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Choosing the Right Bank Account Type for Nepalese Expats in Ireland

13 Dec 2023

International financial connectivity is a lifeline for many expatriates, especially those from Nepal living in Ireland. Selecting the most suitable bank account type can be a pivotal decision, impacting the ease and efficiency of sending money to Nepal from Ireland

This comprehensive guide explores various bank account options and online money transfer services available to Nepalese expatriates in Ireland, providing you with the essential information needed to make informed financial decisions.

Bank Account Types in Ireland

Ireland, known for its thriving expatriate community, offers an array of bank account types, each designed to address the unique financial needs of its diverse populace. 

For Nepalese expats, the selection of the right bank account is not just about financial management but also about the ease with which you can send money to Nepal from Ireland. Let's delve into the most common account types:

Current Accounts

Current accounts are the fundamental building blocks of banking in Ireland. They grant you access to essential services, including checking and online banking. 

Current accounts offer a convenient route to send money online to Nepal from Ireland, and they support traditional in-person banking methods, too.

Foreign Currency Accounts

Ireland's banking landscape also includes foreign currency accounts, an excellent option for those looking to hold their funds in Nepalese Rupees. This minimizes the hassle of currency conversion when sending money to Nepal.

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are the go-to choice if you seek financial growth while retaining easy access to your funds. 

They often feature competitive interest rates, which can play a pivotal role in increasing the amount when you send money to Nepal from Ireland over time.

Aspects to Evaluate When Choosing a Bank Account in Ireland 

To make an informed choice when selecting a bank account, take the following factors into account:


Evaluate account maintenance fees, ATM withdrawal fees, and international transfer fees to understand the true cost of your banking operations.

Exchange Rates

Pay close attention to the bank's exchange rates, as favorable rates can significantly impact the amount your beneficiaries receive in Nepal.


The convenience of branches and ATMs can make or break your banking experience. Ensure that your bank's network suits your daily needs.

Interest Rates

If you're considering a savings account, compare interest rates offered by different banks to maximize your returns.

Customer Service

Responsive and helpful customer support can be invaluable, especially when dealing with international transactions.

Additional Considerations for Nepalese Expats

In addition to the above factors, Nepalese expats in Ireland may also want to consider the following:

Remittance Limits

Some banks may impose limits on the amount of money that can be sent abroad in a single transaction or over some time.

Documentation Requirements

Opening a bank account in Ireland may require you to provide certain documents, such as your passport, visa, and proof of address.

Tax Implications

Be aware of the tax implications of sending money to Nepal. In some cases, you may be liable to pay taxes on remittances received in Nepal.

More on Nepalese Expats Living in Ireland

According to the Central Statistics Office of Ireland, there are over 20,000 Nepalese expats living in Ireland as of 2022.

The majority of Nepalese expats in Ireland are young and educated, with many working in the healthcare, IT, and hospitality sectors.


Nepalese expats in Ireland send home over €100 million in remittances each year. This money is used to support families, pay for education and healthcare, and invest in businesses in Nepal.

Role Of Online Money Transfer Services For Nepali Expats

Online money transfer services, such as ACE Money Transfer, play an increasingly important role in the expatriate community. They offer a seamless way to send money online to Nepal from Ireland, boasting competitive exchange rates and typically lower transfer fees compared to traditional banks.

ACE Money Transfer is a leading online money transfer provider that offers competitive exchange rates and low fees.

ACE Money Transfer offers a variety of convenient ways to send money, including online, through the ACE Money Transfer app, or in person at a branch location.

Way Forward 

Selecting the right bank account type in Ireland as a Nepalese expatriate is more than just a financial decision; it's a connection to your roots. 

Whether you opt for a current account, savings account, foreign currency account, or online money transfer service, the choice should align with your specific financial goals and the ease of sending money to Nepal. Informed decisions are the key to a secure and efficient money transfer process that keeps you connected to your loved ones.

Pro tip: To explore a convenient online service offering money transfers to Nepal, download the ACE Money Transfer app and ensure your funds reach your loved ones swiftly and securely.

With a thorough understanding of your banking options and the available online money transfer services, you can confidently manage your finances as a Nepalese expat in Ireland.


Can I send money online to Nepal from Ireland using traditional bank accounts?

Yes, many Irish banks offer online banking services that facilitate online money transfers to Nepal. However, be aware that fees and exchange rates may vary considerably among different banks.


How can I open a foreign currency account in Ireland to send money to Nepal in Nepalese Rupees?

To open a foreign currency account, you'll need to reach out to your chosen bank and follow their specific account-opening procedures, which might vary.


Are online money transfer services secure for sending money to Nepal?

Reputable online money transfer services prioritize security and employ encryption to protect your financial information. However, it's essential to use trusted and licensed platforms for your transactions.


What documentation do I need to open a bank account as a Nepalese expat in Ireland?

When opening a bank account in Ireland as a Nepalese expat, you typically need to provide proof of identity (e.g., a valid passport or residence permit), proof of address (e.g., utility bills or rental agreements), and your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) if you have one. Specific requirements may vary from one bank to another, so it's advisable to check with your chosen bank for their specific documentation requirements.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of money I can send to Nepal from Ireland, and are there reporting requirements for large transfers?

There may be limits on money transfers to Nepal from Ireland, which can vary based on your bank and the transfer method used. Additionally, certain large transactions might be subject to regulatory reporting requirements due to anti-money laundering regulations. It's important to be aware of these limits and reporting requirements, so it's best to consult your bank or the relevant authorities for detailed information.

Can I set up recurring transfers to Nepal from my Irish bank account for regular financial support to my family back home?

Yes, many Irish banks and online money transfer services offer the option to set up recurring transfers, making it convenient for you to provide consistent financial support to your family in Nepal. This can be especially helpful for expats who want to automate monthly or periodic remittances to their loved ones. Be sure to inquire about this feature when opening your bank account or choosing an online transfer service.

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