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Navigating Language Barriers While Traveling Abroad: Tips and Best Practices for Ghanaian Expats

23 May 2023

When living or travelling abroad, language barriers can become a hindrance in many aspects of daily life. This is especially true when you are a Ghanaian expat working abroad, and you need to send money to Ghana. In this blog post, we will explore tips and best practices for Ghanaian expats to navigate language barriers while travelling abroad, focusing on the importance of overcoming language barriers when sending money to Ghana. We will provide some practical solutions to help Ghanaian expats communicate effectively and successfully navigate the process of sending money to Ghana.

Understanding the Types of Language Barriers

Before you dive into the tips and best practices, it is important to understand the different types of language barriers that Ghanaian expats may encounter when travelling abroad. These include: 

Language Differences

Language differences refer to situations where the language, which is spoken in the country the expat is living or travelling in differs from their native language. This can create difficulties in communication, especially if the expat is unfamiliar with the language. 

Vocabulary Differences

Vocabulary differences may occur even if the language spoken in the country is similar to the expat's native language. There may be differences in vocabulary that can cause confusion and miscommunication. 

Accents and Dialects

Accents and dialects can also pose a challenge to communication. Local accents and dialects may be difficult to understand, especially if the Ghanaian expat is unfamiliar with them. 

Technical Language

Technical language related to specific industries or professions can also be challenging to understand. This can make it difficult for expats to communicate with colleagues or clients. 

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences related to communication styles and norms can also create language barriers. For example, in some cultures, it may be considered impolite to interrupt someone during a conversation, while in other cultures, interruptions may be more common.

As a Ghanaian expat, where you’ll face numerous other challenges due to cultural differences, you might find it tricky to transfer funds back home conveniently. Before you completely adjust to the new culture, you can still find workable solutions by seeking guidance from fellow expatriates on making an instant and secure money transfer to Ghana from abroad.

Tips and Best Practices for Navigating Language Barriers

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of language barriers that Ghanaian expats may encounter let's explore some tips and best practices for navigating these barriers 

Learn Some Basic Phrases in the Local Language

Before travelling to a new country, research the language spoken there and learn some basic phrases. This can help you communicate more effectively and show locals that you are making an effort to understand their language and culture. 

Use Translation Tools

There are many translation tools available that can help you communicate with locals who speak a different language. These tools can be especially useful in situations where you need to communicate important information, such as when sending money to Ghana. 

Take Language Courses

Taking language courses before travelling to a new country can be very helpful in learning the local language and navigating language barriers. There are many language schools and online language courses available that you can take to prepare for your trip. 

Talk to Other Expats

Talking to other Ghanaian expats who have lived or travelled to the country you plan to visit can be a great way to learn about their experiences and get tips on how they navigated language barriers. 

Use Online Resources

There are many online resources, such as language learning apps, translation tools, and language exchange platforms, that you can use to improve your language skills and communicate with locals in the country you plan to visit. 

Remittance and Language Barrier

When you want to remit money to your loved ones, it can also be related to language barriers in a few ways. You might think that this topic may be out of context, but that is not the story. For example: 

Communication with Money Transfer Service Providers

If a Ghanaian expat wants to send money to Ghana, they may need to communicate with a representative at a money transfer service provider who speaks a different language. This can create a language barrier, especially if the expat is not fluent in the language spoken by the service provider. Learning English as a universal language for communication can help you overcome such scenarios. Besides, making an online money transfer to Ghana using a trusted provider like ACE Money Transfer is the quickest solution for such problems.


Understanding the Transfer Process

Understanding the transfer process of remittance is also important to ensure that the transaction is completed successfully. The expat may have difficulty understanding the process and requirements for sending money to Ghana if there are language barriers.


Overcoming Language Barriers in Remittance

There are some solutions that can help Ghanaian expats overcome these language barriers when using a good remittance service:


Use Online Remittance Services

Online remittance services are becoming increasingly popular among Ghanaian expats as they offer a convenient and easy way to make an online money transfer to Ghana. Many online remittance services offer multilingual customer support and user interfaces, making navigating the process easier for Ghanaian expats. 

Choose a Reliable Money Transfer Service

Choosing a reliable money transfer service that offers clear and concise instructions in the expat's native language can help to overcome language barriers. This can help to ensure that the transfer process is completed successfully without any misunderstandings. 

Seek Help from a Trusted Friend or Family Member

If the Ghanaian expat has a friend or family member who is fluent in the language spoken by the money transfer service provider, they can seek their help in communicating and understanding the process.

Bottom Line

Language barriers can be a major challenge for Ghanaian expats when travelling or living abroad. However, with the right tips and best practices, navigating these barriers and communicating effectively with locals is possible. Additionally, in the context of sending money to Ghana, overcoming language barriers is essential to ensure the transaction is completed successfully. By using online remittance services, choosing reliable money transfer services, and seeking help from trusted friends or family members, Ghanaian expats can overcome language barriers and send money to Ghana online to their loved ones in Ghana without any issues.

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