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How to Get a Job in Brussels? A detail Guide!

How to Get a Job in Brussels? A detail Guide!

10 Oct 2021


  • Introduction – The Problem of Job Search
  • Why Job in Brussels?
  • Basic Requirements for Job in Brussels
  • Five Steps to Get Job In Brussels
    1. Apply and Get A Working Permit for Brussels (Belgium)
      • Work Permit A
      • Work permit B
      • Work permit C
      • Other work permits
    2. Explore the Job Market in Brussels
      • Online Sources
      • Job Hunt Through Newspaper
      • Searching for Non- Advertised Jobs
    3. Get A Helping Hand for Job Hunt
      • Establish A Wide Social Network for Job
      • Take Help from Recruitment Agencies
      • Walk Around and Find
    4. Create Appropriate CV And Cover Letter
      • important requirements for CV
    5. Finally, Apply for The Job
      • Analyze the Employers’ Requirements
      • Handle the Interview Righteously
  • Final Thoughts- A Summarized Solution for Job Hunt in Brussels

Introduction – The Problem of Job Search

Young adults of today’s world are always ambitious to explore foreign countries for education and job opportunities. Especially European countries present them with major attractive features for their great job market and financial strength.  But one cannot simply get jobs and learning opportunities abroad until and unless they follow the right search approach.

The widespread net of connectivity throughout the world helps in multiple search methods for job queries. Whichever of these methods suits the adults according to the multilingual understanding, skills exhibitions, and academic background, they choose among the options before finally coming on the right job of interest. These networks of connection might include a wide array of sources which will be discussed later in this article.

Why Job in Brussels?

People need to take a firm decision before looking and searching out for job opportunities in places like European countries. Among which Brussels stands out as an attractive place for young professionals. Being the international headquarters of the European Union and other NGOs, Brussels connects the international institutions and thus helps people to look forward to a well-connected and ever-flourishing network of job creators. It's indeed a doorway to enter into a mesmerizing world of economic stability.

Brussels is a hub of a multinational workforce where millions of people with different languages, cultures, and experience backgrounds start to earning right away. The unemployment rate is low as compared to other European nations there recorded around 8.3% only, as per the reading 5 years ago ( That’s the major reason for searching for jobs by young adults in Brussels.

This descriptive analysis of the job market in Brussels might sound captivating for job seekers, however, it’s not that easy to avail good job opportunities in multinational companies without making out a firm effort for it. This is because there is a whole round of Belgium strict laws and policies in general and rules and regulations of different organizations in specific for which one wants to work with.

Basic Requirements for Job in Brussels

There lies a whole new series of requirements that needed to be carefully managed and look into before getting ready to search and apply for jobs in Brussels. some of these basic requirements are mentioned in a form of a list below. we recommend our readers to read these necessary obligatory requirements before jumping onto the other steps of the job search.

  • The requirement of documentation most importantly Belgian work permit.
  • Having appropriate education and work experience to be considered for operational jobs in the market.
  • Rightfully carrying out your analyses through online job search first before contacting specific recruiters.
  • Excellent command of English and sometimes local language requirements of French and Dutch for which you might need to consult language courses offered in Brussels
  • passing a series of examinations related to language, education and work specifications, and technical skills for the job you are applying for.
  • Attaining the right assistance ship from recruitment agencies to avoid any fraudulence.
  • The need to explore accommodation to decide the rightful measures to be taken ahead after getting a job.

Besides these, another very important thing that needs to be understood and analyzed is that Brussels creates job vacancies for the high skills work to serve in its ever-growing economy by working in sectors like local and international business, entrepreneurial startups, estate agency work.

Jobs associated with Education, public health and social services, and of course jobs of engineering are preferred, for which highly skills technicians, architects, nurses, physicians, professors, administrations, mechanics and traders are seeking through by companies.

Let’s begins with the 5 comprehensive yet complied steps for finding jobs in Brussels (Belgium)

5 Steps to Get Job In Brussels

These five steps will surely help you find a job in Brussels. Just follow the provided guidelines.

Apply and Get A Working Permit for Brussels (Belgium)

The most important thing after a proper search for a job in Brussels, and analyses of your basic requirement fulfilment, what you need is a work permit or a work visa for Brussels.  On a general notions citizens of the European Union (EU), swiss nationals, and those linked with the European Economic Area (EEA) face less difficulty in getting a work permit this is because they mostly have a permanent residency permit for living in Europe so they don’t need to obtain a work permit, and they can simply skip this step for getting a job in Brussels.

However Non-EU nationals and those living outside the European continent can acquire the different types of work visas (A, B, and C) to work in Brussels specifically or in Belgium in general. These different types of work permit dictate limited or unlimited access to the Belgium labour market. detailed knowledge about these 3 different types of work permits could be taken from different online sites that elaborate on the conditions and requirements to get work permits in Belgium.

The basic requirements for attaining any of the work permits include a medical certificate, a form stating personal details, and a work contract with the specific company or platform at which you are hired. A short description of all three types of work permit is given below:

Work Permit A

Work permit A allows workers of other nationalities to stay and work for a definitive period in Belgium.  the most essential requirement is the provision of a 4 years’ work experience certificate of working in Brussels and 5 years living legal residence letter. These and some other detailed requirements make Permit A requirement bit harder to obtain but it's always admired for the benefits it gives to the workforce.

Work permit B

It’s the most common type of work permit that’s is preferably attained by highly qualified third world country workers in Belgium. It holds a specific valid period allowance for working in Brussels, mostly a year or so. Though it could be renewed after the assigned time limit. However, a work permit eases out the way for attaining a residency permit and after 4 to 5 years of continuous work, it also paves the way to attain a permanent long-lasting work permit A.

Work permit C

This type of work permit can be quite easily obtained as compared to the other 2 types. It allows your stay and works as a temporary worker. It's most often assigned to students and workers who travel a lot. it’s also valid up to 1 year and can be renewed and also helps out in residency permits just like radiancy work permit B.

Some Other Permits

Apart from these some other work permits are also provided to workers based upon their background experience and work record. these may include the European Blue Card and the Professional Card, for which the details of the requirements can be easily obtained through online search engines.

Explore the Job Market in Brussels

The 2nd step is more or less like a prerequisite for the whole process of job search since you need to look and obtain the job first before applying for a work permit in Brussels. But we are keeping it as a 2nd step considering people who are already residents of Belgium.

The top job market in Brussels falls under the service industry including legal, banking, Informational, media, health care, education, mining, tourism, etc. So, if you are interested in a job linked to these industries start searching out through various sources. Addiotnaly if you are a foreign investor or an entrepreneur who wants to establish a new business in Brussels you can imply ideas for the highly paid working industries.

The appropriate methods of job search may include the following:

Online Sources

The Internet is the best place to search for jobs in Brussels specifically and in the whole of Europe in general. Hundreds of websites are working out to bring out the relevant information at users' end. Moreover, multiple special and print media sources present data that ease the job search in Brussels. For finding a job in Belgium, you can look into websites such as:


Job Hunt Through Newspaper

keep a striking eye on news on TV channels and in the newspaper of Brussels, that bring in the news from all around Europe in regards to job openings. Just skim through the job section daily to find the jobs that suit your interest. Some of the Belgian national newspapers that could be looked into for job hunt may include De Financieel Economische Tijd, Het Laatste Nieuws, De Morgen, De Standaard, and Le Soir among various others.

Searching for Non-Advertised Jobs

apart from the online search engines and websites that display hundreds of jobs in Brussels daily, there still some other jobs that are not advertised properly on any general platforms especially jobs linked to NGOs. So, in such a case a job seeker can avail the options of unsolicited applications and a hand submission of documents for that specific working agency.

 This is a good chance for people who want to make out a difference by properly finding and putting a great effort before finally getting a well-reputed job in an established NGO.

To apply for such hidden opportunities, keep a regular update and basic knowledge of the working force in the organization of interest, take a close look at their official pages in to look get industry associated proper links. You can look into WANGO, which is a specific website that narrows down the information about Belgian NGOs in the Brussels region.

Get A Helping Hand for Job Hunt

After searching out the internet and web sources you may need to take help from job hunt sites that specifically work only for providing job information to users. Some general search engines may include Indeed and Workopolis which are more general in terms of job search worldwide.

But there also exist various web links for specifically hunting jobs in Brussels such as Jobat, Le Soir, Goldenpages,, EURES. Most of these websites are specifically affiliated with European Union especially EURES  which could ease out finding a job in the EU and other such well-reputed organizations in Brussels.

Establish A Wide Social Network for Job

Building a strong social network always helps in seeking opportunities in life. So, if you work with full dedication you can build a strong professional network that can inform you timely about the various upcoming positions with time in Brussels and other European nations. However, do not get compelled from such multiple source information rather keep your direction oriented towards your professional goals and try for only those vacancies that suit your interests and life goals.

Take Help from Recruitment Agencies

Apart from an online search, professional network, and social media help, you can also simply consult the recruitment agencies in Brussels which are very popular for their helping hand and appropriate service in Europe for job search. Such agencies can help people with the management of issues like language understandability, contract readability and understanding, requirements, terms, and conditions of specific jobs, and every other step of paperwork and contracts.

 Some important names to consider in this regard include Actiris, The American Chamber of Commerce in Brussels Belgium, The British Chamber of Commerce, The Professional Women International Brussels. other such agencies could search through the list provided by Brussels temp agencies

Walk Around and Find

Sometimes you can just go around have a walk around the town of Brussels and observe places with advertisements for jobs like restaurants, shops, bars, and shopping malls. This could be a great and quick way if you need some urgent job.

Create Appropriate CV And Cover Letter

CV, in general, picturizes a person’s linguistics, professional, and academic background, by highlighting their skills and previous experiences in the practical field. When it comes to Brussels which is the hub of the job market and international organizations, the aspect of language and representations becomes crucial in writing your CV and cover letter.

A professionally built CV structured conveys the employers, employees’ intellectual, cultural, academic, and professional work accumulation skills which is very much important for working in Brussels or any other European state.

Thus some basic rules must always be followed while improvising your CV or any other written descriptive document like cover later, self-interest, personal statement, job interest, and future goals, etc. you may also take help from an online sample CV, CV Layout tips, sample cover letter, etc. which provide guidelines for professionally creating these essential documents.

Some Important Rules For CV

 Some of the important rules to be followed include:

  • Try to use standard templates and language (English) for creating a CV
  • Incorporate basic personal details in the beginning, followed by academic and professional details.
  • A short descriptive work experience (especially linked to the job that you are applying for)
  • Other specifics such as Language details, hobbies, volunteer work
  • References (Academic and Professional)
  • Major projects and publications (relevant to the job)

Finally, Apply for The Job

So, if you have properly worked out on your CV, hunted the job of your interest by taking help from various sources, taken a work permit, language certificate and visa (that will be necessary for the application process) then begin the final process of application submission for the job.

A few steps in applying for a job in Brussels are explained below.

Analyze the Employers’ Requirements

When applying for a specific job look into the details of the terms and conditions of contracts. Compare and contrast your work permit limits with the contract limits and then go ahead with it. Most of the time work permits match in duration with contracts permit of around 1 year or so but it’s always a possibility to increase work permit duration owing to the increase in contract ship duration. Also, if you found only short-term services, then keep on looking and applying for long terms jobs in Brussels.

Handle the Interview Righteously

The western world including Brussels has some specifics of interview formats, this might include proper dressing, formal handshake, appropriate communication interpersonal skills, and behavioural assessment on part of the interviewer. So be honest about your skills, work experience, or any other thing of employers’ interest.

It is important because the interview will altogether dictate your work contact ahead and if you bluffed about any of your skills and abilities at this point you may have to handle some real practical problems ahead. So Do not exaggerate while selling your services, especially because, Brussels' work culture is simply plain and direct with people for the best outcome at work.

Final Thoughts- A Summarized Solution for Job Hunt in Brussels

Up till now, the reader must have attained the information what they were looking for, so simply you have to figure out your interest for the right job for you, attain a work permit that fits your circumstances, or just skips the step if you are already a permanent resident of EU. Then you will search for the job through various search engines, or by taking professional help through agencies, social media platforms, or newspaper.

Afterwards, you need to assemble your CV and other documents pertaining to the job requirement. And finally, apply for the job through proper procedure. And throughout the process whenever you need to send or receive money to and from Brussels and other European nations do consider ACE money transfer who have established their trust among the customers and have been delivering the best of the services with confined charging rates for near two decades. For any kind of query and details please feel free to contact us, we are here to help you out!

Good Luck with Your Job Search!


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