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ACE Money Transfer's Salam Bangladesh Promotion is Here with Enticing Rewards - Learn How to Win Yours

ACE Money Transfer's Salam Bangladesh Promotion is Here with Enticing Rewards - Learn How to Win Yours

20 Mar 2023

According to an IOM UN Migration report, Bangladesh ranks 6th in the list of top 20 countries of origin for migrants worldwide. The same report said that about 7.5 million Bangladeshi expatriates reside in different countries to earn a living and send money to Bangladesh to offer financial support to their families back home.

Till October 2019, these Bangladeshi migrants had sent in about $15,112.57 million in remittances.

Sending money home regularly is integral to a migrant’s life for fulfilling financial needs, and ACE Money Transfer supports these migrant workers with exceptional rewards and prizes. The firm’s most famous promotion for Bangladeshi diasporas, known as “Salam Bangladesh”, is up here again with newer rewards this time.

Yes. You read it right.

By keeping its tradition of facilitating its valued customers in unique ways, ACE Money Transfer is back at your service again. Suppose you are a Bangladeshi migrant residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia or Switzerland and choose to send money to Bangladesh from the listed countries above between the 1st of March till the 30th of April. In that case, you will have a fair chance of winning exciting prizes. Keep reading to learn more about this year’s mega promotion.

What Are The Prizes in this Year’s Salam Bangladesh Promotion?

2 brand new Honda X Blade Motorcycles and 8 iPhone 14 Plus 128GB are on offer in this exciting campaign.

The best part is that you can win any of these prizes by simply being a customer of ACE Money Transfer, whose remittance services you use for a secure and swift money transfer to Bangladesh from the countries listed above.

Why Does ACE Money Transfer Launch Such Campaigns?

The company takes stock of the financial woes of the migrants. The best service features the company offers to its customers is a practical understanding of this.

In addition, launching such campaigns facilitates the migrants in ways they hardly think about. If looked closely and with a bird’s eye view of the company’s history, you will realise that such campaigns are designed specifically for the migrants of low to middle-income countries (LMICs). And Bangladesh, of course, is one of the LMICs.

Click Here to learn the details about participating.

A look at Bangladesh’s economy is pertinent here for a better conceptual understanding.


A Look At The Quick Facts About Bangladeshi Economy And The Recent Remittance Figure

  • A report by the World Bank said that the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Bangladesh was $416.26 billion in 2021.
  • Another report by the World Bank said that the GDP per capita income in Bangladesh in 2021 was $2,457.9.
  • A report by the Dhaka Tribune said that the Bangladeshi migrants sent in $12.45 billion in remittances during the first seven months (July-January) of the current fiscal year 2022-2023.

Despite being the 6th country of origin for migrants, Bangladesh is still not among the top ten countries receiving remittances.

Why Does The Current Campaign Include Vehicles And Smartphones?

You live in the 21st century, whose almost every aspect is driven by technology to save time, energy, effort, money, etc.

In this context, the company has picked up vehicles and smartphones to create ease for commuting and communication.

Because it will be a challenge to imagine your life without open means to commute as well as communicate when you are dependent on others for both of these.

But the current campaign brings this exciting opportunity to win amazing prizes and be independent in these two critically important areas of life – if you and your loved ones aren’t already!

What is the One Trick that can Brighten Your Chances of Winning?

There is no trick involved! It is as plain and simple as it sounds.

Your online money transfer to Bangladesh from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland with ACE Money Transfer will enable you to participate in one of the many amazing and award-giving campaigns, leading to a series of lucky draws, of the company.

This is how you can participate.

As for brightening your chances to win the exciting prizes, all you have to do is to make as many transactions from abroad to Bangladesh as possible between March 1st till April 30th.

But here’s the catch!

And consider this with care.

The Catch Explained

In the excitement of winning the prizes, you will likely send your funds in the described ways several times daily. Right?

But, make sure to divide the funds you think you can manage during the campaign duration and prepare the sending schedule in a manner that you send money daily instead of making several transfers in a single day.

Simply put, schedule your transfers back home in a way that you do not waste a single day. Another point that deserves mentioning is explained as under:

Till How Many Days Will Your Prize Await You?

This is a natural question that comes to mind in such campaigns.

In case you win the prize and are contacted to come or send someone to collect it but cannot manage this, and the reasons for it can be many, the company will wait for 7 days.

If your or your nominee’s absence prolongs 7 days to collect the prize, the company will announce another lucky draw to choose another winner.

ACE Money Transfer – A Remittance Service Offering Prizes For Your Tiny Move

Win one of the 2 brand-new Honda X Blade Motorcycles or one of the 8 iPhone 14+ 128 GB, with ACE Money Transfer along with safety, speed, live exchange rates much more for a low fee. You are already transferring remittances. Right? Now nudge your money in ACE Money Transfer’s way, and send money to Bangladesh online with it to win amazing prizes now! 


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