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Overcoming Homesickness: Staying Connected to Roots in Kenya While Pursuing Academic Dreams in the UK

Overcoming Homesickness: Staying Connected to Roots in Kenya While Pursuing Academic Dreams in the UK

05 Dec 2023

Is studying in the UK and touching the heights of success your dream? If you are patriotic, leaving your beloved country, Kenya, might be challenging to pursue higher studies in the UK. You can accomplish your goals while staying connected with Kenyans in the UK. You can take advantage of various opportunities to get a higher degree and earn to support your family and send money from UK to Kenya. 


Studying in the UK can benefit you; it can be like a road to the destination. You can pursue a higher degree, get a job, and build your future. This journey will make you experience different tastes of life. If you want to study abroad, You may have a roller coaster ride of emotions where you will be happier sometimes, sometimes sad, and you may miss the people and traditions of Kenya.


Stay calm about the issues if you are conscious about making your future in the UK. You will have many opportunities to make your mark on the world. This article will explore how to overcome homesickness by enduring the culture of the UK while sticking to your connection with Kenya.

Exploring the Lifestyle of the UK to Overcome Homesickness

The United Kingdom is always a center of attraction for students worldwide. The number of international students pursuing education in the UK has reached 143,820, the fourth largest number globally. In 2020, there were 556,625 international students enrolled in different programs in the UK. In 2021, the number of students increased to 605,130, making a tremendous gradual increase in the number of students.


By observing the incremental growth, you cannot say there are no educational challenges in the UK. Most students may become uncomfortable because they miss their cultural practices and norms, feel alone, and fall sick. Yet it is true that adopting a new lifestyle can also be challenging as you think away from your loved ones. To overcome homesickness, you can explore the following:


Socialize with Native People

It would help if you socialized with native people; the easiest way to do this is to learn the language. It can remove many barriers coming your way while trying to get settled in the UK. The English language is the most commonly spoken language of the UK. Having a solid grasp of it can help you deal with many things. You can talk with the native people, giving you a home-like feeling. You can discuss your issues with other people. Sharing your problems with someone is like a catharsis for your soul and will make you feel better.


You feel sick and suffocated if you cannot communicate because you cannot get a solution if you cannot address your issue correctly. You can get help in your studies and ask for the rules and regulations. To get a job, you can communicate with native people; they may help you to get a job and earn money. You can choose money transfer services such as ACE Money Transfer to make a money transfer from UK to Kenya quickly and securely.


Explore the Country

The UK is the land of beautiful scenery and landscapes that will never let you get bored. Plan a day out with your friends and explore the beautiful places. Many tourist places will admire you and give you peace. The serene views will calm your nerves, and you will feel connected with the beauty of nature.


Career Opportunities

After pursuing a degree from the UK, you can also apply for a well-reputed job. As an intern student, you will be granted one-year work permits to its students. So they can practice their knowledge practically. A country like the UK is advanced in technology and medicine. It provides multiple advanced career opportunities in different fields such as IT, medical, banking, and many more.


It guarantees you a secure future, and further career success depends on how you make your way. You can run your business and choose any field to push yourself in the UK while supporting your family back home. There are many ways to make online money transfers, and you can choose the best-suited services for you. Some companies provide convenient remittance services, such as ACE Money Transfer. They offer the first fee-free transaction to their customer to build trust. Learn more about how online money transfers improved immensely over the years.

Tips for Creating a Sense of Belonging in the UK

If you are worried that the distance will affect the bond between you and your loved ones. Try to do something to help you and your family to ensure a smooth bond. Avail the opportunities and get a part-time job so you can send money to Kenya online from UK. Try to adapt yourself according to the environment and culture of the UK. Here are some tips which can make you feel at home abroad.


Make New Friends

Explore your surroundings and accept cultural diversity. Make friends from different communities. You can also find people from Kenya in the UK because most Kenyans like to reside there. More friends will make you feel connected and develop a sense of belonging. It will also help you to kill your time, and you will fill the space of relationships.


Build a Strong Network

The universities of the UK offer cultural diversity. Many people from different areas of the world come to achieve their dreams. It is because the UK is known as the land of dreams. This way, you can meet and greet different people in different areas, gradually strengthening your networking. Building a strong network helps you create your career because you see the world through many perspectives. You stay updated and connected with the job market.


Discover the New Tastes

Another thing that can make you feel at home is experiencing food. Look for new restaurants and explore different foods. The change of taste will be a crazier journey. Also, in the UK, you can access similar food items as in Kenya. There are many Kenyan restaurants in the UK. So, explore them and enjoy living abroad while maintaining your connection with Kenya.


Practice the Cultural Norms of Kenya

Living in the UK is relatively easy. If you want to stay connected with your roots, you can keep practicing your cultural norms even there. Kenyan students are allowed to follow their values. The UK holds many events where the people from Kenya unite and enjoy the festivals. You can also send gifts to your people and make an instant money transfer to Kenya to feel connected.


Religious Celebrations for Kenyans in the UK

As a Kenyan, the primary thing that will inspire your living is the celebration of Kenyan religious and cultural celebrations at the international level. The UK organizes Kenyan festivals, which include Kenya Independence Day, dance festivals, and cultural festivals of Kenya.


Kenyan Community

There are many Kenyan people residing in the UK. Try to connect with them through social media platforms. By linking to them, you can seek guidance in multiple things, such as finding the cheapest ways to send money to Kenya or staying connected with people in Kenya.

You may fear loneliness while leaving your family to pursue a higher degree. You can do many things to make your lifestyle happy and active abroad. Engage yourself in multiple activities by joining social clubs and setting time for exercises that keep you from mental and physical illness. Look for ways to improve your life and support your loved ones. Seek a part-time job that will keep you busy, and you will no longer fall for boredom.

Wrap Up

To conclude, you may face challenges like homesickness while pursuing your degree in the UK. One of the significant things that every student goes through is missing the people of their homeland. But adjusting to a new place is relatively easy, especially when you are determined to build your career.


The UK can be your second home if you accept cultural diversity and try to adopt the cultural values of the UK. It offers many benefits to Kenyan students in the UK, such as scholarships, specified working hours, diverse networking opportunities, healthcare, and professional growth.


Furthermore, learning the native language contributes to a sense of belonging and makes the UK feel like a second home. Engaging with the Kenyan community in the UK, both online and offline, fosters a supportive environment and allows people to share their experiences and help make money transfers from UK to Kenya. So, explore all the ways to make you feel at home in the UK and for the betterment of your and your family’s future.




What challenges might Kenyan students face when studying in the UK?

Kenyan students might face challenges such as homesickness because of adapting to a new culture and feeling disconnected from their homeland.


How can Kenyan students overcome homesickness?

Kenyan students can overcome homesickness by making friends from diverse communities, exploring the UK, practicing their cultural norms, and socializing with native people to feel at home.

How can Kenyan students send money from the UK to Kenya?

There are convenient ways for Kenyan students to send money from the UK to Kenya, such as online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer, which offer secure and reliable remittance options.


What career opportunities can Kenyan students opt for after completing their UK studies?

After completing their studies, they can apply for well-reputed jobs as the UK grants one-year work permits to its students. There are diverse career opportunities in IT, medicine, and business management.

How can Kenyan students maintain a connection with their homeland while pursuing academic dreams in the UK?

Kenyan students can maintain a connection with Kenya by actively participating in Kenyan cultural events and celebrations and exploring Kenyan restaurants. They can also support their loved ones by making money and sending it to Kenya.

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