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Acing the Game: Exciting Product Updates from ACE Money Transfer for Overseas Filipinos

Acing the Game: Exciting Product Updates from ACE Money Transfer for Overseas Filipinos

17 Oct 2023

The necessity for effective and trustworthy money transfer services has grown critical in today's fast-paced world, particularly for Filipinos living abroad. Leading financial service company ACE Money Transfer is dedicated to revolutionising the way people send money to Philippines from overseas because it recognises the special needs of its Filipino consumers. This post will showcase the most recent ACE Money Transfer product upgrades, which make it simpler and more fun for overseas Filipinos to send money to the Philippines. One of the top updates for OFWs and other Filipino expatriates is that you can send money to Philippines from Italy, the UK, Germany, and Spain at no cost until the end of 2023.


The Two Major Updates from ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer never stops improving its services and bringing enticing offers for its customers. Below are the two major recent upgrades that every overseas Filipino must know.

iPhone 15 - The Latest Apple Smartphone in ACE’s Invite Friends Offer

Invite Friends Program by ACE Money Transfer is a way of saying thanks to its devoted consumers. The company has upgraded one of the three prizes from the iPhone 13 Mini to the recently launched and highly advanced iPhone 15, while Apple Watch Series 8 and AirPods Pro also remain part of the offer. This program not only encourages regular use but also deepens the relationship between ACE and its esteemed clients.


Fee-Free Money Transfers to the Philippines from Overseas

ACE Money Transfer often waives transfer fees for its Filipino customers to support their finances abroad. It has once again offered entirely ZERO-FEE money transfers to the Philippines from Italy, the UK, Spain, and Germany. For now, the offer remains valid until the end of 2023, which may or may not extend further. 


The Benefits of Online Money Transfers to the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer

Money transfers to the Philippines are no longer a difficult and lengthy operation. With only a few clicks, overseas Filipinos may send money to their loved ones thanks to ACE Money Transfer's user-friendly mobile app and website platform. Customers may now make transactions from the comfort of their homes, skipping lengthy lines and pointless paperwork.


Let’s take a brief overview of the multiple benefits you get when using ACE’s services alongside the zero-fee money transfers.

Quick and Trustworthy Transactions

Time is important, and ACE Money Transfer respects the time of its clients. With the most recent version of its new Mobile App, ACE makes sure that funds arrive in the Philippines promptly and without any delays. Filipinos living abroad may rely on ACE Money Transfer to transfer their remittances on time so that their loved ones can access the money when they most need it. Every money transfer from Italy to Philippines or from other foreign countries can be instantly completed with a 24/7 facility for tracking transactions.

Features for Enhanced Security

The security and safety of money transactions are of the highest significance. To guarantee that every transaction is safeguarded against any potential risks, ACE Money Transfer has made significant investments in cutting-edge security measures. Customers may rest easy knowing that their hard-earned money is protected thanks to cutting-edge encryption and fraud protection measures.

Competitive Exchange Rates

For Filipinos living abroad, finding the best currency rates is essential, and ACE Money Transfer is aware of this. ACE Money Transfer is known for providing the best exchange rates in the market that are far more competitive than those of many other industry players. Customers may transfer more money to their loved ones in the Philippines without having to worry about high fees eating up their remittance due to this.


Suppose you want to know how to send money to the Philippines. Here is additional information in our detailed guide on how to send money to the Philippines instantly from abroad through ACE Money Transfer.

A Wider Range of Delivery Options

ACE Money Transfer is proud of the size of its Philippine partner network. Customers have access to an even greater variety of delivery alternatives thanks to ACE’s larger network. ACE Money Transfer makes sure that recipients have a variety of simple methods to get their money, whether it be through direct bank deposits, cash pickup locations, airtime top-ups, or mobile wallet transfers.

Proactive Customer Service

ACE Money Transfer stands out from its rivals because of its superior customer service. The company offers a 24/7 customer support service, enabling Overseas Filipinos to get in touch at any time of the day or night for help or to get answers to any questions. Customers have trusted and remained loyal to ACE Money Transfer because of this dedication to their needs.

Simple and User-Friendly Mobile App

The most recent product update has given the mobile app for ACE Money Transfer a facelift. For overseas Filipinos who are always on the go, sending money is made even simpler by the simplified and user-friendly design. The mobile app guarantees a flawless experience for every user with features like transaction tracking and fast alerts.

Tools for Beneficiary Management

Managing beneficiaries may be difficult, especially for clients in the Philippines who have several receivers. Recent product updates from ACE Money Transfer include improved beneficiary administration capabilities that make it simple for users to add, change, or remove recipients. This function streamlines the procedure and centralises all transactions.

Available in a Variety of Languages

ACE Money Transfer now provides its platform and customer service in other languages, including Tagalog and Cebuano, in recognition of the variety of its customer base. This upgrade makes the money transfer procedure more inclusive and accessible by ensuring that overseas Filipinos can communicate easily and effectively.


The Way Forward

ACE Money Transfer's latest product upgrades have changed the way overseas Filipinos send and receive money. ACE guarantees a smooth and engaging remittance experience with improved simplicity, security, and an extensive array of customer-centric features. Never before has it been simpler or more lucrative to send money to Philippines online from Italy and other foreign countries. Join the ACE Family and start benefitting from the exceptional remittance solutions.




How can You use ACE Money Transfer to send money to the Philippines?

With ACE Money Transfer, it's easy to send money to the Philippines. You only need to register on their website or mobile app, add your receiver, decide on the amount, and choose a delivery method. Your funds will quickly reach their intended location.


Is the ACE Money Transfer mobile app accessible to iOS and Android users alike?

Yes, both Android and iOS users may download the ACE Money Transfer mobile app, which provides a smooth user experience on both systems.


Are there any transaction limits for sending money to the Philippines?

Depending on the destination and the preferred delivery type, ACE Money Transfer may have various transaction restrictions. On their website or by contacting customer service, you may get comprehensive information.


What forms of payment does ACE Money Transfer accept?

Bank transfers, debit cards, and credit cards are just a few of the several payment options that ACE Money Transfer supports.  Additionally, they provide several alternatives based on the nation from which you are transferring the money.

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