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How to Find and Connect with Other Indian Expats in Italy

19 Jan 2024

Indians prefer Italy for their expat journey for several reasons, but mainly due to its high wages, which enable them to send money to India for their loved ones at home.

The expat journey becomes easier with fellow Indian expats. Keep reading this blog to know how you can connect with fellow Indians in Italy.

Building Relationships with Indian Expats

One of the most difficult aspects of relocating to a new nation is the loss of a support network. Connecting with other Indian expats in Italy can assist with this. Having others who understand your culture and experiences can give you a sense of belonging and comfort.

Sharing Cultural Traditions and Experiences

Sharing cultural experiences and traditions is one of the most beautiful parts of connecting with fellow Indian expats. Italy is a cosmopolitan country with numerous festivals and events that honor various cultures. Participating in these activities with other Indian expats might help you feel more connected to your roots while also immersing yourself in Italian culture.

Searching for Other Indian Expats in Italy

Joining Indian community clubs is one of the best methods to meet other Indian expats in Italy. There are numerous similar organizations across Italy that bring individuals of Indian descent together to achieve a sense of community and belonging.

These organizations hold monthly events and activities, ranging from cultural festivals to networking sessions, that might assist you in meeting and connecting with other Indian expats. They can also share useful information on how to send money online to India safely and affordably.

Joining Indian Community Organisations

You will be surprised to know how many friends you can make by attending community events. Joining an Indian community group can provide numerous advantages, including the following.

A sense of belonging

Being a part of a community group can create a sense of belonging and togetherness, particularly for newcomers to Italy.

Opportunities for networking

Community groups frequently hold networking events where you can meet and interact with other professionals in your sector.

Access to resources

Many community organizations provide resources and assistance with job searches, housing, and other needs.

Various Community Groups to Join

In Italy, there are numerous sorts of Indian community groups, including:

Regional associations: These organizations bring people from specific regions of India together, such as Punjabi or Tamil.

Professional associations

These organizations cater to professionals in certain fields, such as healthcare or information technology.

Cultural organisations

These organizations promote Indian culture and traditions by hosting events such as Diwali celebrations or dance performances.

The Advantages of Attending Cultural Events

Attending cultural events can have numerous advantages, including:

Sticking to the roots

Attending cultural events can help you keep connected to your Indian roots while also experiencing the richness of Indian culture.

Meeting new people

Cultural events are a great way to meet and interact with other Indian expats who have similar interests and passions as you.

Cultural Event Types to Attend

In Italy, numerous cultural events are happening all year round. You need to keep your eye open for these events and should not miss them at any cost.

Festivals and fairs

Throughout the year, there are numerous Indian festivals and fairs, such as Diwali, Holi, and Vaisakhi.

Indian dance and music

Indian dance and music performances are popular in Italy, and attending such events can be a terrific opportunity to meet other Indian expats who share your interests.

Relationship-Building Suggestions

It takes time and effort to build relationships that are strong and wholesome. Here are some pointers on how to connect with fellow Indian expats.

Be Real and Genuine

It is critical to be authentic when interacting with fellow Indian expats. Allow your personality to shine through by being yourself, as faking it won’t get you anywhere. When you are authentic to yourself, people are more inclined to connect with you.

Be Open-Minded and Respectful of Other Points of View

It is critical to be open-minded and courteous of opposing opinions. Everyone has their unique experiences and viewpoints, which should be acknowledged and respected. Accept differences and learn from one another instead of invalidating opposing mindsets.

Plan Social Events Ahead of Time

You should be proactive in organizing social activities if you want to connect with other Indian expats. Participate in community clubs, go to cultural events, and plan outings with new acquaintances. Being proactive might help you in meeting new people and making important connections.

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Use these tips and tricks to make Indian friends in Italy. While socializing, do not forget to sign up for free at ACE Money Transfer. Become a registered user and send money to India online at unbelievable rates.


How can I find and connect with other Indian expats in Italy?

You can start by joining social media groups, forums, or expat communities specifically for Indians living in Italy. Attend cultural events, festivals, and gatherings organized by Indian expat associations or local Indian restaurants to meet and connect with fellow expatriates.

Are there any online resources or apps that can help me connect with Indian expats in Italy?

Yes, you can use platforms like Meetup, Facebook groups, and apps such as InterNations or, which have dedicated sections for Indian expats in Italy. These platforms facilitate networking and provide information about events and activities.

How can I find local Indian grocery stores or restaurants in Italy to connect with the Indian community?

You can use online directories, and apps, or ask for recommendations from fellow expats to locate Indian grocery stores and restaurants in your area. These establishments often serve as hubs for the Indian community and can be great places to connect.

Are there cultural events or festivals that Indian expats in Italy often celebrate together?

Yes, Indian expats in Italy often celebrate major festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Eid together. Look out for announcements and invitations to these events through online expat communities and social media groups.

What are some tips for initiating conversations and building relationships with other Indian expats in Italy?

To initiate conversations, and express interest in common topics like food, culture, or local experiences. Attend cultural events, language classes, or hobby groups to meet people with similar interests. Be open, friendly, and approachable to make meaningful connections.

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