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Nigerian Expats: Sending Cross-Border Payments with Mobile Wallets from the UK

09 May 2024

Do you know that you can make a quick online money transfer from UK to Nigeria just with a few taps on your mobile wallet? Technological advancements have made cross-border transactions more accessible and immediate. Traditional money transfer methods like banks usually take 1-2 days to send money internationally. But with the help of digital mobile wallets, money transfer has become more manageable and quick.  

Digital wallets, also known as e-wallets, allow users to send money using online platforms. They offer multiple functions, such as keeping a transaction history, keeping a recipient record, saving the recipient's information, managing security, and transferring money quickly. Nigerian expatriates in the United Kingdom constantly seek efficient methods to send money back home. They have to make money transfers to Nigeria for various purposes, such as providing aid to family members.    

Digital wallets have multiple benefits, including fewer money transfer charges, high security, 24/7 accessibility, and efficient exchange rates. Scroll the article to learn the benefits of digital wallets:

Why Nigerian Expatriates Should Use Mobile Wallets for Cross-Border Payments?

Mobile wallets can help you send money to Nigeria from UK without visiting a physical bank or lengthy paperwork. Almost 3.4 billion people use digital wallets globally. In 2021, the size of the global market was $6.2 billion, which will increase to 27.4% by 2023. You can successfully transact money with a few clicks with your handy devices. Scroll down to learn how the process of making money has become easier with mobile wallets:

Convenient Ways

Mobile wallets are one of the most convenient ways of sending money globally because you do not need to visit any institute. Expats must follow time limitations and public holidays when making bank transactions. However, with mobile wallets, you can connect your account with any service or online bank to send money through your mobile device. It is a time-saving process and does not follow any work day restrictions.

Real-Time Transactions

With the help of digital mobile wallets, you can send money in real time. You can make quick money transfers even to distant countries within seconds. It ensures instant transactions; recipients can receive the amount in real time to manage emergencies. Traditional methods for sending money are usually slow, but because of cutting-edge technologies, digital wallets can help make quick transactions.   

Easy to Access

Digital wallets follow a simple structure and deep understanding when making transactions. They are easy to use because you can save your data in it. You can reuse the stored data at any time to make quick transactions. It usually follows a verification step after you choose the receiver to send money online to Nigeria from the UK. Whether at home or work, expats can access their mobile wallets 24/7 and effectively control their financial transactions at all times. Furthermore, you can see the impact of mobile wallets on remittances to Nigeria from the UK.

Secure and Encrypted Transactions   

Mobile wallets are a secure and safe mode of making transactions. They use advanced techniques to make money transfers through encryptions, strong passwords, 2FA, face detection, and fingerprint enablers. Services like ACE Money Transfer support digital wallets that are highly secure and encrypted. It keeps your personal and financial information confidential.

Low Service Charges     

Expats often worry about service fees while making money transfers globally. Banks and remittance companies may charge extra amounts to send money online to Nigeria from UK. But digital wallets may charge zero or significantly less service fees. With digital wallets, you can save service charges and ensure that more of your money reaches its intended recipient without unnecessary deductions.

Reasonable Exchange Rates

Digital wallets use real-time conversions, creating ease in the conversion process. You don't need to worry about conversion issues because they handle conversion directly while making transactions. Banks or services may charge you more conversion rates, but digital wallets use up-to-date exchange rates, ensuring fair and reasonable conversions for your transactions. With digital wallets, you can be confident that you're getting the best value when converting currencies.

How to Use a Mobile Wallet to Make International Money Transfers?   

Using a mobile wallet is easy. First, you should look for service providers that facilitate a mobile wallet. ACE Money Transfer is a remittance service facilitating international money transfers through mobile wallets. You can download the mobile application of ACE and follow the steps below:

●  Create an Account/Sign in.

Download the digital wallet mobile app or the service app that facilitates digital wallet. Create your digital wallet account or sign in if you already have one. Add your personal information and upload the necessary documents.

●  Link with Payment Method

Link a payment method, such as your digital wallet, with a bank account, credit or debit card. You can also link your remittance transfer company account.

● Add Recipient Details

Add the receiver's detailed information, including the address, contact number, and personal information. Once you add the complete recipient details, you can store them later.

● Enter the Amount

Enter the required amount you want to send and click confirm. Your digital wallet will make real-time conversions, and you can make money transfers from UK to Nigeria in a few seconds. Moreover, you can track or repeat your process by reusing the stored information.

Nigerian expats living in the UK must make international money transactions for various purposes. For this, a reliable source of sending money is necessary. Traditional methods are usually expensive, time-consuming, and require a lot of hassle, such as visiting institutes and doing paperwork. Google launched Digital wallets in 2011, and they changed the lives of expats.

Expats must deal with currency conversions for multiple purposes, such as sending aid to their families. Digital wallets are highly accessible and easy to use. You just need to download the digital wallet app through any service to transfer money quickly. Digital wallets are secure, easy to access, and convenient.

Effortless Cross-Border Payments with ACE

The process of sending cross-border payments to loved ones back home holds immense significance in the lives of expats. Mobile wallets have emerged as a transformative solution for Nigerian expats living in the UK to send cross-border payments quickly and efficiently. Traditional remittance methods, such as bank transfers or money transfer agencies, often consume complex steps. This includes high fees and long transaction duration, high exchange rates, and substantial service fees for sending money. All these are hurdles for expats to make an instant money transfer from UK to Nigeria.

Digital wallets are convenient, highly accessible, quick, and easy to operate. Mobile wallets allow you to send money to Nigeria easily. This hassle-free method is unrestricted by days, holidays, or timeliness. You can send money globally at any time. It is so simple that you can make transactions while traveling. You must connect with a reliable remittance transfer company to transact through a digital wallet. Not all remittance services facilitate digital wallets.

ACE Money Transfer is a renowned service that allows users to send money online using mobile wallets. The fee structure, exchange rate, and transaction speed depend on your remittance service. Mobile wallets give expats significant control over their financial transactions and ensure that maximum remittances reach their recipients on time.


What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile wallet is a digital platform that allows users to send cross-border money using their mobile phones. It is one convenient way of sending money quickly at low prices and affordable exchange rates.

How mobile wallets have made sending money to the UK from Nigeria easy?

Mobile wallets have made money transactions easy. It offers features like instant transfers, competitive exchange rates, and low transaction fees, ensuring that expats can send money to the UK efficiently and cost-effectively.

What are the benefits of using a mobile wallet?

Mobile wallets offer a secure transaction method. They use advanced security techniques, offer a transparent fee structure with no hidden charges, and provide reasonable exchange rates.

How can money be sent from the UK to Nigeria through mobile wallets?

You can send money to Nigeria by choosing a remittance service that facilitates mobile wallets. Download the app, create an account, enter your personal information, and add the correct receiver information, including address, identity, and contact number. Enter the amount, verify the information, and transact.

Does ACE Money Transfer support cross-border transactions through mobile wallets?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer supports money transactions through a digital wallet. You can pay bills, shop online, and transfer money globally using the ACE mobile wallet.

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