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11 Essential Tips You Must Consider When Moving To Canada From The Gambia In 2023

11 Essential Tips You Must Consider When Moving To Canada From The Gambia In 2023

11 Jan 2023

If you're thinking about moving from the Gambia to Canada so that you can support your family financially and send money to Gambia from Canada, you're not alone. Thousands of Gambian citizens begin the relocation process to Canada each year to start a new life. This article goes into great detail about how to relocate from the Gambia to Canada, whether or not you have a job offer. In 2023, many Gambian citizens intend to immigrate to Canada. Discover how you can join them. Gambia citizens are welcome to immigrate to Canada.

Gambian nationals frequently choose Canada because, compared to other immigration destinations, your chances of being accepted are high. Canada needs over a million skilled immigrants over the coming years, and it is very open to applications for immigration from people moving to Canada from the Gambia. 

Several occupations need skilled workers in Canada, so the country is accepting new residents from the Gambia and other low-to-middle-income countries. Applications from Gambian nationals for family, investor, and student visas are also welcomed. With about 15,000 moving to Canada applications, the number of Gambian nationals moving to Canada is increasing by more than 11.66% annually. Consider the following tips to ensure your migration goes as smoothly as possible.

Tips to Safely Settle in Canada after Migrating from the Gambia

You’ll need numerous things to ensure a safe and smooth settlement in Canada. You can learn these things throughout the migration process that the Canadian immigration authority guides every immigrant. The following tips are helpful to avoid any hassles and settle in Canada conveniently.

Be Aware Of The Items You're Bringing

Make a list of the appliances and other household items you'll need to purchase once you arrive. You might want to buy some things before moving or pack them for a trip. For instance, if you don't have access to a washer at home, you should pack a few loads of laundry to bring on the plane.

It's crucial to understand what documentation you'll require in order to cross the border. This includes your passport, evidence of your current address in Canada (such as utility bills or bank statements), and if you're moving with kids, their birth certificates, and other crucial documents.

Learn More About Canadian Health Insurance And Other Advantages

Find out if your health insurance policy is accepted in Canada and what services are covered while you reside outside the country. The Child Tax Benefit and the GST/HST Credit are a couple of the additional benefits to which you may be entitled as a newcomer to Canada. More information can be found by contacting Service Canada or visiting official government websites.

Locate A Residence

You can reserve a room in a Canadian hotel, hostel, or short-term rental before you arrive in Canada by visiting websites like Airbnb or VRBO. Once you've had some time to get familiar with your new surroundings and you're ready to rent or get a home of your own, you can contact a real estate agent for advice or conduct your own online search. In order to find a property, you can use websites and apps.

Create A Bank Account

Although you can open a foreign bank account before coming to Canada, you'll still need to open a chequing account once you get there if you want to do your regular banking there. Thankfully, opening a bank account in Canada is quick and simple, and Canadian banks are trustworthy and secure. 

For unique newcomer banking solutions, credit cards, and other services, check out the Scotiabank StartRight program. If you use ACE, you don't need to be worried because ACE facilitates you to send money to Gambia online from any location in the world.

Cost of Living 

Although living costs can be high in Canada, depending on where you choose to live, you can enjoy a very comfortable standard of living at a relatively low cost. Vancouver, Toronto, and Victoria are some of the most pricey cities in British Columbia. According to a Mercer survey on the cost of living, the most expensive city in Canada is Vancouver, the 107th-cheapest city in the world, so it might not be too expensive for foreigners looking for work. 

For instance, you'll probably find it less expensive if you return to Canada from the Gambia or another economic hub.

Getting Around In Canada 

Positive news From one end of the country to the other, Canada's public transportation is effective, high-capacity, and offers a variety of options. Canada has a long history with rail, so they are skilled at it. Even though most Canadians only occasionally take longer trips, you can anticipate a comfortable trip (possibly with group discounts).

The distance to the supermarket or even your neighbour's home may be several kilometres in some parts of Canada. You might encounter such conditions in the sweltering heat, pouring rain, or an abundance of snow. Many people drive cars.

If you're thinking about getting one, the first thing to consider is what you want to do with it and where you live. You need a car that can handle icy roads in the winter if you're adventurous or plan to drive in them. You must insure, register, and obtain a driving license for your vehicle before you can legally drive.

Find A Family Doctor Or Dentist

Finding a family doctor is important once you arrive in Canada if you sustain a non-emergency injury or need medication. Many medications must be purchased with a doctor's prescription. It's important to know that most dental care and prescription medications are not covered by public healthcare insurance. 

As an alternative, many Canadians have private health insurance to help defray this expense. In addition to the many private insurance plans employers offer their staff, there are also provincial and territorial medication assistance programs, but you must be eligible. You can use the Government of Canada website to find a family physician or dentist.

Consider Locating A Reputable School In Canada

The Canadian school year lasts between 180 and 190 days, beginning in September after Labor Day and ending in June. The quality of education is very high, and there are many options for schooling for children of expats. It's one of the reasons moving to Canada makes sense for expats with kids.

The administration of schools is the responsibility of each province and territory rather than a federal system. This entails a minor adjustment to the curriculum, evaluation of the school, language, and other aspects of education. In the nation, there are both public and private schools.

Know At Least One Of Canada's Two Official Languages

For the Canadians, having one official language was insufficient, so English and French were treated equally there. Imagine living in Singapore, where there are four official languages, or in Pakistan and India if you think that sounds challenging (multiple official languages). Knowing English will help you find the best job, and it will help to get stronger financially so that you can make an online money transfer to Gambia for your family. 

Except in Quebec's eastern province, where residents make a concerted effort to preserve as much of the country's French identity as possible, you hardly ever notice how French the nation is. To ensure that everyone uses enough French, the OQLF, or language police, enforces laws. It is difficulté for a store to welcome customers and post signs in French if it does not. 

Job Search In Canada

You can check with the Government of Canada Job Bank to start your job search. The Job Bank offers career planning, job searching, and resume-building tools. A good way to meet people in your industry and find a new job is to look for networking opportunities with people in your area of interest. Create a LinkedIn profile to connect with others in your field if you haven't already.

Arriving In Your New City And Settling In

An immigrant's adjustment to life in Canada must happen within the first month. Get to know your neighbours by participating in clubs that interest you, signing up for local newsletters at work or school, and spending time getting to know your neighbours.

Utilise Welcome Wagon and other newcomer services when you can. These initiatives aim to facilitate quicker integration of newcomers than they might be able to achieve on their own. You can also benefit from other complimentary or inexpensive services in your neighbourhood, like job-search assistance or language classes.

Gambian citizens are renowned for having an entrepreneurial spirit in Canada, and there are plenty of opportunities for them there. Take into account these suggestions for a smooth transition to Canadian life and make an effort to enjoy this novel and exciting experience. Canada is renowned for its generosity, multiculturalism, and variety of cultural heritages. Living there is wonderful.

Bottom Line - What’s Most Important after Moving to Canada?

Most Gambians who migrate to Canada do so for personal and deep reasons. Others are concerned with space, access to nature, and work/life balance quality. For some Gambian newcomers, it's a chance to fulfil a lifelong dream.

A Gambian moving to Canada to get employed, launch a new business, grow an existing one, or invest in one of the country's many opportunities to support their families is not unusual. If transferring funds back home to manage your family’s household is your primary goal for moving to Canada, join ACE Money Transfer to make an instant, secure, and economical online money transfer to Gambia. You benefit from the lowest transfer costs, exchange rates, secure transactions, and opportunities to win enticing rewards when using ACE’s services.


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