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Win a Brand New Car, Honda CD70 Bikes and Much More!

Win a Brand New Car, Honda CD70 Bikes and Much More!

16 Oct 2020

ACE Money Transfer announced an exciting opportunity for their Pakistani customers to WIN a brand new CAR, HONDA CD70 BIKES, and many other GIFT Vouchers. Choose Bank Alfalah as the payout location and ask your receiver to collect money from any Branch in Pakistan - to give them a chance to win amazing gifts.


ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah Joining Hands to Ease Out Money Transfer!


So Are You Interested in Winning Handsome Prizes with The Ease of Money Transfer?

This offer not only provides the opportunity for you to secure your money transferring strategies but also brings along the super offer of winning prizes. Like seven smartwatches for both iOS and Android users, 14-Honda CD70 Bikes, 14-Gift Vouchers, and a brand new 1800CC car in an excellent Bumper price to be held in December.

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah cooperate service will help you to send money to Pakistan with great trust and reliability. The mutual connection effort will also ease out the process and understanding for the new users as well as for the long-term users of the money transfer service. So, meet hands with lawfully protected money transfer services of ACE Money Transfer in a mutual corporation with your always trusted Bank Alfalah.


This mutual effort between ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah is to bring Pakistani migrants, the ease of transferring money without worrying about any transaction doubts and delayed transfers.

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah have brought a fantastic offer for their customers! Now you can send your money to your loved ones and receive it from any branch of Bank Alfalah along with some exciting opportunities for winning bumper prizes.

ACE and Bank Alfalah – A Combined Venture to Ease Money Transfer!

The offer is non‐transferable cannot be reverted and encashed. Moreover, it's valid from June 1st to December 31st, 2020 only. However, the mentioned dates are subject to change at ACE discretion. The bumper price of Car will be announced for the lucky winner around the deadline that is 31st December.

The service could be entertained in various cities of Pakistan, wherever there is a branch of Bank Alfalah. This opportunity will enable people of remote areas and far off places with not so much understanding and resources for money transfer, to easily avail of the services with their fellow citizens and service providers working at Bank Alfalah and ACE Money Transfer.

Dealing with Money Transfer Problem? Wait… No More!

Staying away from family and one’s country is not easy, especially when you need to get accustomed to all new things in a new place.

Emigrates often have to face situations where their money is stuck up in between understating the procedure, relaying the service, and conveniently sending money without excessive charges on the sending and receiving side of money transfer. The major problem of the money transferring method could be a headache for you at a new place.

Don’t get confused with the mystifying and unclear money transfer services that are not only difficult to understand in terms of policies and management but also create difficulty for new users in understanding the methods of money transfer.

ACE Money Transfer has proven to be a convenient, safe, and cost-effective since 2002. They are providing top-notch services all over the European countries.

Thus, almost two decades of mutual trustworthiness has enabled its users to rely on it for a convenient transfer all across the globe. 

The detail terms and conditions about money transfer and prizes could be followed on the official websites of ACE Money Transfer. So, don’t miss the opportunity of easing out your money transfer problem alongside availing the chance to win exciting prizes and a dream car.




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