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How ACE Money Transfer is Reducing Transaction Fees for Its Sri Lankan Customers

19 Sep 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, digital money transfer has emerged as a frontrunner in providing secure and affordable transactions for overseas workers. It’s especially true for over 3 million Sri Lankans living outside their native land, most of whom send money to Sri Lanka from overseas for financial assistance. Recognising the importance of minimising transaction fees and empowering its Sri Lankan customers across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, ACE Money Transfer has implemented innovative strategies to reduce costs while maintaining the highest standards of service and reliability. 

This article explores how ACE Money Transfer is driving change by offering reduced transaction fees to its valued customers. 

ACE Money Transfer Enabling Cost-Effective Money Transfers to Sri Lanka

Fee-Free First Transfer

On top of the list is ACE Money Transfer’s welcoming bonus to its new customers. Every new joiner can send money to their loved ones from abroad at absolutely no cost. A global money transfer typically involves high fees, but ACE has waived the transfer fees for its new customers to show them its care

Besides, its regular customers also benefit from the lowest transfer fees yet at competitive exchange rates. The low costs, high exchange rates, speedy transactions, and the most secure platform make ACE the top choice for expats.

Embracing Technological Advancements

ACE Money Transfer has harnessed the power of technology to streamline its operations, resulting in significant cost savings, by leveraging advanced digital infrastructure and automated processes. 

Now, it has been able to eliminate unnecessary overheads and pass on the benefits to its customers. Through their user-friendly mobile app and website platform, customers can now enjoy lower transaction fees without compromising on security or efficiency. 

There are leveraged technological advancements to streamline their operations and reduce overhead costs. By optimising their systems for efficiency, they were able to pass on the savings to their customers in the form of reduced transaction fees. This transformative approach ensures that customers receive unparalleled value for their money transfers. 

Competitive Exchange Rates

In addition to reduced transaction fees, ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates to ensure that customers receive maximum value for their money. Monitoring global currency markets and leveraging their extensive network ensures that customers can transfer funds at the most favourable rates possible. This commitment to transparency and fair pricing sets it apart from its competitors, allowing customers to save more on every money transfer to Sri Lanka from overseas. +

Customer-Centric Approach

ACE Money Transfer places great emphasis on understanding and meeting the needs of its customers. By actively listening to feedback and analysing market trends, it continually refines its services to deliver the best possible experience. 

This customer-centric approach extends to reducing transaction fees, as ACE Money Transfer believes in providing affordable financial solutions that cater to diverse customer segments. Tailoring their services to meet specific customer requirements ensures that everyone can benefit from reduced transaction fees. 

Promotions and Rewards

Every Sri Lankan expatriate can win enticing rewards simply by referring friends and family members to use ACE’s services. You may ask your fellow expatriates or loved ones settled in any developed country across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland to transfer money via ACE’s mobile app or website. To ensure winning these rewards, you have a specific referral code, which you can share with your friends. When they transact money after logging in via your referral code, the entries will be made on your dashboard. Every three successful conversions will lead to winning prizes for you.

To enhance customer satisfaction, ACE Money Transfer periodically offers promotions and rewards programs. These initiatives allow customers to save even more on transaction fees or earn lucrative incentives for continued usage of the platform. 

Implementing such programs strengthens its commitment to customer loyalty and ensures that its customers feel valued and appreciated. Thus, you can send money abroad without worrying about additional taxes and fees. 

Understanding the Need

International money transfers have traditionally been associated with high fees and complex processes. ACE Money Transfer identified this pain point and set out to overhaul the system. They recognised that reducing transaction fees would not only benefit their customers but also attract new ones. 

ACE Money Transfer understands that competitive exchange rates are just as crucial as low transaction fees. Through close partnerships with trusted financial institutions worldwide, ACE Money Transfer can provide customers with favourable exchange rates, maximising the value of every transaction.

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Tailored Solutions

They offer a range of tailored solutions, allowing customers to choose the option that best suits their requirements. Whether it's individual money transfers or business-related transactions, ACE Money Transfer aims to cater to all segments of the market while still offering reduced fees. 

While reducing transaction fees, every online money transfer to Sri Lanka via ACE’s solutions remains steadfast in maintaining the highest level of security. By implementing robust measures, including encryption technology and stringent identity verification protocols, they ensure that customers' funds and personal information are protected throughout the transaction process. 

User-Friendly Interface

There is a fundamental fact that this platform recognises the importance of user experience in today's fast-paced digital world. Their platform boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to initiate and track their transactions with minimal effort. This seamless experience further enhances customer satisfaction while reducing transaction fees. 

If you are looking for the right platform to send money to any part of the world, then you can choose ACE Money Transfer. This is completely safe and ideal in case you want to send money to your relatives and friends. There is also a bundle of discount offers available for your ease so that you can use them and save your money to a great extent. 

Bottom Line 

After diving in-depth into ACE Money Transfer's commitment, it has become clear that the company underscores its dedication to providing accessible and affordable money transfer services. Through technological advancements, strategic partnerships, competitive exchange rates, and a customer-centric approach, ACE Money Transfer has transformed the remittance industry. By continuously striving to enhance its services and deliver cost-effective solutions, ACE is revolutionising the way people send and receive money globally. Join ACE now and send money to Sri Lanka online with the most benefits. 


Will the reduction in transaction fees compromise the security of money transfers? 

ACE Money Transfer prioritises the security and safety of customer transactions. Despite reducing fees, they maintain robust security protocols and employ state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all transactions. 

How much can customers save with the reduced transaction fees? 

The amount of savings will vary depending on the specific transaction details, such as the destination country, transfer amount, and chosen payment method. However, ACE Money Transfer aims to provide competitive rates and significant savings compared to traditional banking channels or alternative money transfer services. 

Are there any eligibility requirements or conditions to avail of reduced transaction fees? 

Generally, ACE Money Transfer's reduced transaction fees are available to all customers, regardless of their location or financial background. However, it is advisable to check their official website or contact their customer support for any specific terms or conditions that may apply. 

Are there any other benefits or advantages of using ACE Money Transfer for international money transfers? 

ACE Money Transfer offers several additional benefits to its customers. These include fast transfer speeds, multiple payout options, 24/7 customer support, competitive exchange rates, and user-friendly digital platforms. They strive to provide a seamless and convenient experience for all users. 

How can customers stay updated with the latest information on ACE Money Transfer's services and fees? 

To stay updated with the most accurate and up-to-date information on ACE Money Transfer's services and fees, it is recommended to visit their official website or contact their customer support directly. They will have the most recent details regarding any changes or updates. 


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