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Money Matters - How Secure It Is to Send Money to Pakistan from Australia via ACE Money Transfer

21 Sep 2023

Australia is one of the top migrant destination countries for Pakistanis who are reeling from repeated cycles of unemployment and poverty. Given Australia’s robust economy and expansive job market, they find employment opportunities with relative ease to earn a living and send money to Pakistan from Australia to offer financial support to their families back home.

But don’t you think one of the questions that you struggle to answer, as a migrant, is how to ensure the safety of your money transfers back home from Australia or elsewhere?

You guessed it right. 

And you are in the right place to get a simple and practical answer to this intriguing question.

This blog will guide you about the safety of your online money transfers to Pakistan from Australia. But a look at the reasons to travel to Australia is also essential before knowing how to be safe in cross-border payments. 

Visiting Australia – A Few Important Reasons

As mentioned earlier, Australia has a robust economy and a thriving and expansive job market, which are reasons enough to appeal to migrants from developing countries like Pakistan. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 61,915 Pakistanis lived in Australia in 2016. Given the economic growth of the Australian economy and rising levels of unemployment in Pakistan, this number has only increased since. 

Thriving and Robust Economy

  • Australia had a nominal GDP of $1.68 trillion in 2022, a World Bank report said.
  • The country’s GDP per capita income in 2022 was $64,491.4, according to another World Bank report.

It is the 13th largest economy worldwide with the 10th largest per capita income. The unemployment rate in Australia is just 5%, and the country is known for its high minimum wages, even for semi-skilled people. 

Therefore, you can easily earn a reasonable income to financially aid your family back home through a money transfer from Australia to Pakistan. 

The SkillSelect Program


To encourage job-seekers with specialised skills, the Australian government launched the General Skilled Migration (SkillSelect) Program in 2013. Five visa subclasses are offered under this program. 

  • Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)
  • Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 485)
  • Skilled Nominated/ Sponsored Visa (Provisional) (Subclass 489)
  • Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887)

Pension Benefits

Pension benefits are normally considered to be availed of by the natives of a country. Right? But in Australia, you can get several pension benefits even if you are working there as a migrant. But on the only condition of meeting the age and residency requirements, which are plain and simple. 

Study Opportunities

As a Pakistani, you can better understand the value of top-quality education. So, if you wish to enhance your educational portfolio, Australia offers you over 20,000 courses in around 1,200 world-class educational institutions across the country. 

Now, let’s understand your online safety and see why security in your cross-border payments is essential. 

Understanding Online Safety

With the rapid technological advancements in almost every field, including financial matters, risks and threats abound. Nothing can be more worrying for you than this and the presence of threats that may surround you when you plan to send money to Pakistan online from Australia. 

Therefore, understanding online safety is important. 

Online safety is about being aware of possible threats that you can encounter while doing anything online. These threats can include security challenges, protecting your data, managing your reputation online, and avoiding harmful or illegal content.

In short, online safety is about understanding online threats and adopting the best practices to approach them. 

Importance of Online Safety

Imagine you are to transfer funds online and are somewhat careless about your security. What could happen to you? Well, the simple answer is that you risk losing your hard-earned money. Can you afford it? Your answer is pretty obvious. 

Take a look at the essential measures to ensure safety in online money transfers.

Leave aside money and financials. If you fall prey to identity theft, what would happen? Your online reputation that you took so long to establish is tarnished overnight. It can be scary. Don’t you think? 

Therefore, the importance of your online safety cannot be overemphasised. 

A Brief Insight into Ensuring Safety While Sending Money Online

With the advent of several online transfer companies, notwithstanding the presence of banks, choosing the right service provider is a tough challenge. Many service providers offer different deals and features that, at times, you need and at times you don’t.

The confusion arises when you are asked to pay extra. 

For example, a service provider may ask you to pay extra for an online money transfer to Pakistan from Australia to ensure extra safety than what they already offer in security terms.

This can be a financial burden beyond your financial strength. Right? 

But don’t worry about it. We offer the solution and the answer below! 

Safety of Your Funds with ACE Money Transfer

One of the leading remittance transfer service providers, ACE Money Transfer, ensures the ultimate safety of your funds in the following ways. 

Delivery of Funds in Just 7 Seconds

Initiate a transaction with ACE Money Transfer from Australia, and the recipient will receive funds in just 7 seconds! Yes, you read it right. Just 7 seconds. This speed only adds to the safety of funds because scammers do not find time to crack the transaction.

Now calculate the number of moments you take to get money out of your wallet! 

Low Service Charges

You will pay a low fee, and that too if the amount being sent reaches a certain threshold. If your money is below that level, rest assured that your money transfers to Pakistan from Australia will be free of cost. 

Live and Market-Competitive Exchange Rates

The firm links its rates with the evolving international currency exchange rates market, which enables you to initiate a transfer when exchange rates spike and move in your favour. You can even request the firm to send you an update on these rates. 

Multi-Layered Safety Protocols

In addition to the exceptional speed of transferring funds, the firm has multiple security layers that your transactions are wrapped in, making it impossible to penetrate the truncations at any point of the entire process – from initiation to completion. 

Professional Liaison with Reputable and Credible Financial Institutions

The firm has an operational presence in over 100 countries worldwide, making access easy. It also has professional liaisons with innumerable financial institutions, including banks, in different countries, taking the tally to over 375,000. It also adds to the safety of your funds. 

The Best Part - No Hidden Charges

You get all of these features without having to pay even a single penny extra. Imagine delivering funds wrapped in the above-mentioned features freely! This you will hardly find elsewhere.  

Wrapping Up the Discussion

The safety of your funds should be a natural priority each time you send money online to Pakistan from Australia and other countries. For this, the selection of the service provider should be made with utmost care. But wait! Are you still thinking of selecting another service provider, notwithstanding the above-mentioned amazing service features by ACE Money Transfer? 


What is online safety?

Online safety is about knowing the threats and challenges that come with using the internet for any purpose. It is also about knowing what to do, how and when you encounter a threat. 

Why is online safety important?

Your online safety is important because you, otherwise, can risk compromising your sensitive data, get your financial details hacked and fall prey to online scams. 

What should I do to ensure safe online money transfers?

You must log out of every banking session, never use public Wi-Fi, never save your passwords, use strong and awkward passwords for different platforms, and keep your software updated. 

What can happen if I compromise my online safety?

The biggest threat is getting your bank and card details hacked because nowadays, you conduct your financial activities on your smartphones using the internet. Other challenges can include several online scams.   

How does ACE Money Transfer offer ultimate safety in online money transfers?  

With ACE Money Transfer, you can deliver funds in just 7 seconds to Pakistan from anywhere. This time does not allow scammers and hackers to crack the transaction, in addition to the firm’s several security layers. Its liaison with other financial institutions also ensures safety.


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