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How to Navigate Transportation and Travel While Studying Abroad as a Gambian Student

How to Navigate Transportation and Travel While Studying Abroad as a Gambian Student

04 Dec 2023

Are you ready to conquer new educational heights abroad? But wait, have you given any thought to the tangled web of transportation woes? As a student studying abroad, navigating unfamiliar routes and bustling transit systems is no less than a nightmare. But fear not, for we have the ultimate guide to untangling the knots of foreign transportation.

This blog is an assembled treasure trove of invaluable tips and tricks to help you conquer the challenges of navigating foreign lands while also smoothly sending money to Gambia.

Understanding Local Transportation Systems

When studying abroad, it is essential to become acquainted with the local transit networks in your host location. You can efficiently navigate your routes by learning about the different options and practical tools available.

Exploring Public Transportation Options

To begin, thoroughly explore the public transport options in the host country. Look for trustworthy sources, such as manuals or websites that provide detailed information about bus, train, and metro schedules along with fare structures. This research will assist you in gaining a better grasp of the routes, frequency, and expenses involved with various modes of transportation.

Learning the Basics

It is important to become familiar with common transportation terminologies used in your host nation to efficiently navigate the local transportation networks. Learn these terms that will help you inquire for directions, buy tickets, and comprehend schedules. Your journey will be substantially smoother if you can explain your demands properly and comprehend the instructions given to you.

Use language-learning materials or apps to improve your communication abilities. There are numerous online tools available to assist you in learning the basics of the local language. Language-learning apps also provide a simple way to practise and develop your language skills while on the road.

Delving on Student Discounts

It is worthwhile to look into student discounts or special passes that might help you save money on travel. Take advantage of the low fares offered by several cities for students. Research the availability of special passes, such as monthly or weekly tickets, which enable unlimited travel within a specified time frame and can help you save money in the long term. For example, in the UK the 18+ Student Oyster photocard can save 30% on Travel cards and Bus & Tram Passes.

You can use the saved amount to make a money transfer to Gambia for your loved ones depending on you. Learn how you can quickly send remittances to the Gambia while sitting in a bus.

Using Mobile Apps

The use of relevant transport apps tailored to your specific area is one of the most essential tools for navigating transport while studying abroad. These apps can provide real-time information regarding routes, schedules, and any potential disruptions or delays. Many of these apps include GPS tracking, which allows you to view your present location and plan your trips appropriately. You can also alter your travel plans and save undue stress by remaining updated about changes or delays.

Furthermore, some transport apps allow you to buy tickets digitally. This eliminates the need to wait in long lines or carry actual tickets, saving you time while also providing a more convenient and contactless payment method.

Making Travel Arrangements

You can ensure easy and hassle-free journeys to explore your host nation and beyond by taking the time to research and plan.

Planning Ahead of Time

To make the most of your time abroad, plan ahead of time. Research the different modes of transportation, such as flights, trains, and buses, to determine the most convenient and cost-effective means to reach your target destination.

If you book early, you can also get lower prices or special student discounts.

Packing Wisely

When packing for your trip, keep in mind the baggage constraints set by your means of transportation. Be mindful of the permitted weight and dimensions for both checked and carry-on bags.

Pack essentials such as weather-appropriate clothing, walking shoes, toiletries, and any medications that may be required. Remember to carry important documents such as your passport, visa, and student identity.

Staying Connected

 It is important to keep in touch with loved ones and stay connected while travelling. Inform your family and friends of your travel plans, including the timings of your departure and arrival. To minimise excessive risks, make sure your phone is fully charged before leaving, and consider obtaining a local SIM card or an international internet plan. While you are in transit, you can utilise that time to send money to Gambia through your phone.

Managing Your Money

Consider the following tips to ensure smooth financial transactions related to transportation and travel.

Open a Local Bank Account

Open a local bank account to gain easy access to funds and avoid costly transaction fees. Having a local bank account allows you to withdraw cash and utilise local payment methods more easily, decreasing your dependency on international cards and potential currency conversion penalties.

Use ACE Money Transfer

For convenient and secure transactions, look into digital payment alternatives or money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer. These services provide quick and reliable ways to transfer and receive money overseas, ensuring you have funds when you need them.

Monitor Your Finances

To ensure you stay within your budget, use smartphone applications or spreadsheets to track your spending. There are numerous budgeting apps available that allow you to track your spending, put spending limits for various categories, and receive alerts when you reach your budget criteria. This allows you to track your costs in real-time and make adjustments as needed to stay on track.

Final Thoughts

Embrace the experience, embrace the learning, and make the most of your stay by handling transportation and travel with confidence. ACE Money Transfer can help you with your financial needs as you begin your overseas educational adventure, providing secure and convenient transactions throughout your study abroad experience.

Sign up on ACE for free to enjoy fee-free money transfers to Gambia online.


Can I use mobile payment apps to get to my destination?

Some cities provide mobile payment solutions for transport, allowing you to pay fares using your smartphone.

Are there any carpooling or ride-sharing options accessible for international students?

Carpooling or ride-sharing services intended exclusively for students in certain areas can give economical transportation options for your daily commute or occasional vacations.

Are there any local transit apps with language translation capabilities?

Language translation tools are available in certain transport apps to help you communicate with local drivers or navigate transport systems in the local language.

What transportation alternatives to typical taxis or rideshares should I consider?

Alternative transportation solutions may include bike-sharing programmes, scooter rentals, or even electric rickshaws, depending on the city.

Is there a student transit pass that provides unrestricted travel for a longer period?

Some cities provide student transport permits that allow unrestricted travel for a prolonged period, such as a semester or an academic year, saving regular travellers a significant amount of money.


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