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Top 5 Industries for Pakistani Overseas Workers to Invest Money in Homeland

Top 5 Industries for Pakistani Overseas Workers to Invest Money in Homeland

27 Dec 2022

Over 9 million Pakistanis live in foreign countries, most working and earning there to ensure better financial support back home. Many of these Pakistani expats must send money to Pakistan to provide for their families regularly. Besides managing the family's financial needs, planning for the future is also critically important. If you are an overseas Pakistani, now is the time to invest in your homeland to get high returns in the future if you haven’t done it already. 

While investing your money, you must ensure which industry will guarantee the desired return on investment (ROI). The following guide can help you learn about the top growing industries for investment in Pakistan to decide the best one for you. Keep reading.

Top 5 Booming Pakistani Industries with Good Investment Returns 

Here are the top 5 industries that are perfect for overseas Pakistanis to invest in.

Real Estate can be Your Game-Changer in the Long Run.

Invest in real estate if you want a high-return investment option in Pakistan. It is one of the most popular and widely invested opportunities. You can buy any property in Pakistan that seems to have high-return potential. Leave it unattended for some time, and the price of real estate will increase over the years. You can resell it once it commands a much higher price. 

However, to truly profit from this technique, you should have good knowledge of the market prices and sell the property when the prices are at their peak. You can gain knowledge through real estate books and blogs with updated information about real estate trends, plot size conversion, construction costs, and much more. 

Real estate is considered the number one investment option because it is safe. You get complete ownership of the property, and there is nothing to lose. The land is a type of asset that never loses value since prices always increase. 

You can invest in houses, plots, shops, or apartments. These assets provide great yields in the form of rents and resale value. There are plenty of construction companies developing real estate projects in Pakistan. Some of the big projects include: 

  • Amazon Outlet Mall
  • Florence Galleria
  • IMARAT Residences
  • Mall of Arabia

All of these projects are secure investment options that will have excellent returns in the future. 

If you do not have enough funds to own a real estate investment independently, you can also buy property in instalments through loans or partnerships. You can make an online money transfer to Pakistan to your partner from abroad and let them invest on your behalf. It is important to choose someone loyal and trustworthy to guarantee benefits and avoid fraud or financial loss.

One drawback could be a delay in gaining returns. This option is only feasible for people looking for long-term investments.

Food Chain Franchising is Gradually becoming a Profitable Trend.

Fast foods hold their significance in this fast-paced era. Their importance cannot be overlooked despite people paying more attention to healthier foods. As an overseas Pakistani, this can be a good investment option in Pakistan. This is because, in other countries, this area is often over-saturated. In Pakistan, there are fewer franchises with more demand.

A franchiser offers you training with a basic setup. It is better to opt for a well-known brand because you would need to put in much effort in establishing your name in the market. You will gain profits by sharing the brand recognition. However, it is important to be vigilant and attentive to survive in this industry. Detailed background research with forecasting and planning needs to be done. Numerous factors play an important role in deciding the fate of your business.

These factors may include

  • Location of the franchise
  • The demand for the franchise
  • Targeted audience
  • Brand name

The Pharmaceutical Industry has the Best Returns.

It has been estimated that out of the 220 million people in Pakistan, every 4th individual suffers from some kind of disease. There are plenty of factors contributing to the bad health of Pakistanis, which may include

  • Air pollution
  • Inadequate sanitation
  • Poor socio-economic conditions
  • Overcrowded cities
  • Unsafe drinking water
  • Adulteration and contamination

Due to these factors, the rate of diseases is quite massive in Pakistan. Consequently, the demand for medicines to cure diseases is also high.  

Investing in the pharmaceutical business in Pakistan can offer you high returns. According to estimates, the medicine business can give you a 20% to 50% return in retail. You can expect returns from 40% to 60% in the manufacturing sector. Investment in the pharmaceutical industry is considered safe and profitable. However, you will need a license and guidance to excel. If you like to invest in this industry, you can send money to Pakistan online to a trustworthy person from near ones to invest in this industry for you. For secure, convenient, and economical transfers, ACE Money Transfer is there to help you.

The Textile Industry is a Great Investment Option.  

The textile industry is one of the top-growing industries in Pakistan. 57% of overall exports in Pakistan come from this sector. Putting your foot in this industry can get you high profits in the long run. You can invest with partners or have complete ownership of the business. Being an overseas Pakistani, it is advisable to invest with a trustworthy partner in Pakistan who can handle manufacturing and operations.

Energy/Petroleum is a Promising Industry in Pakistan

For future investments, keep in mind the potential of the petroleum and energy sectors. The need for this sector is inevitable and indispensable. The growth rate is also amazing. Studies suggest that Pakistan’s energy needs will surpass 50,000 MW by 2025. This statistic indicates the prospects of profitability in this sector.

How to send money to Pakistan for Investments?

If you are serious about investing in Pakistan, you will require a trustworthy medium to transfer large funds. A wise option is to not transfer through banks. Banks are infamous for charging hefty fees according to the amount you send. It can cause a massive strain on your pocket. It is best to stick to safer alternatives to save money. It is best to stick to a remittance transfer service. However, choosing the right one will decide whether or not you will save or splurge. 

ACE Money Transfer offers Unbelievable Exchange Rates for International Transactions

ACE Money Transfer is at your service to fulfil your investment dreams. It offers the best remittance transfer service at the highest exchange rates in the market yet with the lowest transfer costs.

ACE Money Transfer has Top-Notch High-Tech Security to Safeguard Your Funds

It is normal to fear getting scammed when you send a large amount of money. It is best to stick to reputable services with years of industry experience. ACE Money Transfer has been operating on a global network since 2002. It has millions of returning users due to its credibility and safety. 

ACE has the best security software that ensures the safety of your funds. You can send your money without an ounce of worry. The transactions are usually completed within 24 hours. Hence, the speed is also much better than bank transfers.

Any overseas Pakistani should stay tied to their roots by investing in their home country. If you have to return for whatever reason, you will still have a good livelihood option to survive. Use ACE’s services for a secure, convenient, and economical money transfer to Pakistan to enjoy the most benefits.


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