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Top 5 Digital Security Tips to Make Secure Online Money Transfers to Nigeria from Australia

Top 5 Digital Security Tips to Make Secure Online Money Transfers to Nigeria from Australia

28 Nov 2023

The Nigerian migrants living in Australia work to earn a living so that they can support those dependent on them financially through their every online money transfer from Australia to Nigeria. They can enjoy unlimited fee-free transfers with ACE Money Transfer until the end of 2023.

Working in developed countries like Australia for the people of Nigeria is triggered by the flailing Nigerian economy that cannot accommodate the people of employable age. It leads to high levels of unemployment, whose essential consequence is poverty.

Your Primary Purpose of Travelling 

Your purpose of traveling to another country for jobs becomes clear in this context. It is to earn a living and financially support your family back home. Right? But you must be extremely careful about your online safety while sending funds online back home. Won’t you agree?

Therefore, whether a fee-free online money transfer or a paid transaction, your online safety must be your top priority in this tech-driven world.

This blog will walk you through online safety and share tips to ensure your digital protection.

Before understanding online safety, let’s first look at some of the compelling reasons that pull you to Australia when several other developed countries are equally welcoming to migrants.

Compelling Reasons to Work in Australia

You immigrate to Australia in pursuit of a good career and a better life and because Australia is a beautiful place to retire. Its strong economy and thriving job market allow you to find a job, earn a living, and send money to Nigeria online from Australia to financially aid your family back home. As far as sending money is concerned, you can enjoy as many fee-free transfers back to Nigeria from Australia as you can until the end of 2023 with ACE Money Transfer.

It is a great financial help, but it should come after ensuring your online safety.

Some of the benefits of working in Australia are listed below.

The Strong Australian Economy

  • In 2022, the World Bank said that the nominal GDP of Australia was $1.68 trillion.
  • In the same year, said the same institution, the Australian GDP per capita was $64,491.4.
  • Australia has successfully managed its economy through thick and thin over the past three decades and achieved steady economic growth. 
  • Such a strong economy can easily accommodate job-seekers.

Pension Benefits

After you retire in Australia and are eligible for an age pension, you will get payments every two weeks. You will also receive a Pensioner Concession Card through which you can claim several discounts on health, government services, medicines, and utilities.

Quality of Life

The quality of life in Australia is one of the best because it is rooted in safety, clean air, and water, the best educational institutions with top facilities, high wages, low cost of living, and multiple job opportunities in several professional sectors.

Several Visa Options

Australia heavily relies on immigrants and immigration. The country has several options in place that are easy to process and cater to the needs of people from different cultural, academic, and occupational backgrounds.

Paid Leaves

While working in Australia, you can apply for many leaves that are paid. Your employer is legally bound to oblige. In addition, you can enjoy many maternity and paternity leaves that are also paid. The number of leaves, however, depends on your job type and the industry.

Let’s now understand online safety, its importance, and the tips to ensure your online protection.

What is Online Safety?

Online safety means that you protect your data online, know the threats that are present, have the required knowledge about online fraud and scams, and avoid engaging in harmful content.

Online safety for you, as a Nigerian migrant in Australia, is critically important because when you send money online to Nigeria from Australia, you run the risk of falling prey to online fraud and scams, which fleece you and deprive you of your hard-earned money.

Learn here about your online safety while sending money online from abroad.

Importance of Online Safety

If you are not careful about your online safety, you can fall prey to many online scams and fraud whose sole objective is to fleece you. The modus operandi and titles of online financial fraud may vary, but the purpose of each of these remains the same.

A look at the following statistics will help you understand the importance of your online safety better.

Online Fraud Statistics

  • In a 2022 report, at least 422 million people were affected by Identity theft.
  • About 90% of data breaches occurred because of phishing emails.
  • 65% of American businesses suffered phishing attacks in 2019.
  • The total financial loss as a result of identity theft amounted to $56 million from 2020 to 2022.

Online Safety Tips – How to Stay Safe Online?

It has two dimensions.

One is to always consider the security parameters in the different ways to send money to Nigeria from Australia, that you might consider and shortlist for your transactions.

The second is the following few tips that you have to follow to ensure your online safety.

Sign Out After Every Banking Session

Considering that you use smartphone apps of different service providers, you must make sure that each time you exit the app, you properly log out from the session. Several apps automatically log out, but you must ensure a proper exit.

Never Save Passwords

Saving your passwords on certain apps on your smartphone is never recommended. You might think your phone is already password or face identity or biometric protected. But have you ever thought about getting your phone stolen or lost? So, never save passwords on your phone.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Connections

While you work in Australia, you will find many open internet connections, which you find pretty convenient to use and connect to. But always remember that using an open Wi-Fi is a sure recipe for giving open access to scammers to get your data.

Use Strong and Awkward Passwords

While creating a password, you normally add numbers, words, and symbols that relate to your or your family. For example, your date of birth. Never do it while creating passwords; instead, use awkward combinations of numbers, words, and symbols that never relate to you.

Keep your Antivirus Software Updated

Install a registered and strong antivirus software and firewall, and keep it updated regularly. Certain software updates automatically, whereas some require your permission to update. Make sure to update these and scan your gadget once or twice a month.

Following these simple tips will ensure your online protection.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

If you send money to Nigeria from Australia with ACE Money Transfer, you will enjoy unlimited fee-free transfers until the end of 2023 and also get speed, live, and market-competitive currency exchange rates, all of which add to your savings and the amount you send back to your family. In addition, multi-layered security by the firm looks after your transaction’s safety the same as a mother of her infant’s!


What prime benefits do I get from working in Australia?

Some of the top benefits you get from working in Australia as a Nigerian migrant are pension benefits, a strong Australian economy with an expansive job market, quality of life, best work-life balance, paid leaves, and several visa options to choose from. 

What is online safety?

Online safety means being aware of your data’s protection when you are present online for any purpose. Online safety also means knowing about harmful or illegal content, knowing how to avoid it, and also knowing about different online scams and fraud.  

Why is online safety important to me?

Your online safety is important because if you are not aware of it you are highly likely to fall victim to different types of online fraud and scams. These scams have different titles and modus operandi, but all boil down to fleecing you.

What are different online scams?

The names of different and common online frauds and scams are identity theft, phishing, romance scams, credit card fraud, account takeover fraud, chargeback fraud, friendly fraud, auction fraud, and so on.

How can I ensure my online safety?

You can ensure your online safety by logging out of every banking session, never saving passwords on your phone, creating strong and awkward passwords, avoiding public Wi-Fi connections, installing strong antivirus software and firewalls, and keeping them updated.

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