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Prize Update - ACE's Invite a Friend Program Gets New Prize!

Prize Update - ACE's Invite a Friend Program Gets New Prize!

25 Dec 2023

Good news lurks for global migrants.

ACE Money Transfer has upgraded the three major prizes in its Invite a Friend program for all customers. If you are one of the over 281 million migrants working in foreign countries to earn a living and send money home to offer financial support, participating in this program helps you win some exciting prizes without having to do anything extra!

ACE Money Transfer is known to offer secure, economical, and convenient money transfer services while offering enticing rewards to customers simultaneously. Its famous ‘Invite a Friend’ campaign, which runs year in and year out, has just received prize upgrades yet again.

Keep reading to learn all the exciting details and how you can participate and increase your chances of winning an iPhone 15 128 GB, an Apple Watch Series 9 with a Cellular 45mm Stainless Steel Case, Rubber Strap (sports band), and an Apple AirPods Pro 2nd generation.

What is the Invite a Friend Offer?

Taking stock of its valued customers' financial issues and challenges and what lay at the heart of their expatriation, ACE Money Transfer is famous for rewarding its customers in unique ways through promotional campaigns.

One of these ways is the ‘Invite a Friend’ offer.

Do you have any idea about this offer?

Well, in this offer, you simply have to invite other expatriates to ACE Money Transfer to send money abroad with it. It is natural that while you live abroad, you tend to live in an expatriate community so that you can connect with them.

Therefore, when you live among other expatriates, the one thing you share with almost all of them is sending money back home to offer financial support. They need a service provider to fulfil the same purpose as you do. Right?

So, in the ‘Invite a Friend’ offer, you simply have to persuade other expatriates to use ACE Money Transfer to transfer funds to their respective countries. The fact that the service features of the firm are mouth-salivating for the migrants makes it extremely easy, simple and convenient for you to draw them to the firm.

The Technical Point:

While you send the invites, make sure that you invite a set of three people. It means that to complete a successful referral, you have to invite three people together, making at least one successful transaction each. With three invited people using ACE’s services to send money online, you get a cash reward transferred directly to your ACE credit. Besides, you stand a chance to participate in the competition to own one of the three primary rewards.

Note: Cash Rewards, i.e. 50 GBP, 50 EUR, 100 AUD, 250 PLN, 75 CAD, 500 NOK, 500 SEK, 400 DKK, 300 RON, or 60 CHF, will be added in credits based on the currency in your country of residence.

For more information about the cash rewards in this program, please visit the Invite a Friend Program - Terms and Conditions page.

Simply put, one successful invitation has to consist of three people who will have to make online money transfers with ACE Money Transfer. For example, if you send invites to, say 10 people, but out of these 10, only 3 end up sending funds through ACE Money Transfer, it will be considered a successful referral.

The Catch:

The more successful referrals you make, consisting of three each, the more chances you have of winning the exciting prizes. So, all you have to do is ask your expatriate friends to use ACE Money Transfer for their online money transfers to their respective countries where the firm is operationally present.

Unpacking the Exciting Prizes and the Difference Between Now and Then

In the current ‘Invite a Friend’ offer, the firm has integrated an updated version of the prizes that were on offer previously. All of these prizes are such that you would somehow try to manage your finances and make compromises to be able to purchase them. Take a look at the new prizes below.

  • iPhone 15 128 GB
  • Apple Watch Series 9 GPS + Cellular 45mm Stainless Steel Case, Rubber Strap (Sport Band)
  • Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation

The firm is giving away these latest versions of the same products that it doled out to the winners previously. In the previous round of the same ‘Invite a Friend’ offer, however, the prizes were:

  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • Apple Watch 8 Series
  • AirPods Pro.

The best part is that you can win these exciting prizes without any lucky draws! Yes, you read that right! There’s no lucky draw required to stand a chance to win one of the prizes listed above.

Just make other expatriates around you choose ACE Money Transfer as their money transfer service provider for sending money back home from abroad. On 12 referrals using ACE’s services, you get to win one of the listed prizes.

Are you uncertain about which prize out of the three you’ll win? Here’s how this program works!

How ACE’s “Invite a Friend” Program Works?

ACE’s customers have their dedicated referral link, which they can get while using the ACE Mobile App or website. You just have to share that referral link with your friends and fellow expats to use ACE’s services through your link.

Here’s how you stand a chance to win the prizes in this program:

  • On every three people out of your referrals making transactions via ACE, you receive a cash bonus directly into your ACE credit. More slots of three people will continue adding to the amount.
  • Once your referrals reach 12 (twelve people using ACE’s services), you become eligible to win one of the key rewards, i.e., iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, and AirPods Pro 2nd Gen.
  • The decision to allocate these prizes is based on the highest number of referrals you make every month since these prizes are announced on a monthly basis. You can keep track of your referrals on the Invite a Friend Dashboard.
  • The first prize of the iPhone 15 will be awarded to the customer with the highest number of successful referrals. Similarly, the 2nd prize of Apple Watch Series 9 and the 3rd prize of AirPods Pro 2nd Gen will be awarded to the customers following the 2nd and 3rd highest number of referrals.

Tracking Your Invites

If you are thinking about how you will track your invites and whether those you invited have actually used the firm’s services or not, then do not just worry. A simple visit to ACE Money Transfer’s “Invite a Friend Dashboard” on its official website will address all your concerns.

If you find any trouble in the process of participating in the referral program or you need help in making a global money transfer, you can contact ACE’s dedicated and proactive customer support to help you resolve all the concerns.

Let’s now look at what else the firm offers in its core services apart from the prizes.

Unique Service Features of ACE Money Transfer

Apart from launching such exciting campaigns regularly to give away amazing prizes to its customers and to benefit them in unique ways, the firm's following few service features are also worth considering.

Low Service Charges:

The firm charges you a low fee on your money transfers back home. If you send money through ACE Money Transfer for the first time, you will get a fee-free transaction. For regular customers, however, the fee is only applicable if the amount reaches a certain threshold below which your transfers will likely remain fee-free.

Live and Market-Competitive Currency Exchange Rates:

The firm offers you live and market-competitive currency exchange rates for every money transfer. This allows you to initiate a transaction right away if the rates are high or wait till the rates move upward and in your favour.

Speed and Efficiency:

The firm also delivers your funds efficiently and in less than a few hours. Amazingly enough, the delivery time of funds to Pakistan from anywhere in the world is just 7 seconds! Now set the timer; stretch your arm, take your wallet out and get the money out of it. The time surely exceeds 7 seconds! 

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Remember that every online money transfer with ACE Money Transfer can help you get the financial benefits listed above.

Apart from getting these obvious yet amazing financial benefits, your ability to draw others to ACE Money Transfer in the easy way explained above can help you win the exciting prizes for which you might have to burn your candles at both ends to be able to purchase them. You simply have to ensure that every three invitees use the firm’s services, and your chances to win an iPhone 15 128 GB or Apple Watch Series 9 GPS or Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation with every successful referral of three each will brighten!


What is the ‘Invite a Friend’ offer?

ACE Money Transfer keeps launching several campaigns to award its valued customers and dole out exciting prizes. The current ‘Invite a Friend’ offer is one such campaign in which you can win exciting prizes by inviting others to send money back home online with ACE in a set of three people in each referral.

Why does ACE Money Transfer launch such campaigns?

The company knows that migrants are driven largely by unemployment, poverty and financial stress. So, to relieve their financial burdens in unique and easy ways, the firm launches these campaigns to dole out prizes, which remain a far cry for most of the migrants to purchase.

Who can participate in this current offer, and how?

Anyone who is working abroad and sends money back home regularly can participate in this campaign. All they have to do to participate is to send money online with ACE Money Transfer and draw others to the firm in a set of three each.

What are the prizes?

The basic prizes are the same as in the previous variants of the ‘Invite a Friend’ offer. But these have been updated to the latest versions. The prizes are: iPhone 15 128 GB; Apple Watch Series 9 GPS + Cellular 45mm Stainless Steel Case, Rubber Strap (Sport Band); and Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation.

How can I win the prizes?

You can easily win these exciting prizes by simply inviting your expatriate friends who are earning a living and keep sending money online. Make sure that every referral consists of three people who send money back home with ACE. An increased number of referrals of three each will increase your chances of winning these prizes.


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