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How To Stay Connected With Loved Ones While Working Abroad

How To Stay Connected With Loved Ones While Working Abroad?

15 Dec 2023

You must stay in touch with your loved ones while you're away from home, in addition to sending money. Giving them a taste of your international experiences will help reassure your family and friends. Depending on where you are, you might not have adequate or dependable internet access, and the fact that different time zones make it even harder to find a time to talk makes this challenging. Though this is less of a concern now that so many apps are available, figuring out the best ways to stay connected could be expensive.

Connection With Your Loved Ones

Make plans with your friends and family before you depart for how frequently you'll communicate with them and how you'll do so. Keeping in touch is crucial, but it can also be a trap. You will miss out on the host country's culture and other offerings if you spend too much time and effort keeping in touch with loved ones back home. To put it another way, it's important to strike a balance. Maintain contact with your loved ones while making the most of your travels.

There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Stay Connected; You Must Find A Method That Suits You

A once-a-week video call with parents will make some people feel connected. Others will find that even weekly video calls are insufficient. Determine what you need, as well as what your friends and family need, and then find a solution that fits your unique set of circumstances.

What are you craving if these conversations don't make you feel better or are perhaps insufficient for you? What needs don't you currently feel are being met?

Maybe you'll respond with something as specific as "I want to see my parents more often." However, this isn't possible right now in your reality. Therefore, let's consider a solution.

Identify the need that led to the increased frequency of parent visits. It might be, for instance, a need to communicate more in your native tongue, a need to remain connected to your country, a need to be aware of what is happening in the lives of your family and friends, or a need to feel free to express your emotions.

Staying connected can take the form of virtual happy hours and game nights, or it can take the form of sending funds to family and friends who need financial assistance or are celebrating a milestone anniversary. You can use ACE to make an online money transfer anywhere in the world.

Talk About Your Daily Activities

Do you also recall the time you called your friends after a two-month absence, and they said, "So good to finally see you! Hello! How are you doing? You ask yourself, "Where to begin?

It may seem overwhelming to summarise the past two months of your lives; you may not need or want to revisit certain incidents. Even though you may have forgotten some of the stresses by this point, you still have the impression that it would be beneficial for your friends to be aware of the circumstances so they can discuss them in more detail in the future.

This hesitation over how much detail to provide is normal. Do they even want to know these everyday details anymore? If you notice yourself thinking these things, you are not alone. But you can also decide right now to consciously choose to discuss your daily life with your friends—perhaps just a select group—rather than with everyone.

This prevents your friends from feeling left out of your life because it is no longer relevant, and you don't need to discuss it. They are aware that they can still be completely honest with you about their lives, and this makes you feel closer to your family and friends. It's better to be connected to your family; you also know how to save money for other expenses abroad. 

Utilise The Power Of Social Media

The best way to communicate with relatives who live abroad is by using social media tools. Facebook allows you to share your daily activities and stay informed about the lives of your friends and family elsewhere. Your loved ones can learn about and keep up with your new expat adventures by viewing the images, videos, and stories you share. In addition, it's a fun way to keep a record of your life that will appear annually in Facebook's "memories" section.

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram is used frequently. Use this app to share photos of your everyday activities and to capture your new expat life in inventive photos and quick videos. You can use Money apps to stay connected by just sending money as a gift or surprise. 

Take Advantage Of The Free Video Chat Apps

Virtually any smart device can be used to video chat, thanks to the strength and convenience of modern technology. There are many different messaging and video apps to choose from for expats who want to stay in touch with family who are abroad. The best video chat app for you, your friends, and your family may be one of the many widely used ones.

For happiness and general well-being, it's crucial to surround ourselves with family and friends. According to studies, improving your relationships can even extend your life. Keeping in touch can sometimes be difficult, if not impossible, for those who live far from their loved ones. Thankfully, there are many ways to hear from, see, and communicate with loved ones, even when you are not physically close to them. Pick the method that works best for you.

Bottom Line 

These are simply a few examples of the strategies used by the expat community to manage their distanced friendships and family ties back home. Which ones converse to you the most? What have you already tried? What are the ones you include in your list? Everything is up to you. Your friendship with ACE, which consistently ensures that expats discover the best ways to send money online to their family and friends, is something that won't change.


How can I maintain strong connections with my loved ones while working abroad?

You can stay connected by using video calls, social media, email, and messaging apps to communicate regularly. Set aside dedicated times for communication to bridge time zone differences.


What are some creative ways to make long-distance communication more engaging with family and friends back home?

Consider virtual movie nights, online games, sharing photos and videos, or keeping a shared journal to make interactions more fun and interactive.


How do I manage homesickness while working abroad and missing my loved ones?

Homesickness is common. Combat it by focusing on your new experiences, building a local support network, and maintaining open and honest communication with loved ones about your feelings.


Are there any tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance when working abroad and staying connected with family and friends?

It's essential to set boundaries and prioritize quality time with loved ones. Communicate your work hours and ensure you allocate time for both work and personal life to maintain balance.


Are there any online tools or apps that can help with staying connected and managing relationships while working abroad?

Yes, there are many tools and apps available, such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Explore these options to find the ones that work best for you and your loved ones.

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