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Travel Tips for Ghanaians: Budgeting, Safety, and Cultural Insights in Germany

30 May 2024

Traveling from Ghana to Germany is a thrilling yet promising experience for many expats. Joining the migration wave for improved opportunities, tens of thousands of Ghanaians relocate to Germany for higher incomes. This way, they can send money to Ghana from Germany to better support their families.

As a Ghanaian expatriate, adapting to Germany's unique environment is a rewarding challenge that can lead to personal growth. That’s why, whether you’re traveling to Germany for work, education, or leisure, it would be best if you prepared thoroughly for a seamless and enriching experience. This article will provide crucial advice on effective budgeting, ensuring personal safety, and navigating cultural disparities encountered in the vibrant German landscape. 

How to Budget When Travelling to Germany as a Ghanaian Expat

Planning an overseas trip poses multiple financial challenges. Therefore, establishing a budget is crucial to spend wisely and prepare for rainy days. Here are essential factors to avoid exceeding financial limits and ensure a well-prepared journey in  Germany.

Make a Budget

Making a budget will help you manage your expenses wisely. Consider these things when creating and maintaining a budget to manage your everyday expenses effectively.


Accommodation is a significant expense when traveling internationally. Research the costs of hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals near your destination. To save money, explore alternatives like Airbnb or Couchsurfing instead of high-end hotels.  


When traveling abroad, you need to save as much money as possible so that you can make money transfers from Germany to Ghana timely. In Germany, opting for public transport offers a budget-friendly alternative to pricier modes of travel.  Therefore, it would be best if you explore cost-effective options like flights, trains, buses, and taxis. 


Assess the cost of food at your travel location and plan meals accordingly. However, if you can cook meals, you can save more euros. 

Manage Your Money

When you travel to Germany from Ghana, you need to plan to manage your money wisely to support your family back home. Consider these tips to gain valuable insights on intelligent financial planning for your adventure.  

Allocate Your Funds Based on Your Priority and Preference

When planning your budget, assign funds based on priorities like accommodation, food, and transport. Allocate more to areas you value, such as lodging for comfort or dining for food enthusiasts to prioritize experiences over material possessions.  

Earn from Different Sources

Generating additional income can boost your travel savings. Here are some ideas that can help you gain money:

  1. Sell unused items like clothes, electronics, and furniture to boost your funds and declutter.
  2. Freelance services such as writing, graphic design, or web development for additional income.
  3. Establish an online store selling homemade crafts, vintage items, or digital products.

Looking for ways to beat the remittance fees? Here are Cost-Effective Ways for Remittances from Germany to Ghana!

How to Ensure Personal Safety When Travelling to Germany as a Ghanaian Expat

When moving abroad, researching your destination gives you an idea of how to keep yourself safe from possible tragedies. While Germany is considered safe, you must stay updated on local news. Apart from that, these are some essential tips for a secure and enriching journey.

Safeguard Your Documents

Maintaining the security of your passport, ID, and vital documents is essential while traveling internationally. Take these precautions: 

  1. Create duplicates of your passport, ID, and crucial papers and store them separately. 
  2. Utilize a secure travel wallet to safeguard your documents, credit cards, and cash from pickpockets and potential theft.  

Find Secure Accommodation

Prioritise safety by opting for reputable hotels in recognized areas. Review feedback from other travelers to assess their experiences. Ensure the lodging has secure locks and contemplate using a doorstop or portable security device for additional peace of mind.  

Stay Connected to Your Family

Get a local SIM card or international roaming for your phone. Share your itinerary and contacts with a trusted person for emergencies. Always have reliable communication so that you can efficiently make online money transfers from Germany to Ghana

Assimilate with Locals and Exercise Caution with Strangers

Blend with locals by respecting local norms and traditions, dressing modestly, and avoiding flashy jewelry or expensive electronics. However, always be cautious and exercise discretion in sharing personal information and accepting invitations from unfamiliar individuals.  

How to Adjust to German Culture as a Ghanaian Expat

Adjusting as a Ghanaian expat in Germany involves embracing cultural differences with a positive mindset. Here are some German cultural insights to help you adjust quickly.

Be Punctual and Formal

Punctuality is highly regarded in Germany, and it reflects respect and dependability. So, practice arriving on time or slightly early for appointments. Germans also value formality and clear boundaries. This attitude shows consideration for personal space and privacy in social and business interactions.  

Importance of German Language

German language proficiency is vital for blending into local culture. You can enroll in language schools or learn from learning apps that provide courses for all proficiency levels.

Strict Adherence to Laws and Regulations

Germany upholds strict adherence to laws and regulations, whether related to traffic rules, recycling, or TV license payments. "Ordnung muss sein" emphasizes the necessity of order and compliance with established norms and guidelines. Even when you send money from Germany to Ghana, it must be through the proper channel.

Weather and Food in Germany

Germany has cold winters and mild summers, requiring appropriate attire for each season. Therefore, when traveling, be ready to embrace the winter charm and summer beer gardens.

When it comes to food, German cuisine features a diverse array of dishes such as Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, which differs from Ghanaian cuisine but may intrigue your palate with offerings like pretzels and beer.

ACE Money Transfer: The Ideal Travel Companion for Ghanaians

Transitioning to Germany as a Ghanaian expat requires embracing the German lifestyle. ACE Money Transfer is a valuable companion for Ghanaian travelers seeking reliable and affordable ways to send money back home. ACE remittance provider caters to the specific needs of Ghanaian travelers by offering efficient online money transfer services.

With ACE Money Transfer's secure and convenient transactions, you can focus on making the most of your travels without financial concerns. Moreover, their commitment to ensuring hassle-free money transfers empowers you to create lasting memories abroad while staying connected with your loved ones in Ghana. Trust ACE Money Transfer to seamlessly send money online to Ghana from Germany and enhance your travel experience. 


How can I effectively budget for my trip to Germany as a Ghanaian expat?

To effectively budget for your trip to Germany as a Ghanaian expat, research accommodation costs, opt for public transportation, plan meals wisely, allocate funds based on priorities, and explore additional income sources.

What should I do to ensure personal safety while traveling to Germany as a Ghanaian expat?

To ensure personal safety while traveling to Germany as a Ghanaian expat, safeguard your documents, choose secure accommodation, stay connected with family, blend in with locals, and exercise caution with strangers.

How can I adapt to German culture as a Ghanaian expat?

To adapt to German culture as a Ghanaian expat, embrace punctuality and formality, prioritize learning the language, adhere to local laws, prepare for diverse cuisine and weather, and respect traditions and norms.

What cost-effective ways to send money from Germany to Ghana as an expat?

ACE Money Transfer provides efficient online money transfer services tailored to the needs of Ghanaian travelers. It ensures reliable and affordable options for sending money back home from Germany.

Why should I trust ACE Money Transfer for online money transfers from Germany to Ghana?

ACE Money Transfer offers secure and convenient transactions. ACE empowers you to focus on your travels without financial concerns and stay connected with your loved ones in Ghana.

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