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8 Expat Problems That Are Just Too Real - All You Need To Know

8 Expat Problems That Are Just Too Real - All You Need To Know

05 Nov 2022

Sounds fascinating to go to a country you always wanted to visit for work or education? Your excitement is bound to increase if you belong to a developing country like Bangladesh and still travel to a developed country that is way too advanced. You may find work or education easily in a country you are visiting. But have you ever thought about some of the grave challenges you face as an expatriate in a foreign land? As a Bangladeshi expatriate, you might find it challenging to send money to Bangladesh to your family quickly, safely, and risk-free. Besides, there can be several other problems in a foreign country that you might have to undergo.

Let’s discuss some major problems for expat workers and figure out the best possible solutions for these troubles. Here is a list of some of the expatriates' most common and real challenges.

Problems Expatriates Face In A Foreign Country.

The first morning in a new country will be exciting. Sun will appear brighter, and it may also have risen earlier. The air you breathe smells different. You will be filled with curiosity to explore the city.

But as you begin to move, you will encounter challenges and face obstacles, trying to overcome, which you might get lost as navigating the way gets tougher.

These challenges depend on your background and the place you have moved to. But below are the most common challenges most expatriates face in a new country.

The Language Barrier 

Many countries like Italy are known to speak Italian only. It can be a big challenge to visit such a country and not know its native language. You will find it difficult to talk to the cab drivers to get to your new home. Besides, discussing rentals with the landlords will be challenging and frustrating for you if you do not know the basics of the language.

Cultural Understanding And Absorption

You need to have adaptability in you as an expatriate if you want to succeed as one. Many cultural norms and customs in a foreign country appear strange to you. But understanding and adopting them is essential to integrate into the new culture and mix with the people following those customs. 

As an expatriate in China, you must know that the local people are superstitious. A white rose in China, for example, means ghosts and death. But the same white rose in Western countries like the USA depicts purity and innocence.

Housing And Accommodation

It is one of the biggest challenges the expatriates face. You might find a temporary residence near public transportation avenues and your work area. But those accommodations will come at the cost of leaking taps and pipes, crumbling walls and awry repairs.

You should research before moving to a new country and negotiate your accommodation with your employer if your job is confirmed online before relocation. If your employer doesn’t offer residential facilities, you may look for affordable rental apartments, whether on a shared or personally owned basis, nearby your probable work location. You can find several options online in this regard besides local property agents that typically ensure arrangements for expatriates but relatively at higher prices.

As a Bangladeshi expatriate, you must also keep in mind while choosing your residence in a foreign country that basic facilities such as utility stores, clinics, pharmacies, and banking or remittance service offices may not be located far away from your location. Having these facilities close to your work or living place can help you instantly manage day-to-day needs. In case you can’t find a financial institution nearby your location in the destination country, don’t worry. You can send money to Bangladesh online using ACE Money Transfer from the middle of your comfort zone, whether at the workplace or at your apartment, 24x7, and even on holidays.

Understanding Local Laws And Legal Requirements

Always remember that every country has different rules and regulations for renting or purchasing a property. Overlooking those requirements at the expense of taking care of other issues can land you in trouble. Seeking advice from someone experienced can be helpful as some countries may require you to register, set up a social security system, pay taxes or obtain an ID card, etc. But never underestimate the local legal requirements of the new country.

Adjusting To The Local Weather

Prepare the necessary attire for the weather of the country you are moving to. You can thoroughly study the weather online, which makes your preparation easy. If you move to the UK from Asia, you will find UK’s cloudy and rainy weather quite depressing and hard to adjust to. Similarly, if you are moving to a country with a relatively hotter climate, you will find adjusting to it equally challenging. Studying the weather in advance and proper preparation can help you overcome this challenge.

Earning And Managing Income

Remember that whatever work you choose in a foreign country must be sustainable. As a Bangladeshi expatriate moving to another country, your core aim is earning remittances and sending money to Bangladesh online.

But you will have to put in extra effort to ensure you earn and save more, both of which are at the heart of managing your finances. Keep track of every penny you earn and spend to provide better financial management.

Social Networking Has Become Difficult.

For long-term success as an expatriate, you must integrate into the local community, establish new friendships and expand your circle. The advantage you can have as an expatriate is that most of the communities in foreign countries are pretty generous and extend support. Therefore, making new friends is not that difficult, but it depends mainly on your ability.

Missing Comfort Zone, Family And Friends

Missing family, friends and comfort zone is one of the hardest challenges you can face as an expatriate. Nevertheless, connecting with your family and friends in real time through different technological tools is easier than before. But leaving your comfort zone, friends and family takes a heavy toll on your psychological health.

Besides these 8 problems explained above, you might also face other challenges depending on the type of job and the destination country. It’s always recommended to research various expected troubles and possible solutions before moving to another country.

Let’s get some insight into Bangladesh’s economy and why its people decide to move overseas.

Little Insight Into The Background of Why People Migrate from Bangladesh to Developing Countries

Despite being the world’s 41st largest economy with a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $397 billion and the 30th largest with a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of $1.11 trillion, the people of Bangladesh struggle to have decent means of living.

The lack of quality education and shortage of jobs in Bangladesh and almost all the developing countries drive people into poverty. These poor segments of society struggle to put food on the table. Therefore, they try to go to developed countries like the UK, Switzerland, Australia and Europe, etc.

In Bangladesh, the job market is not viable like in many other countries. Its unemployment rate is 4.2%, and the inflation rate is 5.9%. Bangladeshi people suffer immensely due to the frequent political upheavals the country undergoes. Therefore, the people of Bangladesh go to Western countries, earn remittances and send money to Bangladesh.

But, going to another country for work or education is more accessible. There are several challenges the expatriates face regardless of which country they belong to and which country they travel to.

International Money Transfer For Expatriates

With their worldwide presence, most online money transfer companies, including ACE Money Transfer, have made online money transfers easy for expatriates. These conveniently provide the best international money transfer services through their international money transfer apps. 

Although the 8 challenges listed above are the most common ones, expatriates face. There are many other challenges that trouble expatriates. A prior study, proper preparations and your ability to quickly adapt to new environments can help you overcome these all. If transferring funds back home is the major challenge for you as a Bangladeshi expatriate, you’ve got the right solution here. You can instantly make an online money transfer to Bangladesh 24x7, right from the middle of your comfort zone or on the go, using ACE Money Transfer’s remittance services with the best exchange rates yet at the lowest transfer fees. 


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