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Beyond Borders: Ensuring Online Security for Overseas Senegalese Workers in Australia

Beyond Borders: Ensuring Online Security for Overseas Senegalese Workers in Australia

20 Oct 2023

Did you know that Australia spends AU $200 million each year on cybercrime costs? This figure alone can give you peace of mind the next time you send money to Senegal from Australia through digital platforms.

Over 30% of Australians have suffered from cyber scams. Cybersecurity is becoming an increasing worry for Australia as more occupations move to less secure areas as a result of remote working. More individuals study and connect online, and businesses are relying more on technology for exponential growth. Hence, this increased traffic on digital forums has given chance to hackers and fraudsters to rob people of their wealth.

The Online Safety Act in Australia

Cybercrime does not only cover your financial losses, but it also addresses emotional disturbances that the digital realm can cause. Adults in Australia can now report instances of online bullying to the nation's eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, thanks to the Online Safety Act. This act was approved in July 2021. It gives the eSafety commissioner the authority to demand that social media platforms remove any content relating to bullying of Australian adults, including the expat community, within 24 hours or face fines of up to $555,000.

Compared to the country's present cyber regulations, the law provides a more thorough definition of what constitutes bullying. The period for removing content that promotes bullying has been shortened from the previous 48 hours to 24 hours.

Conscious Efforts You Can Make to Minimize the Risk of Digital Fraud

Follow Recommended Password Guidelines

Use capital, lowercase, numerals, special characters, and other characters to create passwords that are simple to remember but difficult to guess. Never use the same password across multiple accounts, and make sure you update it frequently to minimize the risk of hacking. Additionally, you can use multi-factor authentication as well, which requires a bonus step once you log in to your accounts to validate your identity. Most importantly, you should never write down or divulge your passwords to anyone.

Update Your Devices Regularly

Manufacturers often update software, programs, and browsers from time to time. These upgrades primarily seek to remedy security gaps and flaws that may have been discovered earlier. You should always have the most secure version by keeping your devices updated.

Be Cautious When Sharing Personal Information Online.

Make sure you only trust domains that begin with "https." The s at the end denotes encryption for your connection. Even then, be careful not to save any personal data on any website. This can lead to dire consequences and affect your financial ability to send money to Senegal for your family, who are awaiting your support.

Verify Emails or Links that Appear Odd

Hackers use strategies like sending emails or URLs that seem legitimate to get you to click on them. Once you click on them, malware enters your machine and starts wreaking havoc. Do not open or click any links in suspicious-looking emails.

Get Antivirus Defence

Malware is a common tool used by hackers to infect your gadgets. They are capable of infecting WiFi networks, public computers, or even your smartphone (if they are successful in using phishing assaults to target you).

An antivirus program is your finest line of defense. As soon as it discovers any malware, it can remove all traces of it. Just make sure to keep the software running constantly.


To protect your data, you need to become a pro at using VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN can defend you if you need to connect to a server that isn't 100 percent secure. It does the work by effectively masking everything you do online. Some people make it a practice to leave their VPN on all the time so they don't forget to access it when leaving home. This helps to prevent protection gaps.

Beyond data security, there are other benefits to using a VPN. VPNs can be used to access restricted websites or location-based services because they serve to conceal the user by showing an anonymous IP address. Always remember to never make a money transfer to Senegal using public Wi-Fi without a VPN.

Be Vigilant While Downloading Anything

Download files and attachments only from websites and individuals you know and trust! What malicious individuals can conceal in seemingly benign files will surprise you.

Anything free should provoke particular skepticism. Malware installation via free downloads is a favorite tactic of cybercriminals.

Exercise Caution When Buying Online

Remember to pay attention to website domains when you shop online. Websites that begin with "https" are more secure than those that do not. Keep in mind to carefully examine the website domain before you make a purchase and give out your information.

Pay particular attention to other warning indications of shadiness, such as poor or meaningless grammar and a lack of customer feedback. They may sometimes be legitimate international websites, but they can also be fraudulent sites. It is advised to simply search for "website name scam" to see what comes up. As a last resort, never make an online purchase with a debit card and use a credit card instead.

Disable Your Bluetooth

Bluetooth makes connections between wireless devices by utilizing radio waves. It can be hacked, just like any Wi-Fi connection, so be careful. Exposing your device through the connection and having Bluetooth turned on makes your data more exposed. Do yourself a favor and check your settings to make sure Bluetooth is off when you're out in public.

Use ACE Money Transfer for Safe International Transactions

ACE Money Transfer offers top-notch security measures and strong encryption methods to Senegalese expats in Australia so that they can seamlessly transfer remittances to their loved ones. With millions of users worldwide, ACE has been an industry leader for two decades. You can easily initiate the transfer and expect your funds to reach the recipient within hours.

As you are alone in a foreign land, you have to protect yourself at all costs to ensure your well-being. Strictly follow these tips to safeguard your funds from cyber criminals. You can use ACE Money Transfer to send money to Senegal at affordable rates with utmost safety. Sign up today to get a free first money transfer.


Q: What are some common online security risks that I should be careful about while working in Australia?

Some common cyber risks include phishing, identity theft, and data breaches when using unfamiliar networks.

Q: What can Senegalese workers in Australia do to improve their online security?

They should use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication for maximum protection to keep hackers away.

Q: Are there specific tools to safeguard my online communications?

Virtual private networks (VPNs) can encrypt and protect your internet connection, which makes it safe for communication.

Q: What precautions can I take while using public Wi-Fi?

It is advisable to avoid accessing sensitive data on public Wi-Fi networks because they are insecure, and there is the possibility of a data breach.

Q: What should a person do if they suspect a cybersecurity breach?

If you suspect any cybersecurity breach, you should immediately change passwords and contact the company's IT support to seek help.



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