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ACE Money Transfer Waives Fees On Remittance Transfers To Pakistan In Collaboration With Renowned Banks In Pakistan

ACE Money Transfer Waives Fees On Remittance Transfers To Pakistan In Collaboration With Renowned Banks In Pakistan

28 Nov 2022

Giving back to its customers is one reason customers love using ACE Money Transfer's services. Besides giving fee-free first transfers to Pakistani expatriates for every money transfer to Pakistan, ACE Money Transfer offers a complete waiver of fees with the collaboration of renowned banks in Pakistan.

We know you are thinking, “why does ACE Money Transfer do this?” What benefit do they get? Stay with us till the end of this 2-minute read to find out.

Motivation To Use Legal Medium Of Money Transfers:

The percentage of illegal money transfers to Pakistan has dropped significantly over the past decade. This has been made possible by the initiatives taken by the government of Pakistan in collaboration with regulated international money transfer service providers such as ACE Money Transfer.

These initiatives ensure to empower an ownership system in Pakistan for the facilitation of remittances. The State Bank of Pakistan, The Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, and The Ministry of Finance undertook one such joint endeavour called Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI). This endeavour is meant to take all essential actions and efforts to improve the flow of remittances by implementing certain procedures, such as incentivising remittance service providers.

The objectives meant to be achieved by this initiative are:

Promoting, administering, quicker, cost-effective, effortless & efficient inflow of remittances for developing investment opportunities in Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis and the locals.

Recently ACE Money Transfer collaborated with two of the most prominent banking networks in Pakistan, Allied Bank Limited and Bank Al Habib. Two joint promotional and awareness campaigns are underway to encourage Pakistani expats to use the legal channels of remittances to send money to Pakistan.

Not only can Pakistani expats send money to all parts of Pakistan covered by over thousands of branches of Allied Bank Limited and Bank Al Habib, but they can be assured that by using legal mediums such as ACE Money Transfer for the purpose of online money transfer, their transactions are secure, instant, fee-free, and hassle-free at the best online exchange rates offered.

How To Avail Of Free Money Transfers?

Why go for unregulated money transfer service providers giving a few extra cents or to agents with huge service charges? Instead, benefit from international free money transfers by using the ACE Money Transfer app or website. Not only will your opening transaction be free of cost, but you also will get an extra rate and the promise of secure delivery of remittances to your loved ones back in Pakistan.

Besides the fee-free first transfer, we also offer zero service charges to Pakistani expats for sending remittances of more than 85 GBP or equivalent. For instance, if you live in Australia and send more than 140 AUD to Pakistan, you will benefit from zero service charges and get the best available online exchange rate.

All you have to do is to select Pakistan as your receiving country in the app or website and enter your details. For the intended recipient's details, select your preferred payment methods such as credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, and choose the pat out method like cash pick up, bank deposit, utility bill payment, mobile wallet, or Airtime Top-up.

Collaboration With Renowned Banks Of Pakistan:

Besides the recent collaborations of ACE Money Transfer with Bank Al Habib Limited and Allied Bank Limited to bring exciting offers and incentives to Pakistani expats, ACE Money Transfer has also collaborated with other prestigious banks of Pakistan such as Habib Bank Limited, Bank Alfalah, Askari Bank, National Bank Of Pakistan, JS Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank, Meezan Bank, The Bank of Punjab, United Bank Limited, Faysal Bank Limited etc.

Almost all the commercial banks that are operating in Pakistan have collaborated with ACE Money Transfer to serve the Pakistani expats in delivering their promises in the form of remittances to their loved ones awaiting back home.

One noticeable reason for the tendency to shift from conventional ways of money transfer towards digital has been such incentives being offered. And, of course, besides the free-of-cost money transfers, Pakistani expats also rely on the security that ACE Money Transfer provides with the collaboration of renowned banks in Pakistan.

The ability to track money transfers in real-time, the correspondence, the technical support, the legal support, the proof of funds, and the anti-fraud compliance systems provide peace of mind to Pakistani expats.

Get the Most Benefits of Online Money Transfers to Pakistan from Overseas

To sum up, ACE Money Transfer is a platform tailor-made for Pakistani expats through which they can easily, securely and reliably transfer their remittances without having to pay excessive fees while enjoying at home. So give ACE Money Transfer a try today and experience an instant, free-of-cost, and secure online money transfer to Pakistan at matchless exchange rates without stepping outside your home.


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