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Online and Overseas: Mastering Internet Safety as an Indian Expat Worker in Ireland

15 Aug 2023

Surrounded by North America and mainland Europe, Ireland is a perfect choice for global diasporas and expatriates. More than 600,000 foreigners live here due to its phenomenal modern housing and architecture and the splendid beauty of nature. Like people from other countries, almost 91,520 Indians also live here. Do you know what is the biggest concern of the Indian migrants who travel to developed countries to earn a living and send money to India from Ireland back home to pull their families out of the poverty they suffer from?

Well, you might think it is to ensure they have sustainable jobs, handsome income, and the longevity of their stay.

All of these concerns are not misplaced and can worry you to an extent. 

But think about it.

Don’t you feel overly conscious about your online safety? Particularly when worldwide social media is inundated with misinformation and disinformation? A random sift through social media platforms can expose you to news revealing online fraud and scams, adding to your worry. Right?

Therefore, it establishes that your online safety is one of your core concerns as an expatriate, which this blog aims to educate you about.

Why Do Indian Migrants Have to Exercise Caution About Their Online Safety?

Well, for the simple reason that the Indians face severe financial challenges due to which they travel abroad to find employment. They work against the odds in foreign lands and earn a living. So, when it comes to sending money back home, they cannot ignore online safety, whose lack can deprive them of their hard-earned money.

A report by the NDTV revealed that the Indian diaspora is the largest worldwide, with over 18 million migrants living in different countries.

It is unsurprising as India is now the most populous country in the world.

A report by NPR, sourcing its data from the projections by the United Nations, said that India is now the world’s most populous country, with 1.486 billion people overtaking China in April 2023.

So, it is not too big a deal for such a populous country to have the largest diaspora population of over 18 million, whose members send financial support to their families back home through a money transfer to India from Ireland and other developed countries.

These Indian migrants are making a significant contribution to the country’s economy as they have been sending hefty amounts as inward remittances annually, with the latest quantum of remittances reaching a staggering $111.22 billion, according to a World Bank report.

So, online safety is the first thing these Indian migrants have on their minds when they travel abroad.

Learn here all you must about moving abroad from India as a migrant.

Let’s now understand online safety and its importance before learning the tips to ensure it for yourself.

What is Online Safety?

Online safety or internet safety is the practice in which you follow some actionable guidelines after you have understood modern technology and internet usage to guard against malicious attacks.

Simply put, online safety is to protect your sensitive data and your devices, such as computers, smartphones and other gadgets, from online attacks and hacking.

Why is Online Safety Important?

Your online safety is important on the following few counts.

Creation of Fake IDs

Value your personal information and protect it. If it is stolen, it can be used to create your fake ID. And if this fake ID is created, new credit lines can be opened in your name; fresh loans can be applied for, and so on.

Harming Children and Young Adults

Your children are at risk of being harmed by online predators. Many online predators will create fake IDs and try to befriend your children by pretending to be someone that they are not. Its consequences can be grave.

Online Bullying with More Online Data

If you share more data online, you run the risk of getting bullied at the hands of cybercriminals. Therefore, try not to keep much of your data online, nor should you share it with people around you.

A Look at Online Scam Statistics

Before knowing the tips to ensure your safety, look at the following statistics to understand the importance of your virtual safety.

  • A report by Statista said that people lost $41 billion to payment fraud globally in 2022, and the figure is likely to reach $48 billion by 2023
  • A report by UK Finance said that people lost £1.2 billion to online fraud in 2022
  • 78% of app fraud initiate online, while 18% initiate through telecommunication

These are frightening figures. So, make sure to be safe online in your every online money transfer from Ireland to India.

Tips to Ensure Your Internet Safety as an Indian Migrant

The following easy tips will help you a long way to stay safe online.

Keep Information Safe

Avoid sharing your personal information with someone you do not know. Be it your full name, schooling details, and so on. And if someone you know is requesting this information, pause and ask yourself why they are interested in things that do not concern them.

Use Strong Passwords

Use strong and long passwords. But remember that a long password is no proof of strength. Furthermore, never use an iota of your personal information in passwords. Make awkward combinations in your passwords.

Stay Away from Sites with Inappropriate Content

Navigate away immediately from websites that show inappropriate pictures, videos, and ads. If you see such a website, it will likely lead you to malware and viruses clicking, which will compromise your safety.

Never Use Public Wi-Fi

One of the biggest threats to your online safety is the usage of an open internet connection. You will find plenty of public Wi-Fi connections in developed countries, but never connect to these connections on gadgets that store your personal information.

Check a Website’s URL

Always check the safety of any website that you are using. Its URL will tell you all about it. If you find a website unsafe, leave it right away lest you click on a link and land in a hacker’s lap.

Know Online Scam Types

You cannot protect yourself from a threat you have no idea about. Therefore, learn about the different types of scams and know about the diverse modus operandi of online scammers to protect yourself from them.

Use Multiple Passwords

Never use one password for many sites and platforms. For example, if you have different online platforms, make sure to use separate passwords for all of them, each one equally complex, awkward, and strong.

These simple steps will ensure your safe online presence.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Choosing a reputable remittances transfer company such as ACE Money Transfer to send money to India online from Ireland or other countries will help you transfer funds back home securely and swiftly, with the added advantage of getting live and market-competitive currency exchange rates and much more in exchange for low fees from just one stop.


What is online safety?

Online safety refers to the practice of exercising care while using the internet for any purpose. It is also about keeping your gadgets safe from the reach of hackers and online scammers.

Why is online safety important?

Your online safety is important because its absence can lead to the creation of fake IDs, harming your children, exposing your adults to stuff and material unfit for consumption, and online bullying.

What are the common online scams I must know about?

A few common online scams you must be aware of are email scams, lotteries and sweepstakes, phishing, dating scams, shopping scams, Facebook impersonation scams, fake charities, immigration scams, and stranded loved scams.

How should I protect myself against online scams?

You can be safe online if you use updated antivirus software, use awkward passwords, do not use public Wi-Fi, keep your data safe, check URLs, avoid inappropriate sites, not sharing your data with anyone, use different passwords for different platforms, and so on.

How to send money to India online safely and securely?

Choose a service provider that offers you safe and secure money transfers across borders, and another tip is to check the delivery time of a service provider. An instantaneous transfer shrinks space for online scammers to penetrate and transactions to manipulate it.


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