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How to Make International Payments on Bank Holidays to Bangladesh from the UK?

How to Make International Payments on Bank Holidays to Bangladesh from the UK?

26 Jun 2024

Key Highlights

  • Traditional money transfer services come with a plethora of challenges on UK bank holidays because the majority of banks operate to a limited extent and the currency exchange market is closed.
  • Research for other possible solutions such as online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer, mobile money, or prepaid debit cards for continued remittance to Bangladesh.
  • Some of the things to consider include fees, transfer time, and exchange rates to guarantee an efficient and cheap money transfer while undertaking a transaction at a UK bank holiday.

Even on bank holidays in the UK, Bangladeshis might want to make the remittances. Birthdays need celebrations, bills require settling, and sometimes, a helping hand is needed from loved ones abroad. Making money transfers from UK to Bangladesh on a bank holiday can be worrisome, with traditional bank transfers often grinding to a halt. This informative guide explores various methods for making international money transfers, even when British banks are closed for holidays.

Understanding Bank Holiday Limitations

UK bank holidays can significantly impact traditional money transfer methods. Here's why:

Limited Operations

Banks have reduced or no operating hours on bank holidays, delaying transfer processing until the next business day.

Currency Exchange Market Closure

The foreign exchange market, which determines exchange rates, also observes bank holidays. This can lead to transfers being processed at the next available exchange rate, potentially affecting the amount received in Bangladesh.

Alternative Solutions for Bank Holiday Remittances

Despite the limitations imposed by UK bank holidays on traditional money transfer methods, several effective solutions ensure your money transfer to Bangladesh reaches its destination smoothly, even on these non-working days. Here's a closer look at your options:

Online Money Transfer Services

These services, like ACE Money Transfer, act as a game-changer for offline as well as online money transfers from UK to Bangladesh on bank holidays. They are much easier to use than banks as they can process payments anytime you wish to, even when the bank is closed and you are at home using a computer or a smartphone.

This makes it easier because it minimizes the chance of having to wait for the banks to open and also the closure of the exchange market during the business gallants. Many internet-based money transfer services take less time to process than the typical banks where one can get to complete his/her transfer within one day or even within the same day depending on the country of destination and the kind of service type selected.

In addition to convenience and speed, which are some of the most important factors while transferring funds, other advantages of online money transfer services include low exchange rates compared to bank rates. Most of the time they will state their charges and the exchange rates which help users in deciding when to transfer funds.

Championing this notion, ACE Money Transfer’s one-pin transfer for online money transfer to various banks in Bangladesh takes it a notch higher. This factor alone saves the trouble of having to search for the particulars of every bank and also provides for a faster and easier transfer to several banks at a time. Also, ACE Money Transfer has tied up with other mobile wallets such as bKash so your recipient will have many options to collect the fund.

Mobile Wallets

Services like certain e-wallets, which make people more and more used to sending and receiving money internationally including sending money online to Bangladesh, have transformed the whole process. These services are generally permitted to allow you to store funds in the form of electronic money within and through a mobile application.

In addition to the use of new-generation check clearance services, if your recipient in Bangladesh also uses a mobile wallet linked to the service, you will have the ability to send money directly to the account even on bank holidays. This does away with the reliance on bank transfers and their usual inconveniences which are commonplace. If one is transacting within the region or if they wish to send small amounts of money to their close friends or relatives back in their home country.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Another way you can transfer money to your recipients in Bangladesh, during a United Kingdown bank holiday is through the use of prepaid debit cards. Over the internet, you may also use your credit/debit card to deposit funds in a card before use, ensuring your loved ones have quick access to the money they need.

Later when the card is reloaded, your recipient in Bangladesh can withdraw the money from the ATM or can do shopping online without concerning the days being bank holidays. This option offers flexibility and rapid disbursement of cash to the beneficiary as he or she might need it.

But it is also pertinent to note that fees may apply to crediting money into the prepaid debit card as well as when using it to withdraw cash at an ATM, hence it is recommended to know the fees associated with different card providers with this process.

Important Considerations Before Making a Bank Holiday Transfer

Here are some key points to remember before you send money to Bangladesh from UK on a bank holiday:

Transfer Fees

Compare fees associated with different money transfer services.

Transfer Speed

Consider the urgency of the transfer and choose a service that offers the desired speed (same-day, next-business day, etc.).

Exchange Rates

Be mindful of potential fluctuations in exchange rates, especially if the transfer is processed on the next business day after a bank holiday.

Advantages of Using Online Money Transfer Services

There are several key benefits of using online money transfer services in the UK for international money transfers to Bangladesh:


Transfers are possible 24/7 right from the comfort of home using a computer or any smartphone.

Faster Processing

Most online services prefer to complete the transaction faster than the banks, especially for transactions that are made during weekends or after working hours.

Competitive Rates

Popular online money transfer services can offer much better exchange rates in comparison with the banking ones.


Real and unambiguous fee policies and prompt exchange rate data provide you with the information needed to make the right decisions.

Bank Holiday? No Problem! Send Money to Bangladesh Anytime

Even if UK bank holidays clash with the normal mode of transferring money to Bangladesh, the aforementioned tips will make sure your money arrives as intended. Through making money transfers via the internet, one can support family and friends staying in Bangladesh disregarding the UK bank holidays.

However, it is crucial to understand that a decision should be made based on such criteria as fees, time to complete a transaction, and currency exchange rates. So next time a bank holiday coincides with your need to send money online to Bangladesh from UK, fret no more. Use convenient and efficient options available to keep the flow of support going, even on holidays.


Why can it be challenging to send money to Bangladesh when you are in the UK on a bank holiday?

UK bank holidays provide restrictions on banking and foreign exchange markets in the UK, hence it may take some time for transfer or there can be changes in exchange rates.

What are some alternative ways to send money to Bangladesh on a UK bank holiday?

Some of the most common and efficient methods include money transfer services that are facilitated via the Internet, mobile wallets which are faster than bank electronic transfers as well as pre-loaded debit cards.

Which aspects should I focus on if I need to make a check cash transfer on a bank holiday?

These include varying charges, processing time in case of an emergency, one-day transfer services, as well as the exchange rates offered to users.

Are online money transfer services safe or not?

Most of the online money transfer services are secure since they use strict measures to ensure the confidentiality of the financial details you enter. It is recommended that only reliable providers should be chosen.

What could be some advantages of using internet money transfer over banks in transferring money to Bangladesh?

Convenience, accessibility and speed, processing time, exchange rates, and fee – these are some of the advantages of using OSM over traditional banks.

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