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How to Increase Productivity with Enough Savings while Working Overseas?

How to Increase Productivity with Enough Savings while Working Overseas?

30 Nov 2022

Being productive at the workplace is something you do not want to compromise. Productivity reflects efficiency. As an expatriate residing in a foreign country to earn a living and support your family back home through online money transfer, you wish to do all you can as a worker to ensure your job is secure and that you become an asset to the company you serve by adding value to it.

Every company you serve will evaluate you based on your productivity level or lack thereof. In developed countries, your productivity as an employee is valued more than anything else.

This blog will highlight the tips to follow to increase your productivity at your workplace as an expatriate.

A brief background about savings and productivity is imperative to look at

  • A total of about 230 million people are living an expatriate life worldwide currently, up from 73 million in 1960.
  • By the end of 2022, they will together have, forecasts say, contributed a hefty $774 billion to the economies of their respective countries at a Year-over-Year (YoY) growth rate of 5.9%.

Most of these expatriates belong to developing countries where unemployment and ensuing poverty are rife. People of these countries travel abroad to earn a living and ensure they walk up the growth ladder as a worker for which productivity is important.

But, before being productive, job satisfaction is important. If you are being paid a decent remuneration, it can add to your satisfaction, and you dedicatedly focus on your work which leads to increased productivity.

But if you believe your salary is not good enough, it will leave you scratching your head, and you will struggle to sustain yourself financially, being confused with decreasing performance.

What is the link between being productive and saving money while I work overseas?

The answer is intriguing and interesting.

Imagine you get enough to support your family financially; besides managing savings in a foreign country, how would you feel?

It will lead to satisfaction and more focus on work. Furthermore, you will witness loyalty towards the company you serve. Because you are financially satisfied (bear in mind that monetary satisfaction brings out the best in you as an employee), you will be more productive and creative and service beyond your official call.

Against this scenario, could you expect to be productive if you worry about managing your finances at the end of every month, let alone savings or family support?

Well, your guess and answer are as good as someone else’s!

There could be multiple techniques that can help you increase your productivity in a foreign country. One of these techniques is to have a peaceful mind and low-stress levels to control your day-to-day undertakings properly. If you choose ACE Money Transfer to send money online to your family back home, you have peace of mind since you get the lowest transfer fee, the highest exchange rates in the market, and the most secure and quick transaction processing. Besides, you can have many other tips to increase your productivity, some of which are given below.

So, what tips do I need to follow to increase my productivity at the workplace in a foreign country alongside savings?

The following bunch of tips will guide you in a simple yet practical way to this effect.

Sell your skills properly and professionally.

Of course, if you go to another country for a job, you stand firm ground. That ground can be your education or skills. How professionally you sell your education and strike and deal with your employer is up to you. If you succeed, you will get a decent salary.

This is where you win. With this, you will feel financially contended and perform optimally.

Set realistic goals

Once you are in, make sure you set realistic goals using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) technique. Setting such goals and achieving these will prove you are productive and will encourage you to keep going.

Hold standing meetings when necessary.

Always make sure to hold meetings where all keep staging from the start till the end. This saves time as the participants do not want to waste time lest they get tired and, therefore, keep a sharp focus on the subject at hand.

Establish a healthy and friendly work environment

In a team, not all are optimally productive. So, to ensure that one’s productivity should benefit others around, or spill over into their performance too, you need to work in a healthy, light, and friendly environment so that the benefits of productivity keep spreading by taking those less productive into its fold.

Get the right tools

Your skills and productivity will be of little use if you do not have the right tools. The right tool helps you accomplish the task more easily and efficiently than you can. So, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal – both soft and hard.

Prioritise your tasks

It is never about doing all the tasks within the given time. You must prioritise your tasks, and when you sit to do so, you will see your tasks fitting squarely into the following four categories:

  • Neither urgent nor important;
  • Not important, but urgent;
  • Not urgent, but important;
  • Urgent and important.

Schedule your day wisely and strategically

Some people like to take some time, a cup of tea or coffee, after arriving in the office to get their brains fully operational. Some, however, arrive with an already operational brain. Observe yourself, see what type you are, and then begin working accordingly. It will enhance your productivity in unique ways.

  • Make sure to delegate responsibilities.
  • Follow the ‘doing the right thing and making the thing right’ rule;
  • Reduce distractions at work.
  • Do not multitask.
  • Take breaks at reasonable intervals.

Send money online through a credible service.

Since you want to do savings as an expatriate, make sure you transfer funds back home if needed through credible service providers, which many offer competitive exchange rates and charge a low fee to help you save more.

ACE Money Transfer – your credible remittance service partner

The swiftness with which money transfers take place (only in 7 seconds to Pakistan), if sent through ACE Money Transfer, is a big factor adding to your performance as a worker and your savings because keeping money with you can potentially lead to unnecessary exhaustion of it. So, join ACE to send money abroad instantly, securely, and swiftly.



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