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Top 10 Benefits of Time Management While Studying Abroad as a Gambian Student

02 Aug 2023

The thought of studying abroad for Gambian students is pretty fascinating. Studying abroad enables you to graduate from a foreign reputable institution, which helps you with your career. Certain countries permit you to do jobs outside of your study hours to earn a living and either finance your study or send money to Gambia to offer financial aid to your family back home.

As a student, you would have come across occasions where you would have thought that your chances of success would increase tenfold only if the day were 30 hours long instead of 24! Right? Because you do not find enough time to attend to all the essential tasks concerning your study.

Why? Have you ever wondered about it? Do you want your days to be 30 hours long to be successful? Is it really what you want?

If so, then what about the awe-inspiring success stories that have achieved optimal success in life in days which are as long for them as they are for you?

No. The answer is not a token of luck or chance!

It is the successful management of time. Yes. Think about it.

Studying abroad or earning a living in a foreign land, which most of the 118,000 Gambian migrants do, is no less than a feast and achievement but successful time management pushes you up the success and achievement ladder.

So, do you know what is time management and what are its benefits?

Well, you are in the right place if you do not know. Because by the time you reach the end of this blog, you will be positioned to not only practice time management yourself but also, guide others to do the same.


Let’s start!


Understanding Time Management – The Core Concept

Time management is the process of planning and organising to divide your time between diverse and different activities. If you get it right, you will work smarter, get more done in less time, and meet tight deadlines under immense pressure.

Effective time management allows you to assign a specific time to activities according to the importance of each activity without overlapping any two activities. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that some of the world’s most popular and smart money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer offer you live exchange rates in your money transfer to Gambia.

Because no exchange rate type aligns best with your time management than the live and fluctuating exchange rates. With live rates, it is up to you to choose a time to initiate a transfer to get the best deal.


Components of Effective Time Management

Time management is made up of the following key components.

  • The first is effective planning. Plan your day and prepare a To-Do list and follow it strictly. Make sure to assign priority to your study and then other activities.

Take a look at the study and work programs abroad if you belong to the Gambia and aspire to work or study in a foreign country.

  • Set realistic and achievable goals and objectives and try to achieve them
  • Set tight deadlines and try hard to accomplish tasks well before the deadlines
  • Never do everything yourself. Learn to say no to tasks you cannot do or find difficult to do
  • Prioritise every task according to its nature, importance and urgency
  • Develop a routine of doing the right thing the right way and make it your habit

These are the key components of effective time management. If you follow these, you can manage your time effectively which can brighten your chances of success.


Top Benefits of Effective Time Management

Time management offers you the following few benefits.


Less Stress and More Confidence

Time management reduces stress levels and gives you more confidence. Because you know exactly what you will do at what time and how much time will you assign to a particular activity.


Better Work-Life Balance

With effective time management, you can ensure a better work-life balance. You can spend more time on your most important relationships that are compromised at times because of time shortage.


More Time Freedom

Time management affords you more free time that you can spend on several important activities. It allows you to focus on bigger priorities in life and also streamlines the financial aid you send back through an online money transfer to Gambia if there is a need. Because of course, your top priority is study.


Enhanced Focus

Effective time management increases your focus. And increased focus is the key to being more productive and smarter. For students, the importance of a greater focus cannot be overemphasised.


High Productivity

You achieve more in less time with effective time management. It also helps you have time to keep tweaking your priorities and do more productive stuff and leads you to achieve more in less time.


Less Delay

Time management removes delays from your life and routine.

Because you have set tight deadlines in which you have to accomplish certain tasks, you cannot afford to be lazy or delay those specific tasks as it will add to the workload and create confusion.


Simpler and Easier

Time management makes tasks and life a whole lot simpler and easier. You have set your tasks with deadlines which makes it easier and simpler for you to focus and achieve.


Less Distraction

With effective time management, you can eliminate distractions from your life and routine and enhance your focus and concentration. Because, as mentioned earlier, time management helps you design your tasks in a clear-cut manner, making it easy to focus on them without any distractions.


Increased Energy

If you work longer and harder, your energy levels will drop and your motivation level will dip. But with time management you work smartly and complete more in less time which keeps you motivated and maintains your energy levels.


More Time to Think

One of the biggest advantages of effective time management is that you have more time to think. And for a successful life, as a student or a professional, the importance of thinking cannot be overemphasised, as all strategies and plans stem from thinking.

These are some of the prime benefits effective time management bestows upon you as a Gambian student studying abroad.


Wrapping Up the Discussion

Once you graduate you will start earning a living. And for your family’s financial support if you send money to Gambia online, it will take time and the longer it takes, the more it worries you and the recipient. Right? But doing so with ACE Money Transfer will deliver funds swiftly, save time, offer live and competitive exchange rates, and much more for a low fee.

What is time management?
Time management is the process of planning your time to allocate specific time to specific activities after prioritizing them right. It also refers to working smartly and achieving more in less time.

How does time management benefit students?
With effective time management, students can set deadlines for their study-specific tasks, be more focused and concentrated and plan for their studies and examinations to ace them well ahead of time, in an effective manner.


What are the key components of time management?

The key components of effective time management include planning, setting realistic targets, setting tight deadlines, prioritizing tasks, learning the art of saying no and delegating responsibilities.


What are the prime advantages of time management?

Time management helps you reduce stress levels, be more productive, have increased focus and energy, diminish distractions, and have more free time to think and spend your time where necessary including on critically important relations.


Why is time management important?

Whether you are a student or a professional, without effective time management, you cannot move up the progress development ladder. The lack of time management leads to confusion and overlapping of tasks, which leads to more time consumption on little tasks and reduces productivity.


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