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Building Bridges: Networking and Making Genuine Connections as a Gambian in the UK

Building Bridges: Networking and Making Genuine Connections as a Gambian in the UK

19 Oct 2023

Changing jobs and moving to a new country is very difficult. Especially when it comes to making connections, you cannot survive without making genuine connections, as humans are called social animals. It is essential to have the skill of building relationships. Living an expat life in a foreign country is already very difficult. One doesn't want to make it worse by making no genuine connections at all. Connecting to people is extremely important, especially if you are in a foreign land. It helps you in so many ways. You learn about everyday tasks and culture and can get help from them to ease your duties. You can ask them how to send money to Gambia online or get professional help. 


According to a study done by the students of Harvard University, more than 85 percent of professional skills come from people. It means that to earn professional success, you have to engage and connect with people.  Not everyone is excited to start making new connections. People find it challenging to make new connections. It can be awkward and uncomfortable initially, especially if you suffer from social anxiety. This article will help you buff up your relationship skills. 

Why is it Important to Connect with People?

It is important to connect with other people because, as human beings, it is important for our mental health. It is as important as food for the body. You cannot live a life where you do not make connections or talk with people. A good connection with another person can boost your mood, lower blood pressure, make you feel better, and even decrease mortality. That's why making connections is important for your well-being, too.

Why do Some People Struggle to Make connections with Others?

There are plenty of reasons why some people find it difficult to make connections with others. Some people are immersed in low self-esteem and pour themselves into self-doubts. That's why they are unable to put themselves out to make strong bonds. Some people are not good at conversations. They cannot ask good questions and stimulate a healthy conversation, which eventually moves them away from making sound connections. Other reasons include shyness, introversion, and lack of socializing skills,

How to Create Genuine Connections as a Gambian in the UK

The most important skill you have to build in yourself to make genuine connections is seeing the positive side of every relationship. You should have the ability to find good in every action of others. This in no way means to ignore the red flags, but for once, you have to put your ego down to see the good in others. Here are some tips and tricks by which you can make some connections that will prove their worth for you.

Try Making Friends Irrespective of the Color and Creed

When you are in the UK, there will be a diversity of cultures. You will see people from every culture, race, and creed. It is silly if you judge people based on their color or religion. Good and bad people are everywhere. You must filter people based on their traits. You can be excellent friends with someone completely different from you in terms of religion. On the other hand, someone from your own country can stab you in the back. So, you must be wise enough to judge people who are at genuine levels with you. 


You may also find other people from different countries who are having the same problems as you. The same problems lead to finding solutions together. You can make an effort to find the best money transfer companies to send money to Gambia and other countries.

Try Doing Something Nice and Thoughtful for Others

The best way to start and build a new connection is to give more than expected. It is human nature to think about stuff and never do it practically. Connections need time and effort in the start to be built. You can give them a factual compliment, a thoughtful note, or giving them something they adore. This will also force you to think about what other people want, and you will automatically act in favor of a good relationship.

Intuitively Support Others, Especially When They Need it but Won't Ask

When people are going through something harsh and tough, they will most likely never talk about it. This is when you can go forward and make them feel that they are not alone. You can console them for whatever is going on in their lives. It is the best way to make a spot in someone’s heart. People always remember those who helped them in their hour of need.

Be Genuinely Happy When Others Succeed

It is pretty rare in today’s world that people become jealous of their friends' success instead of being happy. Built the seed of positivity in you so your friends can count on you when they achieve milestones. The best way to find genuine friends is to question yourself: Who gets genuinely happy at your success? And you will immediately get the answer.


The best way to show your happiness towards the success of others is to celebrate with them or give them gifts. But it may be a financial burden. But you can study how to manage your personal finances during times of economic uncertainty as a Gambian expat.

Be Actively Curious and Respectful About What Other People Think

Taking the opinions, ideas, and thoughts of others means that you are open about the conversations you are having. It also means giving respect to the knowledge of others. People are mostly so immersed and self-centered that they do not even listen to what others are saying. They only want to express their ideas and want others to listen to them. String connections need a balance where both parties give each other the space to give opinions.


Listening to others also gives you a diversity of thoughts, and you can question them about their ideas. It will not only increase your knowledge but also show your interest in the conversation.


For example, if you want to send money to Gambia, people can give you excellent pieces of advice about what company you should consider for transferring money, etc

Be your Authentic Self

People make this mistake. They fake their character and become someone they are not only to please others or to fit in at a particular space. With time, when they are tired of putting on the mask, they reveal their actual self, and people distance themselves from them because they don't like them anymore. Never filter yourself for others. Be real to yourself and others. You will find real friends and make good connections by being yourself. you just have to find the right people for that.

Respect the Boundaries of People

Naturally, you find out the boundaries of people son after you meet them. Don't force them to tell you the stuff they prefer not to talk about. It is gentle to respect their boundaries. If you will force any information, that will kill the connection eventually. Give people time to be comfortable and open up themselves to build a strong relationship.

Stay in the Present while Meeting New People

The one thing that is wiring with most people is that they stay in their social media world when you hang out with them. They will put their heads into the mobile phones. This is the worst thing you do when someone is trying to talk or share ideas with you. Only your 100 percent presence at a particular moment makes a lot of difference. Show your engagement by body language, asking questions, and other gestures like this. This will make you look like you are interested in the conversation and will help build a strong relationship.

Be a Good Listener

People like to be around people who are good listeners. It makes them feel understood and related. This is one of the best ways of starting good connections. You can make them feel important by listening to their experience and stories.

Bottom Line

Networking and making genuine connections as a Gambian in the UK is quite easy if you follow the details mentioned above. Some people are very social and make connections in no time, while others require time and effort. There is no issue in being different like that. If you face any difficulty regarding money transfer to Gambia, ACE Money Transfer is at your service. It is the best money transfer platform that provides the best service to its customers at the lowest fees. 


How can a foreigner make friends in the UK?

Foreigners make friends in the UK by doing small talks, learning about British culture, doing new things with people there, joining clubs, or through social media.

How do you connect with expats?

To get started, search for Facebook groups, Reddit forums, or expat websites related to your destination country. Once you're a member, actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and share your experiences.

Is it difficult to make friends in the UK?

If you are coming to the UK to study you may find you make friends very easily in class, you may find there are people from your country or even town studying too. If you are coming to the UK to work, it can be a little harder to make friends, so it is important to make an effort to create relationships.

Is the UK friendly to foreigners?

Home to a diverse range of cultures and nationalities, the U.K. is generally very open and welcoming to expats. It does help to have an understanding of some of the cultural norms associated with British people.

Why is the UK so attractive to immigrants?

This is a natural factor reflected in all global migration patterns. But other explanations exist. For example, the fact that English is the national language encourages many migrants to choose the UK because it is an international tongue and easy to learn.



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