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ACE's Role in Financial Inclusion: Reaching Underserved Nepalese Expats in the UK

ACE's Role in Financial Inclusion: Reaching Underserved Nepalese Expats in the UK

14 May 2024

Have you ever wondered how ACE bridges the financial gap for Nepalese expats in the UK? Understandably, each money transfer from UK to Nepal plays a massive role in advancing financial inclusion. If you are new to financial inclusion, explore the article for exciting details. Financial inclusion means the availability of financial services like banks and online services to all individuals and institutions. It aims to provide advanced and necessary financial management tools like instant and cost-effective ways of transferring and handling money.

In Nepal, financial inclusion needs to be higher. Advanced finance-handling tools were available to only 33.8% of people. In 2021, financial inclusion rose by 54%, a prominent success. Many areas of Nepal still need more financial inclusion. Financial inclusion also impacts the quality of life people live in a region. Easy access to financial tools improves the individual lifestyle. ACE Money Transfer significantly promotes financial inclusion by reaching underserved Nepalese expatriates in the UK. It is a remittance transfer company with innovative and advanced features, making financial accessibility easier for Nepalese expats. 

Role of ACE Money Transfer for Bringing Financial Inclusion In Underserved Areas of Nepal

Financial inclusion is essential for any country. Consider some regions with no money transfer facilities, like banks and financial institutes. It means people are disconnected from the financial world. They need help from someone to send them money to meet their expenses.

Most Nepalese individuals live in the UK and seek ways to send money to their families in Nepal. Still, the remittance cycle is hindered due to lack of financial inclusion in some areas of Nepal. However, with the empowerment of financial inclusion, expats can easily send money from the UK to Nepal. ACE encourages financial inclusion in the following ways:

Affordable Ways of Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer facilitates Nepalese expats in sending money back home. Nepalese expats can now provide remittance aid to areas not directly connected with the financial world. Moreover, it allows expats to send money at meager rates and as much as they want without fearing transfer fees. An affordable way to make cross-border payments is decisive in financial inclusion.

Safe and Secure

ACE is a secure platform for everyone. It ensures that every penny reaches its destination safely. It is an online remittance transfer service with many advanced security tools, such as biometrics (face detection, fingerprint enabler, identity verification), 2FA, encryption, and SSL. These features guard the expats' money and ensure it reaches its destination.

Connected with Various Financial Institutes

ACE reaches underserved areas and is connected with numerous banks and financial institutes in Nepal. Connecting with financial institutes raises financial inclusion. Individuals who live far away from banks can find the nearest location to connect to the financial world. Receivers can visit the following branches to get their money: 

  • Araniko Development Bank Ltd Nepal
  • Century Commercial Bank Limited Nepal
  • Siddhartha Bank Nepal
  • Best Remit Nepal
  • Citizens Bank International Ltd Nepal
  • Mega Bank Nepal

Convenient and Accessible

The services of ACE Money Transfer are highly accessible. Expats living in the UK can easily send money online to Nepal from UK. The ACE mobile app is straightforward to operate. You can make multiple transactions with numerous people daily without limitations or restrictions. Its services are available for all the Nepalese and expats in the UK who want to send money to Nepal.

Competitive Exchange Rates

ACE offers a transparent fee structure so no one remains misguided. It provides affordable exchange rates so more amount can reach the receiver. By allowing receivers to receive maximum money, ACE promotes financial inclusion and helps the Nepalese people drive their economy by meeting their financial needs.

Promotes Community Engagement 

Having proper ways to handle financial matters means all the areas of Nepal are connected. It also financially connects you with your loved ones in the UK. ACE participates actively in the Nepalese expat community in the UK by organizing community events and programs and encouraging remittance. Moreover, it announces yearly giveaways to increase community engagement in financial inclusion.

24/7 Availability

The services of ACE are available 24/7. Whether day or night, Sunday or a working day, expats can make transactions using ACE. As an expat, you can immediately open institutes to send remittances. ACE Mobile app allows everyone to handle information online by providing essential tools like tracking remittances, generating receipts, and sending money.

Instant Transactions

ACE Money Transfer allows expats to make an online money transfer from UK to Nepal to attend to loved ones' emergencies. Having a safe site for getting money in the hour of need is like having a blessing. Sending money to Nepal from the UK using ACE takes a few minutes and clicks. Instant transactions are also integral to financial inclusion in society, so people can get financial help when needed.

Powerful Tools

ACE offers all the powerful tools essential for financial inclusion, such as accessible money transfer services, low-cost remittance transactions, competitive exchange rates,  user-friendly mobile applications, and 24/7 customer support. Moreover, it is a secure service with many benefits for senders and receivers.

How Financial Inclusion is Powering Nepal's Future?

Financial inclusion is necessary for the progress of any country. Financial inclusion means having the cheapest way to send money to Nepal from the UK. The rotation of money in an area improves that area's living standards and empowers the economy. The following are the significant benefits of financial inclusion in Nepal:

  • Financial inclusion enables the economy of a country and raises the standards of its people
  • It maintains the flow of income, which elevates the economy
  • It creates ways for consistent remittance transfer and makes the economy strong
  • It alleviates poverty and allows individuals to manage their finances effectively
  • Access to financial services allows individuals to create bank accounts, which can be used for various purposes like savings, paying bills, doing groceries, and shopping. Moreover, individuals can also make investments and proceed with insurance.
  • Nepal relies heavily on remittances from the UK, and financial inclusion facilitates the flow of remittances that act as financial aid for the local community and empower the economy. 

For further information, read the Role of Financial Inclusion in Policy Making for Money Transfers to Nepal.

Financial inclusions are decisive in elevating the economy and removing a country's poverty. Nepal needs improvement in its financial inclusion because the underdeveloped areas of Nepal need access to financial technologies. Having a bank account to handle financial needs is a time requirement. ACE Money Transfer plays a vital role in empowering Nepal's economic inclusion. It gives all Nepalese access to remittance from their loved ones living in the UK by providing reasonable exchange rates, low service fees, and the facility of instant transactions. ACE plays a prominent role in maximizing Nepal's financial inclusion.

Concluding Thoughts: Financial Inclusion for Nepalese Expats in the UK!

ACE Money Transfer plays a significant role in promoting financial inclusion in Nepal. Financial inclusion refers to the availability of advanced and modern money-handling techniques and services like banks, remittance services, and insurance centers. Also, a country must have unique and intelligent ways to manage finance through modern tools like biometrics, online money transfer services, and instant transactions. Financial inclusion keeps up with the needs of any country's individuals, expats, and business people.

ACE facilitates expats and businesses in Nepal by providing them with ways to manage their cross-border payments. ACE is one of the best ways to send money to Nepal from UK. It reaches almost everyone living in Nepal through its cost-effective and efficient ways of transactions. It keeps people financially connected with their loved ones living abroad. Moreover, it facilitates businesses in keeping a record of their transactions, making budget plans, or generating slips for legal use. ACE bridges the financial gap between Nepalese expats and Nepal’s financial system by providing transparency in money transactions.


What is financial inclusion?

Financial inclusion means having an active facility to manage finances in modern ways. This means that advanced finance management tools are available to everyone, including small business people and expats in that particular country. 

What is the role of ACE Money Transfer in empowering financial inclusion in Nepal?

ACE is crucial in empowering financial inclusion by providing accessible remittance services with competitive rates and low fees. It is the fastest and most advanced way of sending and receiving income.

What are the benefits of financial inclusion?

Financial inclusion promotes equality and removes class distinction. It alleviates poverty and drives a country's economy. It maintains the flow of income inside the country and helps people manage their expenses.

How does ACE reach underserved people in Nepal?

ACE is connected to multiple banks in Nepal, making it easy to access underserved people. Moreover, it encourages remittances and the flow of income in a country to cater to their needs.

How can Nepalese expats in the UK send money to Nepal? 

Nepalese expats can send money to Nepal using banks or remittance services like ACE Money Transfer. It is a highly accessible and efficient remittance transfer service with numerous benefits for senders and receivers.

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