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How online money transfer is a low-cost method to send money internationally in 2022?

How online money transfer is a low-cost method to send money internationally in 2022?

25 Jun 2022

Did you know that you can substantially decrease your costs related to international money transfers?

Individuals working abroad have a common concern about finding the cheapest way to transfer money internationally. They often opt for wire transfers that cost them a hefty amount.

Online money transfer is not only the cheapest but also the fastest way to send remittances internationally. The online transfer of funds usually takes only one business day compared to other methods.

Benefits of transferring money online

Online money transfer comes with plenty of benefits for both sender and receiver. The following are why you should switch to online money transfer for international transactions.

Low Service Fees

The most appealing benefit of online money transfer is that it involves low costs. The conventional methods of international money transfer have several overheads associated. The hidden costs and transfer fees combine to put a strain on the sender’s pocket. Hence, it is best to stick with the online transfer to save yourself from paying hefty charges.

Speed and Efficiency

With the other conventional and outdated methods, you will be left waiting days for the funds to reach your family. Wire transfers can take more than a week to reach the recipient. The speed of online money transfer methods has proven to be convenient in times of urgency. It is an efficient way to help you avoid hassles of delay, slow processing, and high fees. You only need a stable internet connection to utilise an online remittance transfer service and enjoy the best exchange rates with minimal charges.

Safe and Secure

Though internet scams create problems for online users, complying with certain regulations ensures unbreakable security for customers. Many reputed companies like ACE Money Transfer have strict policies and robust online platforms to offer risk-free remittance transfer solutions. ACE is registered with and regulated by FCA, AUSTRAC, and other financial institutions.

24/7 Money Transfer Service

The most appealing part about online money transfer is that it is available 24/7. This significant advantage has been absent in bank transfers. You have to wait for the official bank hours for the process to initiate. Sending money online helps you complete instant transactions and support your family easily in times of urgencies.


Online money transfer is exceptionally user-friendly.  Most companies make sure that the transactional process is free of complexities. ACE Money Transfer has put a lot of effort into ensuring that navigation along their site is easy and feasible. Therefore, the users would not face any difficulties, which would increase the speed of a practical user experience.

Larger Access

You limit your regional access when you opt for a global money transfer or similar methods of sending money across borders. Online money transfer service providers often allow you to transfer money to any part of the world. For example, ACE Money Transfer enables you to send money to more than a hundred countries with great convenience and peace of mind.

Switch to ACE Money Transfer

It’s time to switch to ACE Money Transfer for all your remittance-related worries. ACE has been serving its users for the past two decades. It allows you to send money to your family and friends with the best exchange rates and the lowest transfer fees. ACE has several promotional offers going on throughout the year that provide transactions at discounted rates.

It also conducts lucky draws for hefty cash prizes and gift vouchers for its users. ACE returns to its consistent users by offering them incentives and bonuses to enjoy. So, start using ACE Money Transfer’s cost-efficient remittance solutions and make savings with the lowest fees and best exchange rates on international transactions.


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