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From Locals to Expats: The Unique Fusion of Life and Culture for Global Pakistani Workers in Ireland

22 Aug 2023

With a robust economy and thriving job market, Ireland is a big appeal and a top travel destination for Pakistani migrants who travel to Ireland to find work, earn a living and send money to Pakistan from Ireland to offer financial support.

Although the number of Pakistani migrants in Ireland is relatively less, the inclination of Pakistanis to go there is relatively higher than for other countries. A report by the Embassy of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dublin, Ireland, said that the Pakistani diaspora in Ireland consists of over 15,000 migrants.

Their first generation went to Ireland in the 1970s as doctors, and now their second and third generations are employed in major professions like IT, engineering, medical, and legal.

Pakistani diaspora abroad is making a significant contribution to the country’s economy. A report by the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, said that the Pakistani diaspora abroad consists of over 9 million migrants.

These Pakistanis have sent back $29.87 billion in inward remittances in 2022, a World Bank report said.

Going to Ireland is a pretty fascinating idea for you. Isn’t it? But if you aim to earn a living abroad to help your family back home through an instant money transfer to Pakistan, then why consider Ireland and not other countries with even better economies, you wonder?

Well, if you have been wondering about this up until now, then you are at the right place because this blog will guide you about the reasons that attract you to Ireland as a travel destination.

But apart from the compelling reasons listed below, the fact remains that the culture of Ireland is such that, as a reason, it alone takes precedence over every other reason that you may have.

Let’s first take a look at the prime reasons for travelling to Ireland so that we can understand the culture-centric reasons better.

Travelling to Ireland as a Pakistani Migrant – Prime Reasons in Focus

In entire Europe, Ireland is the only English-speaking country that hosts several multinational companies that offer you prospective job opportunities. Other compelling reasons included:

A Thriving Economy

The Irish economy is growing faster than any other European country. In 2017, it grew by 7.3%. This growth is attributed to the booming industry in Ireland.

  • A World Bank report said that the nominal GDP of Ireland in 2022 was $529.24 billion.
  • Another World Bank report said that the GDP per capita income of Ireland was $104,038.9 in 2022.

Furthermore, the country is gradually moving towards a modern free-market economy.

It is one of the factors that Pakistani migrants prefer to come to Ireland to find jobs, earn a living and send money from Ireland to Pakistan to offer financial aid to their families back home.

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Young Population

On reaching Ireland, you will find an energetic vibe in the society. You wonder why? Well, because people under the age of 25 years account for 33.2% of the country’s total population. When these young people are treated as an asset to the country, they also help you feel younger and more energetic.

Low Cost of Living and High Wages

Working in Ireland offers dual advantages. One is that the country pays wages higher than many European countries, and secondly, the cost of living is lower than other countries in the region. So, you can enjoy financial viability while living and working in Ireland.

Work-Life Balance

Ireland offers a fine work-life balance to both the natives and if you go there as a Pakistani migrant. Working hours and the job market is designed in such a manner that you will find ample time for your family and leisure. And what better way to enjoy your free time than understand and immerse in the culture of the country you have gone to? Right?

So, let’s take a look at the Irish culture.

The Fascinating Irish Culture – A Detailed Look

It is not that you only earn and cannot do anything else because you do not have time. Right? You work in Ireland and support your family through a money transfer to Pakistan from Ireland. But that is only one part of the job. The other part is to refresh yourself to be more creative and productive. And here’s how the Irish culture helps you achieve the other part.

Sports are Integral

Since a majority of the Irish population is young, they are passionate about sports. You will find several avenues for sports scattered across the country, with almost every sport there is, being played and enjoyed.

Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage

Thousands of visitors every year throng the pious peak of Croagh Patrick, named after Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. It is a long journey fraught with the dangers of a mountain climb, but people devoutly undertake the journey.

Celtic Pagan Festivals

This festival is a centuries-old ritual that people undertake. It marks the start of the spring season, followed by the summer. This festival is still celebrated with the same passion as centuries ago and is attributed to Irish traditions.

Arts and Literature

Arts and literature are another integral part of Irish culture, and not without reasons. The country is acclaimed and celebrated for several renowned artists, musicians, and Irish literature. Ireland is proud of their literary giants like W. B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Bernard Shaw, and Samuel Beckett, to name a few.

Use of Potato in Irish Cuisine

Throughout history, Potato has held an important place in Irish cuisine. The Irish love to add Potato to their delicacies, and some of the famous dishes include Irish stew, Potato Bread, Tayto Crips, and so on.

Trad Music

Once you are in Ireland to work and support your family financially through the best way to send money to Pakistan from Ireland at your disposal, you will not be able to resist the temptation to enjoy Trad music and Irish bands that are some of the thrilling Irish traditions.

Pub Culture

Pub culture is one of the defining characteristics and customs of Irish culture. You will find people spend their free time in pubs and enjoy life. It is understandable given the country’s large segment of the population under the age of 25 years.

These are some of the important cultural traditions in Ireland that you can enjoy.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

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Why should I consider Ireland for a job abroad?

You should consider Ireland for your job abroad because of the expansive job market and robust economy, both of which offer you prospective jobs. Additionally, in Ireland, you get high wages with an overall low cost of living. 


Why is understanding my host country’s culture important?

Understanding your host country’s culture is important because it helps you connect with the locals better; you can establish a vast network; socialise better; and most important of all, you avoid doing things that may offend your hosts by understanding their culture.


What do people consider disrespectful in Irish culture?

The things the Irish consider disrespectful are not too many. But the one thing the Irish people consider disrespectful is talking about politics. So, it is better to avoid political discussions and instead be polite and affable, which will help you get on with most of the locals. 


What is most important in Irish culture?

Religion was considered important in Ireland in the past. But over the years, it has changed, and now the most important part is how easily you delve into the cultural norms of the country and how quickly and better you understand them.


What are the people of Ireland famous for?

There are many things the people of Ireland are famous for. They are affable people and are ready to help you as and when you need it. Additionally, they are famous for their passion for sports, diverse cuisine, and rich culture anchored in a long history, and their passion, love and respect for their cultural norms, values, and traditions.


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