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How To Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience as a Nepalese Student

How To Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience as a Nepalese Student

15 Nov 2023

Studying abroad is a dream of many students. When such dreams come true, students forget their priorities in the excitement. If you don't set your goals and clear your mind at the right time, the important time will fly away. 

According to research conducted by UNESCO, 95 268 Nepalese students migrated to study abroad in 2022. 

As a Nepalese student abroad, you must focus on getting a good job to bear your expenses. It's better to try to save and send money to Nepal to help your parents. Let's see how to maximise your study abroad experience to save precious time. 

5 Effective Ways To Have the Best Study Abroad Experience

Studying abroad is a journey of learning and fun, but it can be terrifying if not utilised properly. You don't need to worry as you can learn and have fun side by side. The rest of the article will help you find the answer to: "How To Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience as a Nepalese Student."

Reality Is Different From the Dream

It's normal to craft millions of dreams before leaving to study abroad. Every student fantasises about being independent, meeting new people and chilling without supervision. The castle of dreams shatters as soon as one enters the realistic environment. 

It doesn't mean that a Nepalese student's study abroad experience will be bad. But the experience is going to be different than the dreams. Initially, things will be rough because you have never lived without your family. 

Things will settle down gradually. You will adjust once you accept that the complex life abroad will get you a luxurious life. The rest of your anxiety will vanish when you experience a new school with multicultural people and a different academic curriculum. 

Create a Bucket List and Set Your Goals

What's your purpose for going abroad? To study or to have fun? If you are going to study, then don't let yourself forget your main goal. It doesn't mean you must lose all the fun and just study. You will have fun gradually along your studies. 

Before leaving for your study abroad journey, it's better to create a bucket list. Mention everything that you expect to accomplish while studying abroad. This list will keep you motivated even on your rough days abroad. 

There are many things you can add to your bucket list i.e. people to meet, places to visit and things to do. Complete your research before leaving. Set a goal of eating healthy abroad. 

Give a read to "Staying Healthy and Safe While Studying Abroad: Tips and Best Practices for Nepalese Students" to help you in your journey. 

Stay Busy To Avoid Homesickness

Homesickness is real. You have not been trained to live alone. The negative feelings will keep bothering you. The only way to fight the negativity is to make yourself busy. Try to find activities that can engage you for a long time. 

You have moved to a new environment, meaning you have plenty of time and opportunities to learn and explore. Whether you want to stay in your room all day feeling homesick or come out to make the most out of your study abroad experience, it's your call.

Keep in mind that once you leave abroad and are back in your homeland, you will be feeling about your temporary country. Even if you don't find any healthy activity to do, just call your friends and plan a day out. The main priority must be to stay busy to avoid homesickness. 

Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

It can be difficult to get comfortable with new people, cultures and a new country. But things won't get better by staying isolated. Orientations provide the best chance to meet and greet new people.

You get to introduce yourself. Make sure to take full advantage of the opportunity. Confidently present yourself so that others get inspired by you. Once people start liking you, it'll no longer be difficult for you to socialise. 

Other tricks you can adopt to stand out from the crowd are to ask questions and answer others' questions friendly. You will lose many opportunities if you prefer to stay in your comfort zone. Remember that you went abroad to study and help your people by performing a money transfer to Nepal

Be Open Towards Adopting the New Culture

You go abroad for academic purposes. But you can make the most of your time abroad by learning a new language and socialising. 

A fun activity can be to hold a paper and a pen and write down whatever you learn about the new culture for the first time. This personal journal will be your most informational collection when you return home.

Cultural shock can be real. You can see your beliefs and values being ignored there. You have to keep calm and show patience. Be adaptable towards new cultures to make the learning process abroad easier for you. 

Bottom line - Manage Finance While Staying Abroad

Knowing "How To Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience as a Nepalese Student" is essential before moving abroad. Similarly, if you don't keep track of your expenditure, you won't be able to save a penny. Ultimately, your parents will be disappointed. If you successfully save money, use a reliable financial service provider to send money back home.

ACE Money Transfer provides smooth and reliable financial services. The firm is responsible for transferring your hard-earned money quickly and safely. Being a student abroad, it can be hard for you to take time to send money. ACE provides you access to their online platform to send money to Nepal online within seconds. 


Which country is suitable for Nepali students to study abroad?

The United Kingdom comes first in the list of the preferred countries to study abroad. It offers quality education with unlimited options of high-quality universities to select from. 

Why do students move abroad from Nepal to study?

Nepalese students move abroad to study because of the limited educational opportunities in Nepal. Exploring educational opportunities and seeking valuable work opportunities are the ultimate goals of Nepalese students moving abroad. 

What are the advantages of studying abroad?

Studying abroad gives you a chance to explore new customs and cultures. You get to make new friends and witness a new perspective on life. With a credible degree, you learn highly valued skills and problem-solving techniques. 

Does studying abroad help me secure a job?

Studying abroad is helpful at both levels: Personal and academic. Exposure to a new environment makes you develop credible skills that lead to securing a renowned position. These skills are helpful to excel in the workplace. 

Do I need to adopt safety strategies while staying abroad as a Nepalese student? 

Yes, safety must be your priority in any part of the world. Being new to a country puts you at a higher risk of danger. Some safety measures you can adopt to stay safe abroad include avoiding travelling alone, using reputable transportation and not taking any edibles from strangers.


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