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Understanding The Political Climate In The UK As An Indian Expatriate

Understanding The Political Climate In The UK As An Indian Expatriate

10 Nov 2023

Being an Indian expat residing in the United Kingdom (UK), to earn and send money to India online, it is crucial to have a solid grasp of the political landscape in your host nation. Understanding the political dynamics will aid you in navigating your life and taking part in civic activities more skillfully because politics affects the social, economic, and cultural landscape. The decision of some expats to return home may be influenced by policy changes, even though they will initially affect those who are already citizens of the nation. 

Many foreign nationals who relocate for work prefer to reduce their exposure to double taxation, so they research the host nation's approach to income and corporate taxes for expatriates. The article aims to give a general overview of the political environment in the UK, along with information on important institutions, political parties, and topics that may be of interest to Indian expatriates.

Unravelling UK Politics: A Guide for Indian Expats

Parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy governs the UK. The Monarchy, Parliament, and Government comprise the political system's three main pillars. The House of Commons and the House of Lords make up Parliament, which has the authority to pass laws. The monarchy primarily serves as a ceremonial institution. Executing policies and leading the nation are the responsibilities of the Government that the Prime Minister leads. 

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United Kingdom Political Parties

The two largest parties in the UK's multi-party system are the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. Traditional centre-right policy associations are with the Conservative Party, whereas the Labour Party represents centre-left ideals. 

The Scottish National Party (SNP), the Green Party, and various regional parties are some of the other important parties. To align their political views and participate in political discourse, Indian expatriates living abroad should understand the ideologies and priorities of these parties.

Critical Political Issues

Here are some critical political issues that you need to ponder: 


An important topic in recent years has been the UK's decision to leave the European Union (EU). Indian expats should be aware of how Brexit may affect various issues, including immigration laws, trade agreements, and financial stability. Understanding the shifting landscape requires staying up to date on current discussions and developments.

Policy on Immigration

Modifications to immigration laws may directly affect Indian immigrants living in the UK. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of immigration laws, visa categories, and requirements to ensure compliance and comprehend any potential effects on employment, education, and family reunification.

Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are highly valued in the UK. The policies, discussions, and initiatives about equality, race relations, and multiculturalism are important, as an expatriate Indian, to be aware of. Opportunities for active participation may arise from involvement with groups and communities promoting inclusion and diversity.

Financial Policies

Economic policies, such as taxation, trade agreements, and investment regulations, impact the business environment and labour market. Making informed decisions can help Indian expatriates by staying up to date on economic policies and comprehending their effects on various industries and employment opportunities. Whatever the financial policies are, you will always have ACE by your side while making a money transfer to India.

Opportunities for Civic Engagement

Indian expatriates in the UK have access to civic and political opportunities. It can be beneficial to voice concerns, participate in policy discussions, and create networks by joining neighbourhood community groups, attending open meetings, and engaging in political debates. Additionally, exercising one's right to vote in local and federal elections and becoming familiar with the voting procedure is important.

Sources For News And Information

Understanding the political landscape in the UK is essential. One can develop a comprehensive understanding of various viewpoints by accessing a variety of information sources, such as newspapers, news websites, television channels, and social media platforms. It is crucial to critically assess sources and fact-check data to avoid inaccurate information or slanted narratives.

Relationship-Building And Cultural Bridging

An Indian expat can promote cultural exchange and understanding between the Indian and British communities by actively interacting with both. Building bridges between the two cultures and promoting community projects can be accomplished by taking part in cultural events, festivals, and activities. This will promote social cohesion.

How Political Changes Impact The Relocation Of Expatriates?

You should know some critical points about how political changes impact the relocation of expatriates:


The majority say they would always keep an eye on changes to the nation's taxation system. Many expats who relocate abroad for work prefer to avoid double taxation, so they investigate the nation's stance on income and business taxes for foreign residents.

Individual Liberty

Many things fall under this category. Still, most Indian expats list freedom of speech, movement, and expression as the most important considerations when moving. ACE Money Transfer also take care of your freedom and liberty and provides you with the best ways to make an online money transfer to India.


The nation's visa policy is an additional important consideration. How challenging would obtaining a long-term visa be? Is the process difficult? Do visa policies change frequently? If so, what criteria does the selection process use? When it comes to relocation, the solutions to each of these questions should be considered first.


The third most important factor for many expats is medical care policies. One's decision to relocate or to reconsider relocation will undoubtedly be affected by their ability to access adequate and affordable healthcare.

Relations Between India And The UK

The relationship between India and the United Kingdom is known as India-United Kingdom relations, also referred to as Indo-British relations. In addition to two general consulates in Birmingham and Edinburgh, India has a high commission in London. A high commission for the UK is located in New Delhi, and there are six deputy high commissions spread across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Both nations are full participants in the Commonwealth of Nations.

More than 1.5 million Indians are living in the United Kingdom. Indian-British relations were referred to as the "New Special Relationship" by former British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010. In a 2014 BBC World Service poll, 27% of Indians thought the United Kingdom had a negative influence, while 43% thought it had a positive influence.

Expat Life in the UK: Sluggishly Declining

In the depressing United Kingdom, which ranks in the bottom 10 for a second consecutive year, expat life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Before moving, 56% were already concerned about the high cost of living. According to expat parents in the UK, childcare is neither inexpensive nor readily available.

A negative political environment is rated by 42% of expats. The UK has seen a decline in the economy and job security. Compared to 16% globally, 21% report being less happy since moving abroad.

Following 1947, South Asians immigrated to the UK from various nations for various reasons, including fleeing civil war, finding better employment opportunities, and reuniting with family members who had already made their way to the country. But while living as an expat in the UK, they encounter numerous political climate changes. If you're an Indian expat and want to send money to India from the UK, you better go with ACE's offers. 


For effective integration, civic engagement, and well-informed decision-making, Indian expatriates must understand the political climate in the UK. Indian expatriates can be more able to participate in the democratic process and give back to their host nation by becoming familiar with the political system, major political parties, important issues, and available civic engagement opportunities. Indian expats in the UK can forge deep connections, overcome cultural barriers, and strengthen the country's social fabric by staying informed and involved.



What Type Of Political System Operates In The UK, And How Does It Function?

The UK is governed by parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The legislative power is in the hands of Parliament, which is made up of the House of Commons and the House of Lords; the monarchy is purely ceremonial. The Government, headed by the Prime Minister, is in charge of enforcing laws and managing the country.


What Consequences Will Brexit Have For Indians Living Abroad In The UK?

Brexit, also known as the UK's decision to leave the European Union, has implications for Indian expats regarding things like immigration laws, trade agreements, and financial stability. Keeping up with the most recent developments is essential, as is understanding how they might affect travel, employment, and residency.

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