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Leap into the Unfamiliar: Top Destinations for a Cultural Adventure in Ireland for Nepalese Expats

Leap into the Unfamiliar: Top Destinations for a Cultural Adventure in Ireland for Nepalese Expats

30 Oct 2023

Ireland is famous for its rich culture, enchanting lush and green landscapes, and friendly people. People from different areas of the world and Nepal visit Ireland for tourism and different purposes like making a career or getting an education since it is a luxuriously developed country. Since the advent of the digital remittance industry, it has become easy for people to send money to Nepal while working in Ireland.

According to research, almost ten million people visit Ireland each year to see the beautiful tourist sites and experience the prestigious Irish culture.

Best Places to Visit in Ireland for Experiencing Cultural Adventure in 2023

Ireland is full of beautiful cities, charming small towns, and breathtaking views. It becomes very hard for people to decide where and what destination to visit first. This article holds information about the Best Places to Visit in Ireland and top tourist attractions in Ireland in 2023.


Donegal has a stoic castle, a wild coastline, and a great mix of fun, entertainment, and fantastic company. Donegal marks many items on an Ireland vacation bucket list. It is famous for its 15th-century Donegal Castle, a traditional Irish bar from the 1700s, and many of the town's high-spirited festivals. 

Apart from that, the location of the northwest coast of Donegal makes it ideal for long drives along scenic Donegal Bay. it ends at the Slieve League cliffs. These cliffs hold importance cause they are nearly three times as tall as the Cliffs of Moher. Donegal is known for its exceptional preservation of the Gaelic language and culture. The best thing about Donegal is that it is developed enough to do immediate money transfers to Nepal from Ireland.


You should first visit Dublin if you are into music and culture. It is a hub for music, culture, and politics. Though it's pretty busy, it is still very easily approachable. Its friendly environment makes it separate from other European capitals.

You should also consider doing a walking tour to popular destinations like Trinity College and its prestigious library, Dublin Castle from the 13th century, and an exuberant temple bar district. If you are into arts and history, take time for Dublin’s National Theatre of Ireland. It also holds plenty of festivals symbolising the art and culture of the country. The museums of Dublin are also great to visit as they represent the literary greats of Ireland. Dublin also offers easy access to alluring destinations like the fishing village of Howth and Wicklow Mountains National Park, which are great places to visit.

Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula is located near the famous Wild Atlantic Way. it is worth seeing and has breathtaking views. It is a home of evergreen cliffs, vast coastlines, and vibrant blue waters. You should enjoy long drives along Slea Head Drive. It has the best views and many spots for taking aesthetic and beautiful photos. A ferry can directly drop you to the jaw-dropping cliffs of Blasket Islands. People go there to experience wildlife like dolphins and sheep. You can also buy property in the Dingle peninsula if you want to keep enjoying Ireland or make a continuous living there. But before making that decision, you should know the pros and cons of owning property as a Nepalese expat worker.


You should travel to Killarney if you want to have the Irish countryside experience. The town has evergreen hills and valleys covering all sides. It has the best experiences that will make you connect to nature. Killarney National Park is a great tourist attraction because it has the highest mountain range in Ireland. The place is best for people who love hiking. There are also blue lakes and old churches and castles for people who do not enjoy hiking much. The place is also famous as it has become the bread and butter for thousands of people. Expatriates from different countries come here to advertise the specifications of their homeland, which attracts tourists even more. It makes the place multi-cultural, and expatriates can also do money transfers to Nepal. 

Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs of Mohar are famous among tourists, and it welcomes an unordinary number of people every year to be fascinated by its enchanting beauty. Every year, more than 1 million people visit the cliffs of Moher and enjoy its beauty. The site is so attractive and popular that cities which are situated so far away offer full-day bus tours to the place.

The magic of the place cannot be described in words. You will understand once you enter the field of its name. You will know why many people travel thousands of miles to stare at it. The cliffs are spread over more than 8 miles of area, and they are 700 feet tall. They provide breathtaking views, which is quite an experience of a lifetime. 

Easy and Immediate Money Transferring Methods 

The best thing about visiting Ireland is that you can never be short of money, or you do not have to worry about your home in Nepal. The country is so developed and fast going in the remittance industry that it has plenty of options for sending money to Nepal.

Among all of them, ACE Money Transfer is the most reliable and best option for immediate money transfers to Nepal. It has the best packages available for its customers so that they can freely enjoy the enchanting views of the country without any financial pressure. It has facilitated them so much that people can send money to Nepal from Ireland with a few taps. All they need is a cellphone, an internet connection, and an account with ACE. Apart from that, it provides the best exchange rates and transaction fees.

Bottom Line

It is always good to step out of your comfort zone and travel the world. Ireland is without any doubt the best country to visit for Nepalese people because it holds multiple adventurous spots. This article covers the top destinations for a cultural adventure in Ireland. It is the best place to visit as it has no problems related to money transfers. You can send money to Nepal from Ireland at any time through ACE. So pack your bags as soon as possible and leave on an adventurous and memorable trip to Ireland. 


What is the most touristy part of Ireland?

The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland's most popular tourist attraction, welcoming more than 1 million visitors annually. The cliffs are so famous that cities more than 100 miles away often offer full-day bus tours to the attraction.

Why is Ireland a popular tourist attraction?

With its landscapes and seascapes, the Irish natural environment is one of the top reasons overseas tourists choose Ireland. From the cliffs at Slieve League to the Connemara National Park, its scenery represents our sense of place and defines our identity.

What attracts people to visit Ireland?

Rich heritage attracts people to visit Ireland. The country has a strong historical background and a large diaspora worldwide that has kept this culture alive. Today there is still a focus on highlighting the Irish and Gaelic living heritage, from language to music and dance.

What is Ireland famously known for?

Firstly, Ireland is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, with iconic landmarks such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant's Causeway, and the Ring of Kerry. The Cliffs of Moher are a must-see for any visitor to Ireland.

What is the best time to go to Ireland?

The best time to visit Ireland is during the shoulder season (May, September, and October). During these months, you'll find fewer crowds and cheaper flights and accommodation prices. These months experience mild temperatures, plenty of dry spells, and a packed festival calendar.



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