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ACE Money Transfer in Australia!

24 Feb 2021

Time for some exciting news to kick off the year. After their successful accomplishments in other regions of the world, ACE Money Transfer is expanding its service into Australia. Now people in Australia can also benefit from the exciting and astonishing offers of ACE Money Transfer. They will also be able to send and receive international remittances at the best deals. 

Reliable and Secure Remittance Partner

ACE Money Transfer has been emerging as one of the top leading remittance service providers. Equipped with the latest digital and technical facilities, ACE seeks to provide its customers with the best services when it comes to reliability. ACE is successfully delivering all the necessary parameters to host safe and secure transactions efficiently.

Best Solution for International Remittance

In the world of rapid transitions, ACE Money Transfer stands out from the crowd to serve as the best online platform for sending and receiving money worldwide. With numerous global networks of partner banks, it’s now easier to receive money online. Experience the luxury of international remittances on ACE Money Transfer.

Best Transactional Cost

ACE Money Transfer is among few online remittance providers, which hosts low transactional charges regarding international remittances. ACE believes in the contribution of delivering the best and cost-effective transactional cost for clients and customers. 

Profitable Exchange Rates

ACE offers competitive exchange rates on a daily basis for international remittances. Compared to all of the similar remittance service providers, ACE provide very superior exchange rates bringing convenience in international remittances.

Rapid and Swift International Transactions

Enjoy smooth and instant transactions with just a few clicks only on ACE Money Transfer. ACE offers quick and rapid transactions, whether you are sending money to your loved ones or receiving money. Customers can select a suitable category for the delivery of payments. ACE’s operations are built around keeping the money of the customer safe, which means you can send money with a peace of mind.

Smart Mobile Application

As of the year 2021, technological advancements around the world have skyrocketed. ACE has kept themselves ahead of the mark to deliver an application that eases your money transfer needs significantly. By using this application, you can manage your transactions on the move. All you have to do is download it. Complete the basic requirements and start making your transactions from anywhere you please.

Now you can send money to Pakistan from Australia with ZERO-FEE.

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