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A Quick Guide to Adjusting Life in Germany as a Pakistani Expat

05 Jun 2023

Leaving your home country and moving to a new place like Germany can be both thrilling and challenging. Like people from other developing nations, millions of Pakistanis also move abroad in search of better employment to earn handsome salaries and send money to Pakistan from abroad as financial support for their families. As a Pakistani expat, you may encounter a different cultural landscape, but with the right approach and mindset, you can adjust and flourish in your new environment. So, how do you make this happen? Let's dive in and find out!

Understanding the Cultural Differences

German Punctuality

In Germany, being on time is essential. It's a sign of respect and reliability. So, if you've got an appointment or a meeting, be sure to arrive on time or even a few minutes early. You might be surprised at how strictly this is adhered to compared to Pakistani standard time!

Formality in Germany

Germans value formality and clear-cut boundaries. In social settings, and especially in business relationships, you'll notice this quite often. It's not about being cold or distant; it's more about respecting each other's space and privacy.

Learning the Language

Knowing German is critical to integrating into the local culture. Germans appreciate when foreigners make an effort to learn their language. Numerous language schools offer courses to foreigners, from beginner to advanced levels. You can also use language learning apps and join language exchange meetups.


The Importance of Following Laws and Regulations

Germany is known for its strict adherence to laws and regulations. Whether it's traffic rules, recycling, or paying your TV license, it's crucial to abide by the rules. As they say, "Ordnung muss sein" – there must be order.

Adapting to German Food

German cuisine is diverse, with dishes ranging from Bratwurst to Sauerkraut. Don't be surprised if you find the food a little different from the rich, spicy flavours of Pakistani cuisine. But who knows? You might develop a taste for Pretzels and Beer!

Most Pakistanis settle abroad to make more than what they could in their homeland. If you’ve also moved to Europe and want to know about the best methods for cross-border money transfers, you might like to read about the fastest ways to send money to Pakistan from Europe.

Embracing the Weather

Germany's weather can be quite different from Pakistan's, with cold winters and mild summers. It's essential to have proper clothing for different seasons. Enjoy the winter wonderland and the lovely summer beer gardens!


Socialising and Making Friends

Making friends may take time, as Germans usually take a while to open up. However, once you've made a German friend, they're often friends for life! Join local clubs, volunteer activities, and social events to meet people and build relationships.

Making friends helps you quickly adjust to the new culture and learn to handle different day-to-day needs effectively and timely. For instance, if you need to make an urgent money transfer to Pakistan from Germany, your friends can help you find the best way.

Exploring Education and Job Opportunities

Studying or getting employed are the two primary purposes for which most Pakistanis move abroad. Let’s quickly look at Germany’s education system and job market to help you understand and pursue your career as a Pakistani.

Education System

Germany's education system is excellent and, in some cases, free of charge! If you're looking at furthering your education, this might be a good opportunity.

Job Market

Germany has a strong economy and offers diverse job opportunities. From IT to engineering to healthcare, there are various sectors where skilled professionals are in demand. It's essential to have your qualifications recognised in Germany, so be sure to research the process.

Navigating Healthcare

Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, with excellent medical facilities and highly trained doctors. Make sure you're familiar with the insurance system and know how to access medical services when you need them.


The Role of Religion

While the majority of Germans are Christian, the country is very tolerant and respects all religions. As a Pakistani expat, you will have the freedom to practice your religion openly. There are many mosques across the country where you can join communal prayers and other religious activities.

Leisure Activities and Celebrations in Germany

Germany is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Explore museums, hike in the Black Forest, or enjoy the vibrant Oktoberfest! Germans love their holidays and celebrate them with zeal. Join in these celebrations to experience the local culture.


Building a Support System

While you may miss your loved ones back in Pakistan, it's essential to build a support system in Germany. Join Pakistani expat groups, attend local community events, and maintain contact with your family and friends back home.

You may also save money as much as possible that you can use in emergencies or future goals. Where many other strategies can help you make savings, it’s recommended that you may send money to Pakistan online via a trusted remittance provider like ACE Money Transfer, which offers competitive exchange rates and the lowest transfer costs.

Managing Finances

Understanding the cost of living and managing your finances is crucial. Germany has a higher cost of living compared to Pakistan, so budgeting your expenses will be important. Familiarise yourself with the banking system, and be sure to plan for taxes.

The Way Forward

Adjusting to a new life in Germany as a Pakistani expat is an exciting journey. It may take some time, but with the right mindset and guidance, you can embrace the German way of life. Remember, it's not about losing your roots but adding new branches to your life tree.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Germany a good place for Pakistani expats?

Germany offers a high standard of living, a strong economy, excellent educational opportunities, and a multicultural society that is generally welcoming towards foreigners.

How can I find Pakistani communities in Germany?

Social media, local community events, and mosques are great places to connect with other Pakistani expats in Germany.

Do I need to know German to live in Germany?

While you can manage with English in the beginning, learning German will significantly improve your work opportunities and social integration.


How is the job market in Germany for Pakistani expats?

The job market in Germany is robust. However, the ease of finding a job will depend on your qualifications, German language skills, and the industry you're targeting.

What is the most challenging aspect of living in Germany as a Pakistani expat?

Each person's experience will differ, but common challenges can include dealing with the language barrier, adjusting to cultural differences, and missing family and friends back home.


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