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How Overseas Moroccan Workers Maintain Monetary Ties with Their Homeland while Living in the UK

19 Dec 2023

Many Moroccan immigrants are laborers who send money from UK to Morocco to support their social and economic advancement. Keeping financial ties to one's native country while residing abroad has become crucial in an increasingly interconnected world. This is especially true for Moroccan employees in the UK, who frequently depend on remitting money to their family and communities back home in Morocco. These Moroccan workers abroad can keep up a vital lifeline to their country of origin by using a variety of banking channels and money transfer services. This article will discuss the best ways to send money to Morocco and how Moroccan expatriates stay financially connected to their home country while residing in the UK.

Importance of Financial Connectivity

Providing for their families and advancing the economic growth of Morocco is a primary concern for many Moroccan expatriates in the UK. According to the World Bank, Morocco received $7.4 billion in remittances in 2020, which accounted for 6.5% of its GDP. It is an essential source of foreign exchange for the nation. 

When Morocco expats send money to Morocco from UK, these countries connect financially. This money significantly impacts local company support, school funding, and living standard improvements. Morocco and the UK need to be financially connected for several reasons.

Trading Between the Countries 

The foundation of the two nations' commercial relationship is the UK-Morocco Association Agreement. The bilateral commerce between the UK and Morocco in goods and services was valued at £3.1 billion in 2022. The UK exported £1.3 billion to Morocco, while Morocco imported £1.8 billion into the UK.

Cooperation in Various Sectors 

Trade, green finance, and education are three areas where Morocco and the UK are developing strong cooperation. The goal of these collaborations is to present a common vision of inventive economies that are committed to creating a sustainable future.

Finance Direct Investment (FDI)

Up to £4 billion has been committed by UK Export Finance to bolster trade relations between Morocco and the UK. By facilitating Moroccan purchasers' access to project delivery support, this finance fosters investment between the two countries, provided that at least 20% of the total contract value is supplied from UK suppliers.

Methods of Money Transfer

For overseas Moroccan workers residing in the UK, there are multiple ways in which they can transfer money to Morocco. International money transfers are often necessary, whether for business or private reasons such as supporting family members. If you need to send money from UK to Morocco, there are several ways to make sure it gets there safely and efficiently. Below are some methods available for sending money to Morocco from the UK.

Bank Wire Transfers

One way to move money electronically between bank accounts is through a bank wire transfer. Usually, you have to go to your bank in person, use online banking, or give them a call to start a wire transfer. Information like the recipient's name, bank account number, receiving bank name and address, and the recipient's bank routing number (for domestic transfers) or SWIFT/BIC code (for international transactions) will all need to be provided.

Transfers by International Wire

An international wire transfer is among the most popular ways to send money to Morocco from the UK. To start this process, you can go to your neighborhood bank or make use of Internet banking services. Although it's a dependable choice, the exorbitant fees and bad exchange rates can make it expensive. Furthermore, it could take a few business days to finish the transfer.

Transfers via SWIFT

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, is a network that makes cross-border bank transfers easier. Money can be transferred from the UK to a Moroccan bank account via SWIFT transfers. It's a safe technique, but because it goes through several mediators, it can be costly and slow.

Online Money Transfer Services

Several online money transfer services allow you to send and receive money electronically. These services are convenient, often faster, and more affordable than traditional banking methods. 

Rationale for Selecting a Method

Compare the fees and currency rates provided by various services when choosing a way to make a UK to Morocco money transferBy doing this, you will determine which is the most economical choice. Take into account how soon the recipient needs the money, as transfer delays can differ greatly. 

Whether it's a cash pickup, mobile wallet, or bank transfer, find a way that works for you and the recipient. To safeguard both the transferred dollars and your bank information, be sure the method you select is dependable and secure. Consider the preferences of the recipient, including if they would rather pick up cash in person or have a bank account.

Challenges and Considerations 

Sending money still presents certain difficulties despite the ease of use of current money transfer providers. The amount of money beneficiaries in Morocco receive can be significantly impacted by changes in exchange rates, particularly if monies are being converted from pounds to dirhams. 

Therefore, to maximize the value of their remittances, workers should carefully examine the time of their transfers. Furthermore, there can be significant differences in the fees and transaction expenses charged by different money transfer providers. Moroccan employees working abroad should carefully analyze the costs and rates provided by various platforms to make sure they are getting the best deal possible.

ACE Money Transfer 

ACE Money Transfer is one of the best ways to send money to Morocco from UK. ACE Money Transfer offers a simple, safe, and rapid way to send money anywhere in the world. Since its founding in 2002, ACE Money Transfer has assisted people with international money transfers. With the service accessible in more than 100 nations, you can send money immediately to your loved ones with only one click.

Method to Send Money 

If you are a Moroccan expat who is looking to send money to Morocco from the UK, then do this:

  • Select Morocco because you want to send money there.
  • Type in the desired amount to send.
  • Give your recipient's information, including the country, i.e. the UK.
  • Verify the information, including the reason for sending the payment, and select "Pay Now."

Features of ACE 

A plethora of features provided by ACE Money Transfer facilitates simple and convenient international money transfers. These consist of an easy-to-use and straightforward method for sending money, as well as an extensive array of services like bill payments, bank deposits, cash pickups, and mobile wallet top-ups. 

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Broad Variety of Services

Bank Deposits, Cash Pickup, Mobile Wallet, and even Mobile Top-up and bill Payment are just a few of the many services that ACE provides.

Safe Transactions

ACE ensures the security of your transactions by putting the strictest security standards in place.

Alerts for Customised Exchange Rates

When sending money overseas, ACE's customized exchange rate alerts assist you in making well-informed decisions.

Android App

You may send money online from anywhere at any time with the ACE mobile app. The app changes transaction statuses instantly.

Consumer Contentment

With thousands of five-star evaluations to its name, ACE's services are designed with its client's requirements and desires in mind. The organization strives to surpass client expectations and offers expert support to guarantee a seamless transaction procedure.

The Way Forward 

People make money transfers from UK  to Morocco because it is an important way for overseas Moroccan workers to maintain monetary ties with their homeland. With the growing availability of digital remittance platforms and a continued commitment to reducing transaction costs, the financial ties between the UK and Morocco are poised to strengthen and evolve, fostering greater prosperity for all involved. However, it can also be challenging. While making money transfers, it is advisable to compare different providers and options. Choose a reputable and regulated provider, keep track of your transfer, and communicate with your recipient. By following these tips, Moroccan workers can send money more easily, cheaply, and safely.


What methods do Moroccan expatriates working in the UK typically use to transfer money back to Morocco?

When sending money back to Morocco, Moroccan expatriates working in the UK frequently use banks, internet portals, and international money transfer services.

What aspects should I take into account when selecting a money transfer provider to send money to Morocco?

Take into account variables including transfer costs, exchange rates, transfer speeds, and the recipient's convenience concerning pick-up places in Morocco.

Are there any restrictions or constraints on the amount of money that can be sent to Morocco from the United Kingdom?

Indeed, there might be restrictions on the amount of money that can be delivered, and rules might be in place from both the Moroccan and the UK governments. It's critical to understand these restrictions and needs.


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