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How To Send Money To Or From Debit Card Instantly?

How To Send Money To Or From Debit Card Instantly?

16 Aug 2022

Debit cards are currently one of the most frequent payment methods for transactions like online money transfers, so you're probably aware of how to use one. A debit card is generally an extension of your bank account that allows you to transfer money from your account when making a purchase electronically. 

Your debit card can be used for various transactions, including international money transfers. It can also be used directly to transfer money or as a payment method with online money transfer services. Although using your debit card internationally can be convenient in some situations. Let's know how to send or receive money from a debit card.

Benefits Of Digital Money Transfer Methods

In the twenty-first century, there is a growth in digital payment systems. Debit and credit cards have replaced cash as the norm and provide the best way to send money globally. However, digital money transfer services make international transfers far easier and less expensive than traditional ways.

Reduced Cost

To begin with, digital money transfer is highly inexpensive. Standard bank transactions necessitate a massive amount of infrastructure. Bank branches, tellers, clerks, and electronic systems work together to make transactions possible. 

This infrastructure is only for bank transactions. Digital money transfer, on the other hand, does not necessitate any particular infrastructure. It can perform the same transactions and allow you to transfer money internationally from the middle of your comfort zone.

Long-Distance Money Transfers

Making a money transfer to any country in the world with physical cash can be prohibitively expensive. This is also true for electronic cash, as intermediaries such as SWIFT are involved and must be compensated. 

Instead, cash can be easily transferred worldwide via digital money transfers. In a digital cash system, the cost of sending money to your next-door neighbour and someone on the other corner of the world is the same.

Benefits of Debit Cards

You don't have to feel the need to carry enough cash or find a pen to write a check when you use a debit or credit card. While you might be aware of credit card benefits such as points and cashback, you may not be aware that debit cards can provide even more amazing benefits. So let's know some of the main advantages of debit cards:

Avoid Service Charges And Fees

Unlike credit cards, which frequently have annual fees, late payment penalties, significant foreign transaction fees of up to 3%, and other costly extras, debit cards typically have few or no fees to send money or anywhere. You can avoid paying a fee entirely if you use your debit card wisely.

Identity Theft Security

Anyone can steal cash from your wallet, but stealing money from a debit card is much more difficult. The thief would need to know your debit card's pin, and if you report it missing on time, the bank will cancel it, preventing anyone from using it.

Maintain spending transparency

To convey their function as plastic checks, debit cards are also referred to as "check cards." Debit card purchases either immediately (if you choose the debit option and enter your Identification Number – PIN) or within a day or two (if you select the "credit" option).

A step-by-step guide to Send Or Receive Money Using A Debit Card

Send Money Using Debit Card

Although sending money to a debit card is simple, the actual steps for sending funds directly to a recipient's debit card will differ depending on the money transfer service you use. However, all services typically follow the same procedure.

Register for an account

There are stringent laws regarding anonymous money transfers. Signing up for an account is required to send money to a debit card, perform card transfers, or make a bank transfer.

Enter the amount 

This is a fundamental step. Check the transfer fees to ensure you are not hit with any unexpected costs. Transfer fees vary from service to service and are frequently based on the amount sent.

Select a delivery method

This means you must choose to send money with a debit card. Of course, you'll also need the recipient's credit card information at this point. Not all money transfer services will provide different options; some may require more steps or information than others.

Fill in your account information.

Before transferring money, you must complete your profile, including entering your card account details such as your bank account number, phone number, or information for the debit card from which you will send the money.

Select a funding source

Even though funds will be transferred directly to a debit card, you can send money to your loved ones using a bank account, credit card, or another funding source.

Review and send

After you've filled in all of the required information, take a moment to double-check its accuracy. If you enter something incorrectly, your funds will not necessarily be lost, but it is a hassle you can avoid.

Make sure it's an option for you before sending. You should also consider transfer times with the various services available to you.

Receive Money Using Debit Card

You need to provide the sender with your account information to get money directly to your bank account or an instant transfer – with instantaneous access via your debit card. Typically, these are:

  • Your name 
  • Your account number.
  • Your sort code.

When sending funds, the payee enters your account information, and the funds are transferred directly to you, allowing you to spend the money as soon as it is cleared in your account. Debit card money transfers are the most convenient way to send and receive money, which is one of the main reasons for their popularity.

Debit card transfers are a less expensive and convenient alternative to traditional transfer methods, such as using your bank account; many digital money transfer services allow you to send and receive money using your debit card.

Sending money to or from a debit card with ACE Money Transfer is far more cost-effective, ensuring that the recipient receives the maximum amount. ACE Money Transfer ensures secure, faster, and simplest transactions worldwide.

Final Thoughts 

Choose Debit Card Deposit as the payment method when sending your money, then enter your recipient's debit card number and cardholder's name. Customers can send money online using a debit card or directly to any bank account with instant remittance delivery. A service like ACE Money Transfer further enhances your digital experience and benefits you from convenient solutions.


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