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ACE Partners with Bank Al Habib for Cash Pickup | 940+ Locations Across Pakistan

ACE Partners with Bank Al Habib for Cash Pickup | 940+ Locations Across Pakistan

18 Oct 2021

Money transfer has become one of the leading & trending discussions in the last few years. Just before the millennia turned over, global remittance services were very limited. But, with the advent of banking corporations & remittance service providers people can manage transfers across borders in just a few seconds.  

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib Limited

ACE Money Transfer has strengthened its partnership with Bank Al-Habib, one of the leading banking corporations in Pakistan. Beneficiaries can now receive remittances in cash in addition to bank transfers from an extensive network of 940+ Bank Al-Habib locations across the country.

Here is a quick explanation on how the process will work and a recap for those who are our regular customers.

How can you send money with ACE Money Transfer?

You just need to follow some quick and easy steps:

  1. Signup or Login on ACE Money Transfer’s App or Website.
  2. Select your sending country.
  3. Select Pakistan as your receiving country.
  4. Select Cash as the payout option and Bank Al Habib Limited as the payout partner.
  5. Provide beneficiary details.
  6. Provide sender details.
  7. Enter your desired amount & hit send.

That's it!

How can you receive money with Bank Al Habib?

If you are an existing customer of Bank Al Habib, you can get a direct credit of remittance amount, straight into your bank account. Otherwise, Bank Al Habib has added cash pickup as another option for your convenience. To pick up money in cash, follow these simple steps to receive your remittance.

  1. Provide the reference number/PIN code at the counter.
  2. Provide the proof of your identity (NIC, Passport).
  3. Complete a simple form and receive your payment in cash.

This partnership between ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al-Habib has enabled customer to send money to Pakistan with convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Join the ACE network and share moments of happiness with your friends and families.

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