benefits of studying in the UK include top-notch education quality, international exposure, opportunities to explore Europe easily, getting degrees in relatively less time than in other countries, and getting several student discounts.

Can my international study experience help me support my family financially?

Yes. Your international study experience can help you immensely in supporting your family financially because it paves the way for you to work in multinational companies and different countries.

Can a service provider help me save on my international money transfers?

Yes. Several remittance transfer companies, including ACE Money Transfer, help you save on your international money transfers by charging a low fee, offering you speed with market-competitive currency exchange rates.


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