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Budget-Friendly Destinations for Unforgettable Adventures - A Guide for Nepalese

21 Feb 2024

According to the Official Portal of the Government of Nepal, around 1.6 million Nepalese work in foreign countries for better job opportunities. They earn a living and send money to Nepal to their families back home for financial support.   

But Nepalese do not only travel abroad for work-related purposes. They also travel to different countries, offering adventures and adventurous tourism experiences.       

Apart from the purpose of earning a living abroad, what is the basic requirement for traveling abroad for adventures and entertainment?  

Since most Nepali migrants come from humble financial backgrounds, they look for budget-friendly destinations.  The prime purpose is just that they want to enjoy their adventures and seek entertainment without spending much.  

Let’s walk through the need for entertainment, its benefits, and some of the top budget-friendly destinations to offer you unforgettable adventures and entertainment.

Understanding Entertainment – The Basics

Entertainment means to enjoy yourself and the time in which you are living. In most cases, when you expatriate to a foreign country, you carry the burden of financially supporting your family.

Think about it!    

Only the thought of having to support your family as a Nepali migrant abroad can be daunting and stressful. You, therefore, keep working and go the extra mile whenever the need arises in a not-so-friendly environment to ensure you keep supporting your family back home.

It can create a burden on you and dampen your talents.       

But time spent on entertainment can revive and refresh you. This is one of the reasons why, while working in a foreign country as a Nepali migrant, one of the basic things you look for is avenues for entertainment. Right?     

So, entertainment is a set of activities that takes you to another imaginative world away from your world's harsh realities and burdens.  

Why is Entertainment Important?

As a Nepali migrant, you cannot emphasize the importance of entertainment enough. As mentioned earlier, the burden of having to support your family back home through every money transfer to Nepal can be stressful. It can drain your energy and exhaust you.  

Furthermore, how productive are you at your workplace with drained energy and an exhausted mind?       

This can land your job in danger in a foreign country you cannot afford. Can you?

Take a look at some of the prime benefits of entertainment below. 

Relieves Pain and Stress

The first benefit of entertainment is that it relieves your stress and pain. Remember that working in a foreign country away from your loved ones and family itself is stressful. In this way, getting entertained in different ways can relieve your stress.  

Increased Creativity

Where your job and work can lower your creativity level, only through your entertainment methods your creativity can be restored and increased. Being creative in your work has its own unique set of dividends.

Distraction from Monotonous Routine

How long can you carry on with your fixed routine without getting bored? Not long enough. Because it is against human nature, you need diversity and change. Entertainment offers you diversity and distraction from your fixed and monotonous routine abroad.    

Develops Self-Esteem

If your job is demanding to the point of not allowing you to sit back, relax and reflect, then chances are that you will fall victim to low self-esteem. However, entertainment allows you to reflect, gain self-esteem, and add to it.    

Remember that entertainment is relative to different people. Some of you may find reading books entertaining, while others may enjoy movies. Some of you may feel happy and entertained by finding the best way to send money to Nepal.

Some online remittance transfer service providers like ACE Money Transfer offer a pleasant and entertaining online money transfer experience, allowing you to save on your international money transfers.     

Now, let’s look at some budget-friendly entertainment and adventure destinations.

Top Budget-Friendly Destinations for Travelling Adventures

Most of the Nepalese cannot travel to foreign countries for tourism because these countries are too expensive. Even if you work abroad, you cannot manage your tourism-driven traveling because of the expenses involved.  

However, listed below are the countries that offer you unforgettable traveling experiences with minimal expenses.

Macedonia (North Macedonia)

Macedonia is a small Balkan country, an affordable and less-known travel destination offering many adventures. The country is a fine blend of architecture, Ottoman bazaars and innumerable budget-friendly restaurants offering delicious foods to give an excellent taste to your palette.


Turkey is famous for blending European and Middle Eastern cultures. The country has incredible Muslim and Byzantine architecture. Despite being located at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, Turkey is a budget-friendly destination for adventurous tourism.


Any list of budget-friendly countries for tourism is incomplete without Thailand. Thailand is the land of Buddhas, and the temples dotted across the country offer you an amazing travel experience. Thailand’s cuisine is one of the most diverse and affordable worldwide.


Cambodia lies to the east of Thailand but is often neglected and ignored for tourism. However, the good part of this negligence is that you can easily travel to it, roam around and enjoy the beautiful landscape without navigating through crowds of tourists.   


Only a few countries in the world are as affordable and offer so much for adventurous tourism as Indonesia. The country is an electric mix of sprawling cities with exciting nightlife and a bunch of islands with beautiful black-sand beaches.  


Morocco offers different experiences for different people. For some, there are busy market squares in almost each country’s city, where you can find almost everything at an affordable price. To others, it offers rides on camelback through the Sahara and camping under the stars in the open. The best part is that you can undertake these adventures at low costs.      


Peru is a diverse country offering you a fascinating traveling experience. Peru has a rich culture, awe-inspiring landscapes, and delicious and diverse cuisine. You can have all of these experiences at affordable prices and enjoy the adventures the country offers you.   


Australia's vibrant cultural life and marvelous tourist spots do not warrant any explanation, as the country’s name itself is enough to draw your attention to the travel adventures it offers you. With over 30,000 miles of coastline, the country offers you several adventures at affordable costs. The best part is that Australia is one of the least populated countries worldwide, which allows you to enjoy your stay there more without many distractions overpopulation can cause.  

Maximize Your Savings With ACE Money Transfer     

One of the areas in which you can enjoy cost-effectiveness and budget-friendliness is when you plan an online money transfer to Nepal from abroad to offer financial support back home.   

Since the process incurs costs, finding a credible online money transfer service provider like ACE Money Transfer is advisable. The firm offers live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, swift and safe delivery of funds, 24/7 service access and availability in over 100 countries worldwide, and many other features. All of it is for a low fee, which is applicable only if your amount crosses a certain point below which you will enjoy fee-free money transfers back to Nepal from abroad.


Why do Nepalese work abroad?

One of the top reasons Nepalese work abroad is the lack of sustainable employment opportunities in their native country. It leads to unemployment and poverty, which causes them to travel abroad and work in developed countries.  

Why do I have to entertain myself as a Nepali migrant?

As a Nepali migrant working abroad, you are responsible for supporting your family financially for which you go the extra mile if needed. This creates stress and burdens you psychologically. But entertainment relieves the stress and refreshes you.

How does entertainment benefit me?

Entertainment can benefit you in many ways. Some of the benefits of entertainment include stress and pain relief, being refreshed, becoming more creative and productive, getting distracted from a monotonous routine, and developing self-esteem.

What is the best way to seek entertainment?

You can entertain yourself in several ways as entertainment and enjoyment are relative to everyone. However, the best way to seek entertainment is to travel because it gets you closer to nature, allows you to interact with people, learn about different cultures and see the world more closely.

What are the budget-friendly travel destinations?

While you can travel to any country for adventurous tourism, some of the countries offer you an affordable experience, such as Thailand, Peru, Macedonia, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, Morocco, Australia, and so on.


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