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Beyond Bangladesh: Scholarships and Resources for Studying Abroad

26 Jun 2024

Key Highlights of the Article:

  • There are numerous international scholarships available for Bangladeshi students, such as merit-based, need-based, academic, or government-funded
  • Countries like the USA and the UK also offer scholarships for Bangladeshi students, such as GREAT, Commonwealth, Chevening, and Fulbright.
  • You must meet the scholarship eligibility criteria, which include a good academic background and proficiency in the English language.

Do you want to secure a good scholarship abroad where you can study free of cost and find ways of earning and sending money to Bangladesh to your Bangladeshi families? Many Bangladeshi students want to study abroad to secure their future. Studying abroad comes with various benefits. It gives you new exposure, and you can earn money to offer financial assistance to your family. Students studying abroad start part-time jobs and earn money to afford their expenses and help their families get a basic life. Studying abroad can increase the worth of your educational life and open the door to diverse opportunities.

The primary barrier between Bangladeshi students and international students is a financial crisis. Many students need help to study abroad because it is very expensive. But there is good news for bright students because they can secure fully-funded scholarships. There are numerous scholarships for Bangladeshi students, such as need-based, academic performance, merit-based, government, and private-sector scholarships. In 2022, more than 49,151 Bangladeshi students went abroad to study. Nearly 8,524 Bangladeshi students moved to the US, 6,586 to the UK, and 5,835 to Canada. Explore the article to learn details about getting a scholarship abroad.

Types of Educational Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students

To study abroad, you should know the types of scholarships available. Mostly, Bangladeshi students apply for merit-based scholarships because universities fund them. They just require the expense of moving abroad. After moving abroad, you can also look for part-time jobs, as countries like the UK and the US allow students to work for some hours. These countries have high employment rates, so you can make money transfers to Bangladesh to help your Bangladeshi family.

Merit-based Scholarships - Fully Funded

Most universities offer merit-based scholarships to students with excellent academic backgrounds. Usually, students score 80-90 percent in intermediate. Also, universities take some entry tests, and if a student gets good scores, they grant scholarships. If you have a strong academic background, start finding universities that offer undergraduate or graduate programs. Find your relevant field and apply for scholarships in countries you want to move to.

Academic Scholarships - Covers Tuition Fees

Many universities offer academic scholarships to international students. Academic scholarships are either sponsored by universities or the government itself. The US or UK government has specified some scholarships for Bangladeshi students to maintain the friendship bond between countries. Different universities in the USA, like the University of South Carolina, the University of South Florida, the University of Washington, and many others, offer different scholarships in various fields. You can get fully funded scholarships for medical and law studies in the USA.

Government-funded Scholarships - Fully Funded

The government of Bangladesh offers scholarships to its people. The government sets some criteria for its students, which can be based on need or merit. The students who meet the criteria get a chance to study abroad. The government supports all the expenses, including moving and living expenses in the relative country. Once you move abroad, you can secure a financial future and send money online to Bangladesh to your family.

Need-based Scholarships - Fully Funded

A need-based scholarship is difficult to achieve, but it is given to those who need help to afford their education but have good academic scores. It requires some necessary documents like occupation papers and other financial documents. If you suffer from a financial crisis and have some proof, you can apply for such scholarships at different universities. These universities will afford all your expenses, and you will enjoy free education abroad.

Fulbright Scholarships - Fully Funded

Fulbright scholarships are the most prestigious because they cover tuition fees, living expenses, and travel expenses. They require a strong academic background and fluency in English. The USA offers Fulbright scholarships globally for international students, including Bangladeshis. Consider the dates and times of year when Fulbright scholarships are offered.

As they are funded, you don't need to worry about expenses. Getting a job in the USA will further give you independence, and you can earn and make money transfers abroad. 

Commonwealth Scholarship - Fully Funded

The Commonwealth Scholarship is one of the most popular UK-based scholarships. Different universities in the UK offer Commonwealth scholarships for international students. Commonwealth scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and travel expenses. They also give monthly allowances of up to €12,000 so students can live without anxiety.

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GREAT Scholarships - Covers Tuition Fee

The universities of the UK also offer GREAT scholarships. They are open to different countries, including Bangladesh. Academic and extracurricular achievements are required for them. Although it is not a fully funded scholarship, it covers up to £10,000 for tuition fees. Every year, the government of the UK announces GREAT scholarships for specific countries.

Chevening Scholarship - Fully Funded

Another well-known scholarship in the UK is the Chevening Scholarship. Getting a Chevening scholarship for your undergraduate program will also lead you to a one-year master's program. It is a fully funded scholarship that covers all a student's expenses, including tuition fees, monthly living allowances, transportation, airfare, medical and other expenses.

Requirements for Getting Educational Scholarships Abroad

As a Bangladeshi, you must meet the eligibility criteria for international scholarships. Firstly, you need to stay vigilant for the announcement of the dates. To do this, you can visit the government's official scholarship pages. Also, visit the websites of different universities and learn about their scholarship criteria.

  • A strong academic requirement is a requirement of almost every scholarship. So, try to improve your grades to secure good scholarships, such as merit-based or academic scholarships.
  • Most UK, USA, Australian, or Canadian universities require an English Language Test. They measure your English language Proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL, or other language tests. So, sharpen your English language skills to strengthen your scholarship case.
  • Some universities may also require an entry test. Start preparing for the tests; the test materials are already on university websites.
  • Be sure to add your extracurricular activities to your CVs. It will also help you secure a part-time job and send money abroad.
  • Start practicing writing a personal statement.

Numerous scholarships are available for Bangladeshi students who want to pursue higher education abroad. Scholarships make studying easier and reduce the anxiety of heavy expenses. They are designed to facilitate and encourage students to pursue higher education in top universities. Countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and France welcome bright students to study in their countries. Scholarships like Commonwealth, Chevening, and full-bright scholarships are fully funded. They afford all your expenses, including air fee, and give you money for your living expenses. The Bangladeshi government also announces scholarships to encourage bright Bangladeshi students.

Essential Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students

Securing a scholarship abroad is easy if you hold a strong academic record. Studying abroad is a dream of many as it opens doors of success for you. It helps improve your skills and makes your CV stand out. Moreover, it gives you a chance to work abroad. As a student, you can do a part-time job, or after studying, you can secure a good job in the relevant country. Foreign countries offer highly paid jobs to well-educated people. This means that studying abroad is more about securing your financial future. You can become independent and support your families by sending them money through a good service for money transfers to Bangladesh.

Explore different types of scholarships and apply for which suits you the best, such as merit-based, need-based, academic, or government-funded. Furthermore, you also have options for GREAT, commonwealth, Chevening, and Fulbright scholarships. Well-developed countries like the UK, USA, or Australia fund these scholarships. Universities of the UK and USA are renowned universities. So, sharpen your skills and prepare for English language and entry tests to secure the best scholarships.


Can Bangladeshi students secure scholarships for foreign studies?

Yes, Bangladeshi students can secure scholarships for foreign studies if they meet the eligibility criteria. Many universities and counties announce scholarships for intentional students to facilitate their higher studies.

What types of scholarships are available for Bangladeshi students?

Bangladeshi students can apply for merit-based, need-based, country-specific, university-specific, and academic scholarships. Different countries offer scholarships in numerous fields.

What are common eligibility criteria for securing scholarships?

Common eligibility criteria include academic excellence, English Language Proficiency, co-curricular activities, practical experiences, and personal statement.

What sort of scholarships does the UK offer for Bangladeshi students?

The UK offers scholarships like Chevening, Commonwealth, GREAT, and other university-specific scholarships. It also offers scholarships in different fields for many graduate and undergraduate programs.

How can Bangladeshi students stay financially connected with Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi students can connect financially through international banks, digital banks, or remittance services like ACE Money Transfer.

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