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10 Budgeting Tips for Bangladeshi International College Students in the UK

30 Apr 2024

Living the dream of staying abroad, aren't you? While studying abroad can be an incredible experience, it can also be costly. Keeping your spending under control can seem like an endless struggle when you include rent, tuition, and groceries. But wait, do not sweat out yourself—we've got you covered! We'll discuss ten excellent budgeting strategies in this blog that are especially meant for Bangladeshi students studying in the UK. We'll cover everything from finding cheap groceries to money transfers from UK to Bangladesh (because, let's face it, Mom sometimes needs a little assistance). Let’s get started!

Understanding Your Finances 

Before diving into the budgeting tips, you need to understand your expenses and finances.

Why Do You Need a Budget?

It can be challenging for students, especially those studying abroad, to manage their finances. This is where making a budget enters the picture. It lessens financial stress by assisting you in making wise budgetary decisions. It serves as a guide, guaranteeing financial control and keeping it from disappearing.

Balance Your Income and Expenses as a Bangladeshi Student

Bangladeshi students studying in the UK can make money through scholarships, part-time jobs, or family support. Tuition, rent, groceries, transportation, and remittances to Bangladesh are typical costs. Tools for creating budgets make it easier to keep track of earnings and outlays, reducing stress and encouraging financial planning for international students.

Top 10 Budgeting Tips For Students

Ten money-saving tips in this section can help you cut costs without sacrificing academic goals or quality of life.

Make A Budget Plan 

When creating a budget, international students studying in the UK must account for expenses like tuition, housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, and entertainment. Set realistic goals for each area's saving and spending. Set financial goals, monitor your spending, and receive alerts when you review your budget using free budgeting tools. Prioritize expenses for needs like food, housing, and transportation to save money and follow sound financial management.

Find a Part-Time Job

Part-time employment is essential for international students to pay for living expenses, make online money transfers from UK to Bangladesh and obtain work experience while studying in the UK. Jobs in the cafeteria or library are available on campus, and off-campus jobs are available in retail or hotel. In addition to online resources, check university career centers and job boards. In your CV, highlight relevant skills and ask professors for references. For more experience and possible career opportunities after graduation, think about internships.

Find Budget-Friendly Accommodation

UK students can lower their living expenses by choosing affordable housing options like shared apartments, dorms, or homestays. Organize your spending by considering elements like location and facilities. Rent and utility costs can be reduced by sharing housing, which also promotes social interaction.   

As you live with a local family, homestays provide language practice and cultural immersion opportunities. Both choices ease financial burdens and improve the UK student experience while offering distinctive experiences.

Look Out For Student Discounts

Student discounts are available in many UK places, including restaurants and cinemas, galleries, gyms, high-street stores, and online subscription platforms such as Spotify. Most of them openly advertise their discounts, but if you need more clarification, simply ask.

Obtaining a National Union of Students (NUS) TOTUM card is a worthwhile first step. You can access hundreds of student discounts by becoming a member. University students can also receive discounts by becoming a free member of UNiDAYS.

Stay Connected Affordably

Make free audio and video calls with loved ones in Bangladesh over Wi-Fi by utilizing apps like Viber or WhatsApp. For longer talks, mobile service providers provide affordable international calling plans. If you want to send money online to Bangladesh from UK, consider using ACE Money Transfer, which offers affordable fees and dependable and secure transactions. Sending money home, even in small amounts, can make a big difference in your family's welfare.

Consider Cooking at Home

Cooking meals at home can often be more cost-effective than dining out. Make a grocery list, cook, and, if you can, pack lunches. You can control nutrition, diet, and costs by cooking at home. To split the cost, look for inexpensive and healthy recipes, buy ingredients in bulk, and cook with friends. For deals on fresh food, also visit your neighborhood markets and supermarkets.

Consider Buying Second-Hand Textbooks, Clothes, and Furniture 

Never undervalue the power of previously owned items! Used textbooks can save you a lot of money, as new textbooks can be costly. You can find carefully used books in student forums and online marketplaces.

The same holds for furnishings and apparel! Treasures hidden away in charity shops and vintage stores can often be found for a fraction of the retail price. In addition to saving money, you'll support a more sustainable lifestyle.

Get Support with Student Support Services 

University support services include financial advice and budgeting workshops for international students. Students should contact their university's student support office or international student services for guidance.

The services promote smoother financial journeys by providing valuable assistance in managing student finances. For international students in the UK, effective financial management involves careful planning and informed decision-making. Additionally students can explore options to send money to Bangladesh from the UK through reliable platforms.

Commute Through Public Transportation

In the UK, using public transit instead of owning a car can save money on gas, insurance, and parking costs. Transportation options comprise trams, trains, and buses; travel passes, or cards provide unlimited rides or reduced fares.

When planning a route, use transportation apps. To save money and lessen crowding, avoid peak hours. For brief distances, think about cycling or walking. For even more savings, look into any university-provided student discounts or subsidies.

Get Covered with Insurance

Insurance is crucial for foreign students studying in the UK because it provides peace of mind and financial security. It includes coverage for medical costs, travel accidents, lost property, liability claims, and interrupted schooling. 

Even though the NHS offers healthcare, full coverage is ensured by additional health and travel insurance. To obtain appropriate coverage for your time in the UK, look into trustworthy providers, evaluate plans, and speak with insurance or academic specialists.

Take Control of Your Finances And Start Saving Today!

While studying and living overseas can be incredible experiences, managing your money wisely is essential. You will be all set to financial success during your stay in the UK if you adhere to these ten budgeting suggestions. Remember that every penny saved brings you one step closer to reaching your financial objectives, whether through budgeting, locating inexpensive housing, or utilizing student discounts. Ready to send money to Bangladesh from UK securely and affordably? Look no further than ACE Money Transfer!


What are the visa requirements for international students studying in the UK?

The length of study and nationality affect the requirements for a visa. In general, students require a Tier 4 student visa, verification of their admission to a UK university, and the ability to support themselves financially.

Are international students allowed to work in the UK while studying?

Yes, with some restrictions based on the type of visa and the institution, international students in the UK usually have the opportunity to work part-time while they study.

As an international student in the UK, how do I open a bank account?

To open a bank account in the UK, international students typically need to present identification documents and proof of enrollment. For overseas students, certain banks might have particular requirements.

What resources are available in the UK to help international students improve their English?

Indeed, many universities in the UK provide support services and English language courses to aid foreign students in honing their language proficiency. There are also language exchange programs and internet resources available.

What are the advantages of sending money from the UK to Bangladesh through ACE Money Transfer?

Sending money to Bangladesh from the UK can be dependable with ACE Money Transfer because of its competitive exchange rates, minimal fees, and secure transactions. Furthermore, ACE offers recipients practical ways to receive money, guaranteeing a simple remittance process.

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